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Private company clients need access to a trusted team of advisors to marshal them to through the various stages of the business lifecycle. The XPX member directory is where you can find a diverse group of experts – and they can find you. 

It’s easy to find an expert by using the search box or these handy directories to choose from 12 professions, 75+ areas of functional expertise and 20 client industry categories. Feel free to reach out to the advisors with the expertise you seek. Contact us for further assistance.

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    Senior Vice President

    You or your client needs a seasoned senior lender and financial services partner with a track record in solving financing problems from the cash conversion cycle to long term capital financing

    DM Buck Advisory/NAVIX

    When business owners need assistance in navigating the complexities of exiting planning and/or business valuation.

    Profit Made Simple, LLC

    You are a business owner who feels your business is running you. I can eliminate the chaos and help you build a strong team and great results for a successful exit.

    S&V Financial Consulting Group

    Historical and future financial reports need to be restructured, corrected, and customized. Streamline accounting procedures. Quarterly accountability to stay on track for projected growth

    SJ Gorowitz Accounting & Tax Services, P.C.

    S.J. Gorowitz Accounting & Tax Services, P.C. is an Atlanta Certified Public Accountant and business advisory firm specialized in the needs of expanding and emerging businesses and their owners.

    President & CEO
    P&P Business Solutions

    Business owner looking to sell their business, but has no idea where to begin.

    Odigos, LLC

    The owner is overwhelmed in the day-to-day and wants to transition the leadership of the business.

    Capital Concepts USA LLC

    A client wants to see how finance can be used strategically to achieve explosive growth in their business.

    Retirement Planner
    Steadfast Wealth Strategies

    Call me when…. Someone desires to transition to the 3rd quarter of life but lacks confidence for whatever reason to pull the trigger. Because you don’t get do-overs in retirement, I take great lengths helping clients maximize their return on life n

    Managing Partner
    Initiating Protection Law Group LLC

    You are concerned that your client is has not perfected rights in its brand(s)

    WMBO CPA Group

    You are looking for a CPA who will be a part of your team helping you plan ahead, manage your finances and plan for taxes.

    Founders Legal

    Business owners are in need of legal advise relating to general corporate representation, mergers & acquisition, and tax planning related needs.

    Robert M. Rosner & Associates, Inc.

    You want an independent insurance broker who brings years of experience in solving problems for entrepreneurs and professionals with their other trusted advisers.

    ChFC, CFP
    Financial Care Providers

    Whenever you have a question about Comprehensive Financial Planning, Retirement Planning, Buy/Sell Funding, Investments, Long Term Care, Tax Related Strategies and Creative Options around financials.

    Director, Business Development
    Trivest Partners - Private Equity

    A business owner is seeking an exit or liquidity (full or partial). Or when an owner is looking for a strategic equity partner to accelerate their business’s growth, while increasing its valuation.

    Atlanta Financial Associates, LLC

    If you want to build and protect your wealth, mitigate your taxes, and understand how your business and its value can help you accomplish the goals that you have for yourself and your family

    Vice President
    JP Morgan Private Bank

    When you have or will have a liquidity event. In many instances, we work with clients years ahead of a transaction.

    The Value Track

    You want to build value and sell your business. We help you understand current value, assist in building value & then take your company to market to sell.

    Crown Capital Investments

    You want to optimize your business.

    Adams Capital

    There is an issue related to business valuation, or an opinion of business value is needed to support tax reporting, financial reporting, a transaction, or a dispute.

    Czajkowski Dumpel & Associates, Inc.

    You are ready to address how an employee benefits package customized to your corporate culture can build additional value when you are ready to transfer your business.

    Founding Partner
    De la Cruz Law, LLC

    You have a client who is interested in holistic estate and business planning for their family and small business.

    Financial Advisor
    The Piedmont Group - MassMutual

    A client needs help with:
    -Insurance Planning
    -Retirement/Income Planning
    -Wealth Management Services

    Private Risk Management

    You have a need for understanding of the exposures facing the non-financial assets of the financially successful individuals and families.

    10x Profit Blueprint

    We help businesses grow their bottom line by 50% within 12 - 18 months while helping owners create tax advantaged income and exit strategies. Make More, Take More Time Off, and Pay Less in Taxes (Keep More)

    President?Branch Manager
    Greenwood Wealth Management

    A client is about to or just had a life changing event, Birth, death, new job, marriage, divorce

    Attorney at Law
    Taylor English Duma

    You want a seasoned attorney to assist with any franchise related business, be it a franchisor or franchisee. I love helping start-ups!

