Are your clients’ Employee Value Propositions still relevant?


The pandemic has altered almost all aspects of the employee experience, changing everything from where people work to how they interact with clients, colleagues, and customers. Considering the size and scope of these changes now is a critical time to determine if your employee value proposition (EVP) is still compelling and if your total rewards strategy is aligned with the current and future needs of your workforce.

In one of Mercer’s latest studies, we found that employees were significantly more concerned about their physical health, their work-life balance, and their emotional well-being than their job security, their boss, or their professional development.

No one knows exactly what work will look like once this pandemic has passed. But one thing is certain: the war for talent will continue. Now is an important time to talk with employees, evaluate total rewards strategy, and start designing an employee value proposition for the new shape of work.

Here in the attached whitepaper are four steps to evaluate the current appeal of your EVP and identify the future needs of your workforce.

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

About the author
Maurice Palagonia of Mercer is a member of XPX Long Island

Your client needs to harmonize employee benefits due to a merger or acquisition or they need to analyze the people risk of a transaction.