XPX Dallas A business owner’s “Magic Number”- Business Case Attached (MEMBERS ONLY)

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Thu, Sep 8th, 2022
7:30am (CST)


Park City Club: 5956 Sherry Lane, Suite 1700, Dallas, TX 75225


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Please join the Dallas XPX Chapter as we host our next live chapter meeting of the year, returning from a scorching summer break. We’ll review the schedule for the year and get back to our case study that outlines the potential exit of a fictitious local Dallas manufacturing company that is family-owned. This time around, we’ll look at wealth management planning, how much does a business owner really need from their company – what is their “magic number”, and the negotiating leverage gained in an M&A transaction by having that number solved for. Come engage with our expert panel, and collaborate with your Dallas XPX chapter.

  • Click here to download the case study.


Shei Unger CFP®, CEPA®
Senior Wealth Strategist
The Northern Trust

Shei leads a team dedicated to advising/educating business owners before, during, and after the sale or recapitalization of their privately held companies. He actively draws upon all of the resources of a global firm, along with his own experience working on over 40 M&A transactions throughout his career, to help guide these families through strategic alternatives considerations and financial exits utilizing timely, often times critical, tax, wealth transfer, investment, and family dynamics planning strategies.


Kelly Kunst CFP®
GS Wealth Management

Raised in a family of entrepreneurs, I believe small businesses are essential for building strong communities. Having learned much about enterprise from the successes and failures of my grandfather, a poultry farmer who got his start during the Great Depression, I am especially attuned to the needs of business owners and those who work for themselves. I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs and individuals build on their successes and avoid mistakes that derail many high-income individuals from achieving their goals. I take a comprehensive approach to addressing complex financial, business and tax situations that require multidimensional solutions.

Nathan Ohlinger CFP®, AEP®
Senior Wealth Advisor
The Northern Trust

As the Practice Lead for the Wealth Advisory Group in Dallas, my team’s mission is to “Add Unquestionable Value” for our clients, as we work to Identify, Prioritize and Track their goals through the Goals Driven framework. A teacher at heart, Nate’s passion is demonstrating how the Advisor Alpha we provide at Northern Trust will not only benefit our clients today, but future generations to come.

Mary Lyons

The Wealth Woman
Benchmark Income Group

Mary began her financial career as a young girl. A second-generation financial advisor, Mary’s fascination with investment planning started at dinner conversations with her parents. After 16 years as an advisor, Mary recognized that most financial planning in the U.S. focuses on trying to make sure people don’t go broke, instead of being focused on building true wealth. Those conventional financial strategies lead to conventional lives, but people who want to retire early or live unconventional lives require unconventional plans. The mission of Benchmark Income Group is to teach people how to optimize their income streams so they can retire earlier with more income.

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