    The Client Whisperer
    Eastwood Strategy Advisors

    Your client needs a consistent flow of their Best Clients for growth or transition. Not merely more clients, attract more Best Clients by thinking like their Best Clients. The Client Whisperer knows how.

    Automated Solutions Consulting Group

    Call me when a client needs to validate the value and assess potential cyber vulnerabilities of the digital infrastructure in a business planning or by/sell proposition.

    Partner - Valuation and Transaction Advisory
    Aprio, LLP

    Aprio is a full-service CPA-led advisory firm. We work with our clients on valuation, tax, and accounting matters throughout their exit planning process to ensure a successful business transition.


    Someone needs help with their employee benefits program or needs help with Medicare .

    Transcendent Sales Soultions, LLC

    If you are owner, President or CEO of a business that has reached the point where it has become difficult to grow your sales results without experienced sales leadership and oversight on your team.

    Paul Evans

    A client or owner is lower middle market and looking to sell their company

    Expense Reduction Analysts

    You have a client or prospect that feels there is incremental cash flow hidden in their supply base and they would like to uncover it to put back to work in the business or improve the bottom line.

    Senior Vice President-Wealth Managment, Private Wealth Advisor
    UBS Financial Services Inc.

    My team has advised hundreds of business owners during the transition of their privately held companies. We are uniquely qualified to assist on all aspects of clients’ financial lives.

    Founders Legal | Bekiares Eliezer LLP

    You need a driven, experienced, and business-focused corporate attorney to help structure efficient transactions, close deals, and provide legal guidance to technology, software, and IT companies.

    Trusted Advisor - Mergers and Acquisitions
    Neri Capital Partners

    As a CPA and business owner for over three decades, I bring a unique combination of business insights and real-world experiences to help guide you through the different M&A processes.

    Neri Capital Partners

    Call me when you plan to sell your company or commercial real estate, now or in the future. I work with private companies in the lower mid-market.

    Business Performance Advisor

    You need Instant Human Capital Infrastructure, Fortune 500 Benefits, and expert HR consulting.

    North Georgia CFOs

    We provide fractional or interim CFO, Controller and Accounting services to small businesses.

    Transworld Business Advisors of Atlanta NW

    You are looking to buy, sell or franchise a business.

    Principal & Managing Director
    CapVal-American Business Appraisers, LLC

    The value of a business or business interest drives a material decision in your client's life.

    Beacon Sales Advisors

    A Small-Mid size business owner has declining sales and if they don't put plan is place there are consequences.

    The Renn Wealth Management Group

    You need to decide if you will have enough, will it remain enough, and who should eventually get it.

    Financial Consultant
    Family Business Wealth

    Cash flow projections are an important factor in deciding whether an exit will enable an owner to enjoy a successful retirement. This is where I may add value to the team + asset & risk management. Helping clients to be ready for what's next

    Carr, Riggs & Ingram

    You would like an objective view on an exit you might be considering from a seasoned accounting and consulting professional.

    M&A Advisor
    Transworld Business Advisors

    You're ready to sell or buy a business.

    The Resourceful CEO

    Experiencing cash flow or profitability issues, low morale retention, or burnout or when an owner needs more flexibility or an organization revamp (i.e., more company structure)

    Private Risk Advisor
    Aon Private Risk Management

    Call me when you have a need for a trusted personal risk management advisor for high net worth individuals to partner with you to create effective strategies that protect their wealth and lifestyle

    Vice President
    Corporate Real Estate Advisors, ITRA Global

    You have questions and thoughts regarding commercial real estate.

    Chief Executive Angel
    Office Angels

    Office Angels serves as a professional matchmaker, linking small businesses in need of support with smart, reliable, credentialed and experienced professionals who work as needed.

    Business Consultant
    University of Georgia SBDC

    Business is getting ready for sale or sucession planning.

    Arnall Golden Gregory LLP

    You are planning for a business sale, buying a business or facing legal challenges in your existing business, including entity structuring, partnership issues, and complex commercial agreements.


    Business Owners need help with teams, time, systems, and money. They want to sell, expand, or use their business as passive income.

    Bridgeford LLC

    Your business needs experienced legal guidance through a sophisticated transaction such as an angel or venture capital financing or a merger or acquisition.

    Legacy CPA Services

    Bookkeeping, technical accounting, outsourced controller, compilation, reviews and advisory services to accounting firms.

