NEW FORMAT! XPX Members Only Cross-Chapter Power Networking (scheduled virtual meeting)

Event Information

Due to member feedback, we’re introducing a NEW FORMAT to our monthly program!

Beginning in February, we are going to test drive a new format for our Cross-Chapter Power Networking session: two virtual meetings each month open to all members (registration required–you are welcome at one or both).

 The Cross-Chapter program is a supplement to local XPX Chapter power networking. Please visit your Chapter website for more information. Use this Cross-Chapter option if you want to meet members from other parts of the country. You are welcome to participate in both programs if you want. Here’s how it works:

XPX Members rely on each other for advice and connections. This program helps spark virtual conversations in our network.

Here’s how the Power Networking works:

  • Join the Zoom session promptly (the groups get formed right on the hour!)
  • During this 1-hour program, our Global team will organize three rounds of 20-minute breakout sessions
  • For each breakout session, you’ll be automatically assigned with a group with two fellow XPX members (you’ll meet up to a total of six new people in each hour)
Power Networking is just one more way we fulfill the promise of XPX of powerful inter-disciplinary connections and learning. You might even find a great resource for your clients!

If you have any questions, please email us.