XPX Charlotte: Tales of Two Businesses: From Unhealthy to Healthy and Saleable (MEMBERS ONLY)

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Dependency on the owner. Eroding profits. Lack of process. Lack of control. Toxic cultures. These are all issues that create great stress for owners and devalue companies in the eyes of potential buyers.

In this session, we will explore two successful real-life exit stories from fellow XPX members. In both cases, the companies suffered from major issues like too much dependency on the owner, lack of clarity around critical processes, stagnant top lines and eroding profits, and toxic cultures. And in both cases, implementing a business system helped create clarity and alignment across the businesses, addressed these major issues head-on, and took both companies from unhealthy to healthy, saleable businesses.

And, as usual, we will continue the community building via our social hour immediately following the event.


Brandon Blell & Roy Pelkey
Professional EOS Implementers® at EOS Worldwide

Educational Event Pricing:

No fee for XPX Charlotte members and first-time guests. However, Registration is required for headcount purposes.

(Member referral is required- members must email angie@exitplanningexchange.com to sign up their guest).