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Private company clients need access to a trusted team of advisors to marshal them to through the various stages of the business lifecycle. The XPX – Exit Planning Exchange member directory is where you can find a diverse group of experts – and they can find you.


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    Kimberly Kramer
    Of Counsel
    McLane Middleton, Professional Association
    Your closely held or family owned business client is ready to strategize or implement an internal or external transition.
    Member for 3 Years
    Timothy Ward of KatzAbosch is a member of XPX Maryland
    Timothy D. Ward
    You need accounting/tax/valuation exit planning assistance or if your client is looking for a CPA/Consulting firm to assist them.
    Member for 8 Years
    Matt Melago of Greenwich Capital Group is a member of XPX Charlotte
    Matt Melago
    Managing Director
    Greenwich Capital Group
    You a have a company in which ownership is interested in exploring a transition through either a third-party sale, ESOP, or internal partner or management buyout , as well as when you have a company interested in exploring strategic acquisitions
    New Member
    Matthew T Allison
    Senior Consultant
    ROCG Consulting
    You are looking to develop a strategic plan to build the value of your business.
    Member for 3 Years
    Bonnie Mauldin of The Mauldin Group is a member of XPX Atlanta
    Bonnie Mauldin
    The Mauldin Group
    You need web design and digital marketing for lead generation and branding!
    Member for 1 Year
    William Mohnacs of Parke Bank is a member of XPX Philadelphia
    William J Mohnacs
    Vice President Commercial Lending
    Parke Bank
    There is a need for capital in guiding entrepreneurs, small business owners, startup companies and franchises with Small Business Administration (SBA) lending
    Member for 2 Years
    Vivian Lara
    Advisory. Audit. Tax.
    New Member
    Sylvia Lagerquist
    Haines & Lagerquist CPAs, LLC
    A business owner wants to work on the business as well as in the business.
    Member for 2 Years
    Rana Gorzeck of Weiss Serota Helfman Cole + Bierman is a member of XPX South Florida
    Rana M Gorzeck
    Weiss Serota Helfman Cole + Bierman
    You need an attorney for your Florida legal transactions, including real and personal property, secured financing, mergers and corporate transactions. Strategy, negotiation, due diligence and execution are my strengths.
    Member for 2 Years
    Founding Sponsor
    Harvey J Smith
    CEO, Master Certified Coach
    Institute Success
    You want an engaged leadership Team. Leadership development. Confidential Executive Coaching. Leader needs greater clarity on what is his/her vision of success. Help in hiring the right person for the roles. Identifying your next life adventure.
    Member for 1 Year
    Chris Angel
    Principal Consultant
    Expense Reduction Analysts
    Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) is a global firm that delivers additional cash flow to middle market clients through savings found in their supplier base. We help firms inprove cash flow & EBITDA to help fund capital projects or prepare for exit.
    New Member
    Jamie Shock
    Sales Director
    You are looking for a consultative conversation around scaling a business, analyzing employee related costs, or preparing a company for exit. We offer a tech and HR solution for SMBs for benefits, risk & compliance. And looking for new eco partners
    Member for 1 Year
    Cindy Atkinson of Hartman Executive Advisors is a member of XPX Maryland
    Cindy Atkinson
    Vice President, Sales, Baltimore Region
    Hartman Executive Advisors
    Hartman works with executive management to align innovative IT solutions with overall business strategy. We are an independent technology advisory firm providing unbiased guidance and leadership.
    Member for 3 Years
    Robert M Rosner
    Robert M. Rosner & Associates, Inc.
    You want an independent insurance broker who brings years of experience in solving problems for entrepreneurs and professionals with their other trusted advisers.
    Member for 2 Years
    Ethan Grossman
    Vice President
    Merrill Lynch
    You are or know a successful person looking for guidance on how to make smarter financial decisions.
    Member for 1 Year
    Patrick Trask of CSG Partners is a member of XPX Fairfield County
    Patrick M Trask
    Managing Director
    CSG Partners
    Your client is thinking about: (i) succession planning; (ii) selling a business; or (iii) establishing a new employee retirement benefit plan. An ESOP solution could have significant advantages
    Member for 2 Years
    Jeff Hart of Tarlow Breed Hart & Rodgers, PC is a member of XPX Greater Boston
    Jeff Hart
    Tarlow Breed Hart & Rodgers, PC
    Member for 7 Years
    Michael Meyer
    Benjamin Ross Group
    You are, or know someone who is considering the sale of their business and need a trusted and confidential intermediary to guide them and manage the entire business sale process
    Member for 3 Years
    Christopher Smith of Bristol Group Atlanta is a member of XPX Atlanta
    Christopher David Smith
    M&A Advisor
    Bristol Group Atlanta
    M&A Broker/Advisor
    New Member
    Lynn Schade of Middlesex Savings Bank is a member of XPX Greater Boston
    Lynn Schade
    SVP and Regional Manager
    Middlesex Savings Bank
    You need bank financing for a company based in New England with under $200MM in revenues. We provide financing for M&A, equity recaps, leverage cash flow deals and traditional business needs.
    Member for 3 Years
    Silver, Summit Full Table
    Bob Molony of Expense Reduction Analysts is a member of XPX Philadelphia
    Bob A Molony
    Principal Consultant
    Expense Reduction Analysts
    Call me to find additional cash flow by reducing non-personnel, operating expenses. I can help with over 40 cost categories covering: Operational supplies, Medical Services, Logistics, Technology, Banking & Financial Services
    Member for 1 Year
    Timothy Geppert of Vaco LLC is a member of XPX San Antonio
    Timothy Geppert
    Vaco LLC
    You have a Construction company with an XPX need
    Member for 4 Years
    Summit Sponsor Bronze
    Samantha Fisher of BDO USA, LLP is a member of XPX Maryland
    Samantha Fisher
    You are looking for assistance with business valuation, forensic consulting, or expert witness services.
    Member for 3 Years
    John Seybold of Employer Flexible is a member of XPX San Antonio
    John C Seybold
    Market Manager
    Employer Flexible
    You have HR, Employee Benefit, Payroll, Risk Management needs. We have decrease the amount of time it takes to close a sale of a small business by up to 45 days.
    Member for 2 Years
    Summit Sponsor Gold
    Michael A Sapperstein
    RS&F, LLC
    Call me before you are considering selling your company, merging with another company or acquiring a company to discuss options and if you are ready.
    Member for 4 Years