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Bruce La Fetra

The Client Whisperer

Knoxville, Tennessee

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Call Me When... Your client needs a consistent flow of their Best Clients to scale or exit. Not merely more clients, more Best Clients. The Client Whisperer fundamentally changes the trajectory of how business is generated--and who generates it.

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    I work with senior leaders to scale business development and/or transition it to new leadership. What we scale or transition is better and easier to execute is is easy to stay focused and avoid random acts of marketing.

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    Better and more profitable clients repalce frustration and uncedrtainty when you Think Like Your Best Clients. Reverse-engineering why your Best Clients select YOU fundamentally changes how business is generated.


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    The struggle to scale or transition business development to new leadership limits the valuation and options for many otherwise good firms. I enjoy creating better options by helping these firms attract more of their Best Clients.