The Power of Culture and its Impact on Business Valuations

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The Power of Culture and its Impact on Business Valuations


Businesses are challenged now more than any time in history. This session will focus on how a dynamic business culture supports and sustains growth, enhancing business valuations.

Our Speaker:

Rochelle Lisner
Dynamic Business Growth

Rochelle Lisner, through her firm Dynamic Business Growth, works with companies that have reached a level of success and are seeking to amp and ramp that up further on their growth trajectory; whether it be staffing increases; revisiting operations , and improving existing processes, and more. Success depends on how owners scale themselves and key employees, along with developing a culture that can implement the vision and mission of the organization.

Since 2007, Rochelle has worked shoulder to shoulder with corporations and entrepreneurs to resolve their sales, internal communications, and business growth headaches. The result: profit and peace of mind.



Updated: January 12th, 2022

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