Seeking Capital: Debt and Equity Options


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Seeking Capital: Debt and Equity Options 

An XPX Atlanta panel on Seeking Capital in a post-Covid environment. There’s no question that the cost, amount and availability of debt & equity have changed in 2020. Moderated by @Bob Tankesley, join panelists @Jason Sleeman, @Phillip Williams and @Jamie Elias for fascinating perspectives on the how to help your clients avoid mistakes and get ready for the capital they need.

Why Join Us?

  • New and interesting ideas to implement and share
  • Keep up to date on building value, exit and succession
  • Our unique, curated roundtable format
  • Gain an appreciation of the power of the XPX Advisor Principles!

Our Panel:

Bob Tankesley MBA CPA, Principal – Neri Capital Partners

A CPA and 4th generation entrepreneur, Bob thoroughly enjoys helping owners of closely-held businesses culminate their long-term efforts in a successful sale transaction. Bob’s 20-year track record has led to focus on sectors such as industrial, manufacturing, healthcare, IT, B2B and professional services. He is also a Co-Founder of XPX Atlanta and presents to many different professional audiences.

Jason Sleeman, Vice President – Craft Beverage Lending at United Community Bank

Jason Sleeman leads the national craft beverage lending vertical for United Community Bank. His focus is on providing strategic growth to breweries, wineries, and distilleries through leveraging debt as a funding source. By being a financial partner for these companies they can strategically grow their production operations to achieve maximum business growth.

Phillip Williams, CEPA, President – P&P Business Solutions

Phillip Williams established P & P Business Solutions, as a Principal Consultant after a 30-year commercial banking career with both national and community banks. Phillip leverages his knowledge and experience to provide expert coaching to help his clients navigate the ever-changing financial market, to improve cash flow, establish working capital and grow their business.

Jamie Elias, Partner – Trivest Partners

Trivest was founded in 1981 and has $2.0+ billion in assets under management. Mr. Elias is involved in all aspects of the firm, including the origination of founder and family-owned investment opportunities, completing acquisitions, portfolio oversight and overall firm management. He oversees Trivest Growth Investment Fund which focuses on making growth and non-control investments in founder/family owned business.

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

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