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Dan Bernstein of The Raivax Group is a member of XPX DC Metro
Dan Bernstein
M&A Advisor
The Raivax Group

Call Me When... A lower middle market company is interested in selling.

Member for 3 Years
Luke Koczela

Call Me When...

Member for 7 Years
Alex Goss
Vice President - Small Business Lending
Live Oak Bank

Call Me When... You are seeking financing to either buy or sell a business

New Member
Andy Schuman of Insperity is a member of XPX DC Metro
Andy Schuman
Business Performance Advisor

Call Me When... Your business is growing and in hiring mode, you want to develop a strong HR infrastructure, and provide your employees with top-tier resources and benefits to make yourself as attractive an employer as possible

Member for 1 Year
Peter Schwartz
Vistage Chair
Vistage Worldwide

Call Me When... CEO Coaching / Senior Leadership Development

New Member
Corby Megorden of Ennis Legacy Partners is a member of XPX DC Metro
Corby J Megorden
Ennis Legacy Partners

Call Me When... You find a business owner who desires to exit their business, lacks a plan and is unsure of where to begin.

Member for 7 Years
Kevin Learned of McMahon, Welch and Learned, PLLC is a member of XPX DC Metro
Kevin Learned
McMahon, Welch and Learned, PLLC

Call Me When... You need an outside general counsel and advise clients on general corporate and securities matters, including stock and asset purchases/sales, mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

Member for 12 Years
MICHAEL METZ of TRUIST (Formerly SunTrust/BB&T) is a member of XPX DC Metro
Commercial Banker
TRUIST (Formerly SunTrust/BB&T)

Call Me When... Your established business client is dissatisfied with their current bank, or has a financing need over $1MM.

Member for 3 Years
Richard Chisholm
WardChisholm, LLP

Call Me When... A client who would benefit from legal advice and counseling in the areas of business succession planning, buy-sell agreements, or mergers or acquisitions, or any of my other practice areas.

Member for 1 Year
Gary Altman of Altman Associates is a member of XPX DC Metro
Gary Altman
Altman Associates

Call Me When... I help individuals and business develop successful plans to dispose of assets and business interests in a tax efficient manner that will, eventually, protect the inheritance for children and heirs.

Member for 6 Years
Lewis D Baker
Rock Creek Wealth Planners and Advisors

Call Me When... You require a planning based solution to help manage a transition to a new phase in life that involves financial decisions.

Member for 2 Years
Douglas Brown
Business Advisor and Broker
Business Value Booster LLC

Call Me When... You have a client who owns a small business as part of their total assets, even if they THINK they won't be exiting for several years

New Member
James V. Irving
Bean Kinney & Korman, PC

Call Me When...

Member for 10 Years
John Yun of Yun Wealth Management Group at RBC is a member of XPX DC Metro
John Yun
Senior Vice President – Financial Advisor
Yun Wealth Management Group at RBC

Call Me When... You are expecting a major liquidity event related to your company at any future time and need exit planning organization across multiple advisors or if retirement from an employer is within five years

Member for 4 Years
Stephanie Katz of CETA Benefit Consulting Group, LLC is a member of XPX DC Metro
Stephanie Katz
CETA Benefit Consulting Group, LLC

Call Me When... There's a question or concern involving human resources or benefits, especially when considering a merger, acquisition, or sale of a business

Member for 11 Years
Alan Schulman of Insurance Benefits and Advisors is a member of XPX DC Metro
Alan Schulman
Insurance Benefits and Advisors

Call Me When... When your client needs to reduce the costs of their employee benefits and at the same time attract and retain employees with benefits. We provide better outcomes for our clients.

Member for 6 Years
Edward Bortnick of skmb,p.a.(Cpa's & Business Valuators) is a member of XPX DC Metro
Edward A Bortnick
skmb,p.a.(Cpa's & Business Valuators)

Call Me When... You need a business valuation, litigation support, tax planning or preparation, an audit review or compilation, management consulting

Member for 7 Years
Robert (Bob) Webb of Miles & Stockbridge, P.C. is a member of XPX DC Metro
Robert (Bob) B. Webb
Miles & Stockbridge, P.C.

Call Me When... When you need the counsel of a business attorney with over 40 years experience working with growing businesses from formation thru successful exit or succession.

Member for 9 Years
Virginia Dinzey-Taveras of Adaptive Bookkeeping & Consulting, LLC dba Adaptive Business Solutions is a member of XPX DC Metro
Virginia Dinzey-Taveras
Founder & CEO
Adaptive Bookkeeping & Consulting, LLC dba Adaptive Business Solutions

Call Me When... You have accounting and bookkeeping issues, payroll and business growth. If you need to have your finance in order, accurate and able to make decisions based on your income and expenses.

New Member
Steven Collins of XML Financial Group is a member of XPX DC Metro
Steven F. Collins
Wealth Manager
XML Financial Group

Call Me When... One is looking for a partner to help engage, educate and empower them toward the utilization of a wide range of investment tools in order to achieve their most important life's objectives.

Member for 4 Years
Gordon M. Kimpel
Veritas Financial

Call Me When... Clients need advice with financial planning, organizing and analyzing their life, disability and long term care needs; to structure and fund their buy sell agreement; or ways to retain key employees.

Member for 5 Years
Edward Snyder of Snyder Cohn is a member of XPX DC Metro
Edward L Snyder
Snyder Cohn

Call Me When... Your business or nonprofit organization is looking ahead and would like a partner with good experience and a pro-active attitude. Our tax and accounting service is reliable and personal

Member for 12 Years
Kwesi Robotham of Kingstowne Advisors, LLC is a member of XPX DC Metro
Kwesi Robotham
Managing Director
Kingstowne Advisors, LLC

Call Me When... We help small businesses grow their bottom line by 50% within 12 - 18 months while helping owners and executives create tax advantaged income and exit strategies.

Member for 4 Years
Bonnie Ashby Sewell
Managing Direcctor, Senior Wealth Advisor
Dakota Wealth Management

Call Me When... We do exits, whether leaving a spouse, paid work or selling a business, we do the financial bridge to your new future.

New Member
Stephanie R Gumm
Certified Exit Planning Advisor & Financial Planner
Horizon Advisory Group

Call Me When... A business owner is open to a conversation about saving on taxes, holistic financial planning, retirement planning, issues with turnover of key executives, estate planning needs

Member for 1 Year

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