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Lisa McGuire of Lisa McGuire, Business Growth Advisor is a member of XPX Atlanta
Lisa McGuire
Lisa McGuire, Business Growth Advisor

Call Me When... You want to help owners boost their business value by increasing employee engagement, retention and recruitment

New Member
Logan Vandergriff of Clarity Family Office is a member of XPX Nashville
Logan Vandergriff
Clarity Family Office

Call Me When... Entrepreneurial Business owner is looking for unique ideas on overall planning to mitigate tax, protect assets, and transfer wealth.

New Member
Dave Altman
Bernstein Global Wealth Management

Call Me When... Raising capital, Thinking about an exit, transitioning to the next generation.

New Member
Maddie Ernzen
Marketing Director

Call Me When... you are tired of searching or piecing together planning solutions and need a complete program designed to help you vastly improve business value evaluations and personalize the client experience.

New Member
Jason Rappoport of Carr, Riggs & Ingram CPAs & Advisors is a member of XPX Nashville
Jason Rappoport
Director of Business Development
Carr, Riggs & Ingram CPAs & Advisors

Call Me When... you need Q of E, transaction advisory services, business valuation, or tax planning.

New Member
Michael J. O'Malley

Call Me When... You need advice re tax planning or corporate M&A transactions or representation in a tax dispute

New Member
Michael Millard
Senior Advisor
Haven Capital Partners

Call Me When... You want to monetize your company owned RE

New Member
Reed Fawley
Senior Vice President

Call Me When... Holistic Wealth Management: A virtual family office approach, supported by a network of CPAs, Investment Bankers, and advanced financial planners to support business owners through growth and monetization.

New Member
Francis Stino
CSG Partners

Call Me When... ESOP sell-side advisory / ESOP originations & terminations / capital raise and transaction structuring

New Member
Stephen L Dobrow
Primark Benefits

Call Me When... Expert advice and consultation on retirement plan issues

New Member
Scott Larson
OutFin group

Call Me When... a business wants to maximize its value BEFORE they sell. We are an outsourced CFO firm that helps businesses increase their value leading up to an exit.

New Member
Tatiana Tsoir
Linza Advisors Inc.

Call Me When... you have a client who need accounting & tax reduction support when selling a business or preparing to go on market!

New Member
Gretchen Figge

Call Me When... any time

New Member
Mellany Bagtas of Morgan Stanley is a member of XPX Tri-State
Mellany Bagtas CFP®, CRPC®, CDFA®, CEPA®
Financial Advisor/ Certified Exit Planning Advisor
Morgan Stanley

Call Me When... client/ business owner needs help in understanding their wealth gap, help in providing them a clear path for life after selling their business and alignment of their personal and financial goals as they prepare for their exit.

New Member
Reed Tomlinson of R. Tomlinson Consulting is a member of XPX Nashville
Reed Tomlinson
President, Chief Consultant
R. Tomlinson Consulting

Call Me When... you have questions about tech (SaaS, FinTech, Healthcare tech, etc).

New Member
Adam Philpot
Philpot Business Succession LLC

Call Me When... you know a business owner that cares about what happens after retirement to their employees and customers. We want to purchase and operate a business for the longterm.

New Member
Stephen Sypek of Hudson Independent Partnerships is a member of XPX Nashville
Stephen Sypek
Senior Vice President
Hudson Independent Partnerships

Call Me When... you know of a home or field services company (currently focused on HVAC) who wants to sell in the next few years but doesn't know where to start. We will help them get their business in prime selling position and help them through the whole process.

New Member
Jarrod Barraza
Senior Manager
Horne Capital

Call Me When... you want to discuss the value of your healthcare business and the current healthcare M&A landscape

New Member
James Turner of 5th Line is a member of XPX Greater Boston
James Turner
5th Line

Call Me When... there's a need for debt financing

New Member
Yana Reiser

Call Me When... I am a CPA; specialize in advisory and assurance services; particularly financial statement audits and reviews; and transaction services (M&A, QofE, Due Diligence various scopes etc); as well as employee benefit plan audits

New Member
Michael Anthony of Bayfield Partners is a member of XPX Nashville
Michael P Anthony
Vice President
Bayfield Partners

Call Me When... you're selling a company.

New Member
Nick Burgess of The Burgess Group is a member of XPX
Nick Burgess
The Burgess Group

Call Me When... I am a Principal at The Burgess Group and i special in sophisticated insurance solutions to solve estate issues for high net worth individuals, families and foundations both domestically and internationally

New Member
Kevin Jones of Bernstein Private Wealth is a member of XPX Denver
Kevin Jones
Vice President, Wealth Planning
Bernstein Private Wealth

Call Me When... anytime

New Member
Darryl Nitta of Accuity LLP is a member of XPX Hawaii
Darryl Nitta
Accuity LLP

Call Me When... you need help navigating and complying with tax law

New Member
Geoff Miller
GreenLinks Consulting, LLC

Call Me When... exit planning buy or sell side, B2B sales leadership

New Member
Cara Barineau
Blue Marble Video

Call Me When... you or your client needs a video solution hyper-focused on the right results.

New Member

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“Conflicts look bad. I always prepare touchy agenda points with my 2 senior leaders before leadership team meetings. This way senior leadership presents a united front,” recently mentioned the CEO of a 200-people company. Most leadership teams have too few open, healthy conflicts. This makes them less effective, reduces decision quality, and ultimately slows down business…

I wrote earlier about the value a closed loop employee suggestion program can provide. These do provide significant benefits, but there is no need to limit continuous improvement suggestions to those inside the company. Customer and supplier surveys can provide great insights into such opportunities while also enabling the company to collaborate better with key…

During my first visit to one factory, I quickly noticed on a wall in the lobby a collection of cards with employee suggestions – normally a good sign of a facility’s commitment to continuous improvement and employee engagement. A closer look revealed the opposite – improvement ideas that were months and even quarters old without…

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We are unique in that we are the only open advisor network in the private company/business value transfer market. This means that we do not advocate a single approach or vendor. Instead, we endeavor to be a place where all advisors, owners and vendors can interact and collaborate.  Each XPX Chapter is a locally-controlled non-profit organized by national and regional leaders in the private company market.