XPX Dallas: Valuation - What Is the Business Really Worth? - Case Attached (MEMBERS ONLY- PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED)

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Tue, Nov 8th, 2022
7:30am (CST)


Park City Club: 5956 Sherry Lane, Suite 1700, Dallas, TX 75225


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Business valuations are built to create a narrative on what a business is worth. A range of value based on art and science, the experience of the valuation professional, and a mix of financial performance metrics and qualitative value drivers. Oftentimes, the results are slanted to highlight the goals and objectives of the beneficiaries. Certified valuations from both parties in a divorce settlement may have widely different opinions of value, right? Another example: the Sellers interpretation of enterprise value is usually higher than the results of a quality of earnings report paid for by the potential Buyer. In this workshop-style meeting, table participants will work together to build a valuation and make an offer to buy the manufacturing business in our case study. We’ll guide you through the valuation process, you’ll work together as a team at your tables, and we’ll throw in real-life gotchas that we’ve seen time and again in the valuation world. Come join us for this fascinating and highly informative session.

  • Click here to download the case study.

Our Speaker:

Brian A. Wendler, CM&AA, ASA, CPA-ABV, ABAR, CMEA

Often called by other intermediaries and M&A advisors as a “broker’s broker”, Brian Wendler, Senior Managing Director, founded National Transaction Advisors (NTA) almost 20 years ago as he was leading one of the largest business valuation firms of its kind, National Business Valuation Services (NBVS), while serving two of the largest business brokerage operations in the country: Business Brokers Network and later Murphy Business and Financial Corporation. During that time, he performed over 20,000 business valuations, trained and provided deal structuring and transaction advice to over 7,500 business brokers, intermediaries, M&A advisors, and was involved in over 15,000 transactions. That is real experience that money cannot buy.

National Transaction Advisors is an independent, Dallas based middle-market M&A advisory firm that provides representation and guidance on mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, and valuation services to middle-market companies with sales generally between $5 million and $300 million. National Transaction Advisors has been a trusted advisor to top family and corporate decision-makers across a broad range of industries.

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