    Executive Coach
    Diana Murphy Coaching, LLC

    A business owner would like the support of a mindset coach to manage a transition or desire to grow quickly. I work with owners that are frustrated with the stress of running their businesses. I guide them to lean into their genius and strengths.

    Financial Advisor
    Lighthouse Financial Network, LLC

    A business is looking to consider ownership change or set up a retirement plan.


    Businesses or entrepreneurs need back-office support (accounting, staffing, marketing, or administrative.)

    Account Manager
    Tier 1 Capital of Georgia, LLC

    You hear your friend or client is concerned that should they get hurt or pass away, they are afraid their spouses or business partners would be impacted financially by this event.


    Families with $2-10 million of investable assets that have a need for financial planning and/or financial advocacy.

    The Mauldin Group

    You need web design and digital marketing for lead generation and branding!

    The Chatel Consulting Group

    Business Value needs to increase. Leadership needs development. Strategic planning needs revisiting. Teamwork needs improvement. Executional excellence is desired. Priorities need clarification. Culture needs to change

    owner CFP ChFC CLU
    Simon Financial Company

    Business owner wants a talent retention plan for key employees that works

    Cerner Capital

    You have a complex financial life or have a complex tax transaction to prepare for.

    Financial Services Professional
    New York Life

    Dealing with business protection needs (buy/sell agreements, key man protection), executive benefit strategies, tax reduction strategies

    Managing Member
    CapVal-American Business Appraisers LLC


    Financial Advisor
    Northwestern Mutual

    Your client would like to address problems around taxes, business continuity and succession, retirement, is disabled or passes away, or wants a holistic retirement distribution plan.

    Strategic Partner
    Schooley Mitchell of Atlanta - Cullo

    When you're planning to sell your business and want to cut the fat (vs. muscle) from your operational costs to increase your businesses’ ultimate valuation.

    Ryco Advisors, LLC

    A business owner is starting to think about exiting and needs someone to run a structured process to value, market, and successfully exit his business

    B2B CFO

    Your business is considering an exit strategy, needs assistance in the preparation for exit or have the need for senior finance and accounting leadership.

    Studio Partner, Radio Show/Podcast Host & Producer
    Business RadioX®

    You find a B2B professional who need help in building relationships which translate into revenue.

    Walden Businesses, Inc.

    You have a client considering the sale of their privately held manufacturing, distribution or business-to-business service company.

    Founder & CEO

    There's a need in your business for a senior level executive with experience in sales, marketing and strategic partnership alignment. I'm also well versed in EOS and serve as a fractional integrator.

    Managing Partner
    Cagle Consulting Partners

    You need to:- Accelerate Revenue Growth- Innovate New Services or Products- Build/Scale Your Organization

    The Resolve Firm

    1) Maximizing valuation/seller value 2) Acquisition: leader talent & culture fit 3) Acquisition: Rapid integration

    Southern Oak Advisory

    A client may need to have their life insurance reviewed to make sure they are in the best possible situation as business needs continually evolve.

    Bright Water Consulting, LLC

    Call me when you need process improvements, technology improvements, operational improvements, due diligence, roadmaps, or agile based proactive business growth.

    Brand Consultant, Builder, Storyteller
    Whole Brain Brands

    You need a new story that gets your customer and the world to know just how awesome, different and valuable your business or organization really is.

    West Paces Advisors

    At any stage of the business cycle you or your client need a wealth management partner experienced in helping coordinate efforts towards both business and personal success.

    Owner, Chief Engagement Officer
    FIREPOWER Business Catalyst, LLC.

    To assist owners and key decision makers in defining and engaging talent as part of business growth and transition planning. Convert team strengths into business performance.

    Managing Partner
    Bristol Group

    As a business broker, I help owners of privately held businesses successfully transition business ownership.

    Founding Member
    Platt Business Law LLC

    You want a collaborative business attorney providing efficient, cost-effective and creative personal service on start ups, contracts, transactions and general business in all stages of business life cycle.

    Sage Solution Consulting

    When small to mid-size companies need a strong financial leader but are not ready for a full-time CFO. For startups, growth strategies, turnarounds and exit planning.

    Edward Jones

    You desire a partner that truly understands what’s most important to you and employs an established process to build personalized strategies to assist you in reaching your goals with greater confidence and peace of mind.

    Business Attorney, Founder
    Smithers + Ume-Nwagbo, LLC

    Your client does not have an attorney on staff or a relationship with the law firm that is providing comprehensive general counsel services.

