XPX Connecticut July Session Power of 5

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Wed, Jul 1st, 2020
4:00pm (EDT)


Virtual this month - coordinate details with your assigned group


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For those of you who are new or have not participated previously, one of our XPX’s most popular offerings has been the PO3 Networking Program. This is a Connecticut members-only benefit brought together small groups of advisors from different disciplines and provided a series of structured meetings so you can get to know each other on a much deeper level than you can at your average networking meeting. 

So what are we changing?

  • For at least the next three months, (May, June, July) virtual groups of 5 will be formed composed of members from 5 different advisory verticals (CPA, Attorney, Banker, Wealth Advisor, Consultant, etc)
  • Since geography is not an issue in the virtual world, we have decided to combine both the Hartford and Fairfield Chapters into one large XPX Connecticut group providing the opportunity for some relationships to expand geographically.
  • New groups will be formed at the beginning of each month so if you participate during all three months you will have the opportunity to meet with some 15 advisors. 
  • Unlike the PO3 program, we will not attempt to track who has met with whom in the past.  If you already know everyone in your group, no matter. 
  • Meetings of course can be held at any time in the morning, afternoon or over cocktails. 
  •  By signing up for the program, your only commitment is to meet with your group at least once during the month for at least an hour.  That said if the group decides to meet more than once, all the better.

In this current Covid19 world in which we are living and working, our clients are in need of varied advice as what to do to survive today and move forward tomorrow.  The expanded program will allow for meeting a larger cross section of advisors. And if we use these groups as a platform from which we can get to know one another, discuss the client issues we are encountering, and collectively perhaps come to some solutions for a client, we will be directly fulfilling the promise of XPX.  And were one to refer a member of the group to a client as solution, awesome!

So, for those of you interested in participating in the July Session, please get back to us by Wednesday, July 1st so that we can put together the new list of groupings to start early the following week.

And important, please sign up on the registration form and let us know if you will be able to host a Zoom, Webex or whatever video conferencing service you use for 5 people for a longer period than say the free 40 minutes on Zoom.

Questions?  Please contact us directly by clicking on our names listed below.

See you soon!

John Weidner, Fairfield Chapter

Steve Pappas, President Hartford Chapter

Cross-Chapter Program also available for those who are interested