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Private company clients need access to a trusted team of advisors to marshal them to through the various stages of the business lifecycle. The XPX – Exit Planning Exchange member directory is where you can find a diverse group of experts – and they can find you.


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    Jonathan Sirota of Sirota Law Firm, PC is a member of XPX New York
    Jonathan Sirota
    Sirota Law Firm, PC
    Legal guidance for M&A / exit planning strategy and general business, manufacturing, distribution, entertainment, media, advertising, software, blockchain, and technology legal matters.
    Member for 1 Year
    Tony Boschetto
    You need an interim CFO, strategic planning advisory services, due diligence and M&A advisory services.
    Member for 2 Years
    Summit Half Table
    Dale Carnegie
    Dale Carnegie Training
    Contact: Clark Merrill - Email:
    New Member
    Summit Sponsor
    MICHAEL METZ of TRUIST (Formerly SunTrust/BB&T) is a member of XPX DC Metro
    Commercial Banker
    TRUIST (Formerly SunTrust/BB&T)
    Your established business client is dissatisfied with their current bank, or has a financing need over $1MM.
    Member for 2 Years
    Kelly L Dutremble
    Nutter, McClennen & Fish LLP
    You are looking for practical advice for a business sale or investment.
    Member for 2 Years
    Steven Rinaldi
    Steven D. Rinaldi, P.C.
    Client wants to buy or sell a business.
    Member for 7 Years
    Robert Mouro of Fried Mouro Wealth Management of Janney Montgomery Scott, LLC. is a member of XPX Triangle
    Robert V Mouro
    First Vice President / Wealth Management
    Fried Mouro Wealth Management of Janney Montgomery Scott, LLC.
    You meet someone who is experiencing a life event like selling a business, moving to the Raleigh area, received a promotion, just retired or about to retire, experienced a family death or wanting help developing a comprehensive financial plan
    Member for 1 Year
    Jill Braunstein
    Moritt Hock & Hamroff LLP
    You need a legal business advisor.
    Member for 2 Years
    Jim Lichtenberg
    Schooley Mitchell
    You want to save money, increase profits and need to find project funding.
    Member for 1 Year
    Michael Meyer
    Benjamin Ross Group
    You are, or know someone who is considering the sale of their business and need a trusted and confidential intermediary to guide them and manage the entire business sale process
    Member for 3 Years
    Joseph VonEhr of CFO Consulting Partners is a member of XPX Tri-State
    Joseph T VonEhr
    CFO Consulting Partners
    Seeking strategic or tactical CFO support (part-time, interim or consulting) or M&A and exit planning transaction advisory
    Member for 3 Years
    Renny Sie
    Vice President
    Boyne Capital
    A small/mid size business needs a partner to grow to the next level
    Member for 1 Year
    James Patten of Citibank is a member of XPX Long Island
    James Patten
    Vice President - Account Manager
    You need a Corporate Banker to provide transaction financing.
    New Member
    Rana Gorzeck of Weiss Serota Helfman Cole + Bierman is a member of XPX South Florida
    Rana M Gorzeck
    Weiss Serota Helfman Cole + Bierman
    You need an attorney for your Florida legal transactions, including real and personal property, secured financing, mergers and corporate transactions. Strategy, negotiation, due diligence and execution are my strengths.
    Member for 2 Years
    Founding Sponsor
    Steven Migala of Lavelle Law, Ltd. is a member of XPX Chicago
    Steven Migala
    Lavelle Law, Ltd.
    You have a legal need regarding general corporate, commercial lending, M&A and estate/succession planning matters.
    Member for 2 Years
    Carolyn Smith of C3FP is a member of XPX San Antonio
    Carolyn J Smith
    Individuals, Businesses, and even non profits,engage us to help identify and manage risks- especially those risks that are unnecessary.
    Member for 5 Years
    Annual Bronze, Summit Sponsor Silver
    Adam Brier of CBIZ is a member of XPX Long Island
    Adam Brier
    VP Employee Benefits
    Health Insurance cost evaluation - strategies to drive top line revenue and increase margins
    New Member
    Susan Fennema of Beyond the Chaos, LLC is a member of XPX Dallas
    Susan Fennema
    Chaos Eradicating Officer (CEO)
    Beyond the Chaos, LLC
    You need to be freed from the day-to-day of your business operations.
    New Member
    Kevin M. Burke
    First Vice President Commercial Banking
    Cambridge Savings Bank
    There is a request for traditional debt financing, should it be fully secured/C&I or cash flow with an amortizing air ball or an ESOP loan.
    Member for 4 Years
    Rick Tkaczyk of Century Sales Solutions, LLC is a member of XPX Chicago
    Rick Tkaczyk
    Century Sales Solutions, LLC
    I help small to mid-size businesses put get their revenue generation back on track by building a solid sales infrastructure that addresses strategy, processes and execution creating a path to sustainable sales growth.
    Member for 1 Year
    Michael Andrews of Katzabosch is a member of XPX Maryland
    Michael Andrews
    Tax Manager
    You need accounting/tax/valuation exit planning assistance or if your client is looking for a CPA/Consulting firm to assist them.
    Member for 3 Years
    Paul Decelles of YardeZone Inc. is a member of XPX Hartford
    Paul Decelles
    YardeZone Inc. and your leadership team are working too hard, not getting the results you expect, and want someone to work at your side to help you execute new ideas that really succeed!
    Member for 4 Years
    Stephanie Katz of CETA Benefit Consulting Group, LLC is a member of XPX DC Metro
    Stephanie Katz
    CETA Benefit Consulting Group, LLC
    There's a question or concern involving human resources or benefits, especially when considering a merger, acquisition, or sale of a business
    Member for 10 Years
    Paul Moreno
    Live Oak Bank
    You are seeking financing to buy our sell a business.
    Member for 1 Year
    Chris Mellen of VRC / Valuation Research Corporation is a member of XPX Greater Boston
    Chris M. Mellen
    Senior Managing Director
    VRC / Valuation Research Corporation
    A valuation is needed.
    Member for 16 Years