    Founder and CEO
    Sofer Advisors, LLC

    A neutral third-party assessment of business value is needed to assist in large figure decisions.

    Managing Director
    Neri Capital Partners

    Neri Capital Partners are experts in assisting lower-middle market Business Owners to Determine, Build and Realize the value of their companies.

    Fujiyama Wealth Management

    You have a client who went through life's transition such as Sale of Business, Divorce, Inheritance, Retirement, and Widowhood who need wealth management in investment consulting.

    Managing Partner
    Baer Wealth

    Someone has had or is preparing for a liquidity event and needs help evaluating their complete financial situation.

    The Fernandez Company

    Contact me if you have a client or contact who needs help growing or exiting their restaurant business!

    Senior Vice President
    Capital Group

    Do you have clients who are re-thinking their financial goals, or perhaps even their life and wealth goals, as a result of the pandemic, market volatility, or a liquidity event?

    Private Risk Advisor

    You want direction and advice with respect to insurance needs, coverages and education specific to your unique set of circumstances.


    Wise and experienced counsel is needed, particularly in respect to ongoing business operations, or future acquisitions or sales.

    Founder & President
    Integgra Valuation & Advisory Services

    You need business valuation consulting services. Our mission is to provide clients with high quality, cost-efficient valuation and advisory services in a timely manner with the utmost integrity.

    Certified Business Performance Advisor

    Human Capital Needs and Cost Containment/Outsourced HR

    VP / Financial Advisor
    Wealth Enhancement Group

    You want to explore the intersection of corporate and personal planning.

    VP Life Sales
    Arthur J. Gallagher

    Your client needs a non biased review of their existing life, disability, long term care, or executive benefits policies, buy/sell agreements or informal business valuation.

    CEO / Managing Principal
    Coker James CPAs & Business Advisors

    You, as a business owner, executive, or professional, are interested in improving business performance or securing your financial future.

    Managing Member
    Strategic HRM Solutions, LLC

    You or your client is focused on growing the business and successfully navigating change to prepare for the next stage, including a potential sale, merger or acquisition.

    Newport LLC

    Creative dealmaker with real-world experience as entrepreneur and attorney focused on maximizing value, reducing risk and preparing companies to be “transaction ready” for achieving successful exits

    Management Consultant
    Wildly Successful Consulting Group

    You want to grow your business, but you don't know how.-You want to expand your practice area-You want to make more money-You want to hire new people-You want to open a new location

    Cohen Pollock Merlin Turner P.C.

    Your business owner client needs legal help - whether it's planning what will happen to their business if something happens to them, or just wants to build a more valuable, transferable business.

    The Profitability Coach
    The Profitability Coach

    Business owners have a big vision for their company & want to move forward, but don’t know how. I help identify hurdles getting in the way & create a path to profitability they never thought possible.

    Financial Advisor, Portfolio Advisor
    Merrill Lynch

    Our team establishes customized financial strategies aligned to our clients defined goals, and navigating life/business changes to build and protect our clients legacy with intention and purpose.

    Neri Capital Partners

    You have questions about the value of your company or are interested in discussing the future.

    Strategic Business Advisor
    Accountable For Change LLC

    You need help achieving your desired outcome. We act as a sounding board as you prioritize the steps to take, an accountability partner to ensure you keep moving forward, and an advisor to help you make adjustments if roadblocks arise.

    Vice President
    SunTrust, Private Wealth

    Call me when you would like to have a financial plan to show your client how they will have enough financial resources to meet their goals (i.e. family legacy, charitable/ philanthropic and personal).

    Enrique Fernandez, M. D.

    I transitioned from a career as a plastic surgeon to become a consultant to medical and other highly skilled professionals. I specialize in end of career transition, which effectively makes me a personal and professional coach.

    Partner-Fractional CMO

    You need to upgrade your marketing efforts to fuel growth, whether it be strategy, plan, execution, or resources.

    The Alternative Board - Northeast Georgia

    When you want to build your business value or prepare for the next phase whether that be internal succession or third party sale.

    Tax Deferral Consultant

    A client has a tax liability. We help Corporations and Individuals Reduce, Eliminate or Defer there taxes. In George the GA Film and LIHTC are great ways to reduce your State liability by 12-17%

    Managing Director
    Wallace Capital Funding, LLC

    We help entrepreneurs, real estate investors and business owners get access to capital in the shortest period of time with minimum efforts and maximum profits!

    Managing Director
    Level Four

    Owner is looking to replace income after exit.

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