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Private company clients need access to a trusted team of advisors to marshal them to through the various stages of the business lifecycle. The XPX member directory is where you can find a diverse group of experts – and they can find you. 

It’s easy to find an expert by using the search box or these handy directories to choose from 12 professions, 75+ areas of functional expertise and 20 client industry categories. Feel free to reach out to the advisors with the expertise you seek. Contact us for further assistance.

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    CFP®, CExP™

    You come into contact with a business owner that needs assistance planning for the single most critically important emotional and financial event of their lives; the transition out of their business.

    Snyder Cohn PC

    You have accounting/audit/tax or business planning needs.

    Business Performance Advisor

    Your business is growing and in hiring mode, you want to develop a strong HR infrastructure, and provide your employees with top-tier resources and benefits to make yourself as attractive an employer as possible

    Managing Partner
    MBA Growth Partners, LLC

    You need debt restructuring, process documentation, organizational change management and communication, mergers and acquisitions

    Senior Financial Advisor
    Merrill Lynch

    You are building an advisory team and I can assist in the wealth management side of retirement, multi-generational or other complex planning within that advisory team.

    Omega Wealth Management

    You need someone to talk about financial transition management

    Managing Member
    Cohen CPA Strategies, LLC

    A client a starting a business, starting to think about selling or growing their business, or any tax related or financial decisions need to be considered.

    Ross Law Firm, LLC

    You need advice or representation re: shareholder/member disputes, business-to-business transactions and disputes, franchise law issues, or employment law issues.

    Cortland Valuation

    You need valuation of a business or business interest for tax compliance, management planning, financial reporting or litigation support.

    Managing Director
    Kingstowne Advisors, LLC

    We help small businesses grow their bottom line by 50% within 12 - 18 months while helping owners and executives create tax advantaged income and exit strategies.

    Director - Business Strategies
    First Financial Group

    You need Business Transition consulting from a Certified Exit Planner. You need a retirement income plan you can rely on, with lifetime income, reduced taxes, and less risk


    Before you sign that employment or independent contractor agreement! Or are experiencing problems with an employee. Or when you're accused of discrimination.

    McMahon, Welch and Learned, PLLC

    You need an outside general counsel and advise clients on general corporate and securities matters, including stock and asset purchases/sales, mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

    Insurance Benefits and Advisors

    When your client needs to reduce the costs of their employee benefits and at the same time attract and retain employees with benefits. We provide better outcomes for our clients.

    Ennis Legacy Partners

    You find a business owner who desires to exit their business, lacks a plan and is unsure of where to begin.

    Founder & Managing Partner
    The CDI Group

    You or your client want help with Corporate Development (Helping you manage from current to desired state), Investment Banking (Capital Raise) M&A (Buyer, Seller), Estimates of Value.

    Wealth Manager
    Glassman Wealth Services

    To answer the financial question - What if I sell my business for $$$?

    Senior Vice President – Financial Advisor
    Yun Wealth Management Group at RBC

    You are expecting a major liquidity event related to your company at any future time and need exit planning organization across multiple advisors or if retirement from an employer is within five years

    Bendler & Company, PC

    Call me when you are considering the tax ramifications of a transaction. Managing the tax burden associated with a deal is often critical in taking the deal to closing.

    Momentum Law Group

    You need an advisor who listens first then implements.

    B2B CFO®

    When you need help getting your business ready to sell.

    Tucker and Meltzer

    You or your client are in need if business valuation services.

    Commercial Banker
    TRUIST (Formerly SunTrust/BB&T)

    Your established business client is dissatisfied with their current bank, or has a financing need over $1MM.

    Rock Creek Wealth Planners and Advisors

    You require a planning based solution to help manage a transition to a new phase in life that involves financial decisions.

    Financial Advisor
    Morgan Stanley

    You or clients need planning based,family wealth management.

    Withum Smith + Brown

    You are seeking more personal attention or you are no longer interested in handling your own tax and accounting needs.

    Financial Services Professional
    New York Life

    Members need assistance in planning, insurance retirement and financial services

    Snyder Cohn

    Your business or nonprofit organization is looking ahead and would like a partner with good experience and a pro-active attitude. Our tax and accounting service is reliable and personal

    Stein Sperling Bennett De Jong Driscoll PC

    Call when you are planning any business succession or transaction including buying and selling businesses, equity and debt financing transactions, and reorganizations.

    Centurion Wealth

    You are looking for an independent financial planning & investment management firm who works in partnership with a select group of current and former business owners and executives.

    Senior Analyst

    Employee benefits (retirement & health), Insurance (Life & property/casualty), executive benefits

    skmb,p.a.(Cpa's & Business Valuators)

    You need a business valuation, litigation support, tax planning or preparation, an audit review or compilation, management consulting

    Insurance Consultant
    Greenberg, Wexler & Eig, LLC

    I design, implement and manage insurance portfolios for High Net Worth Families and Businesses.

    The Business and Legal Advisors, LLC

    If you are forming a new business, your business is not growing or you want to exit your business; or you are looking for an estate plan

    Maura Fredericks, LLC

    Your cofounder and family business clients are mired in the disruptive relationship dynamics that complicate and slow down business transactions.

    Kaplan Financial Group, LLC

    You or your client wants to create or maintain a legacy.

    CETA Benefit Consulting Group, LLC

    There's a question or concern involving human resources or benefits, especially when considering a merger, acquisition, or sale of a business

    Wealth Advisor
    Next Capital Management

    You are thinking about thinking about selling your business.

    Avenue Wealth

    You want the peace of mind that comes with being well-planned

    Founding Partner
    Centurion Wealth Management LLC

    You want financial peace of mind and a clear and realistic vision of your financial future.

    Valuation Services, Inc.

    In need of valuation services for financial and tax reporting purposes, buy-sell transactions, employee stock ownership plans, shareholder disputes, deferred compensation plans, and intangible assets.

    Miles & Stockbridge, P.C.

    When you need the counsel of a business attorney with over 40 years experience working with growing businesses from formation thru successful exit or succession.

    Wealth Manager
    XML Financial Group

    One is looking for a partner to help engage, educate and empower them toward the utilization of a wide range of investment tools in order to achieve their most important life's objectives.

    Snyder Cohn, PC

    You need accounting, tax or related consulting services for your startup or emerging technology company

    Veritas Financial

    Clients need advice with financial planning, organizing and analyzing their life, disability and long term care needs; to structure and fund their buy sell agreement; or ways to retain key employees.

    Altman Associates

    I help individuals and business develop successful plans to dispose of assets and business interests in a tax efficient manner that will, eventually, protect the inheritance for children and heirs.

    Volin Employment Law, PLLC

    You want to grow as a business, you are transitioning in your career, or you have litigation (and litigation avoidance) needs.

    Financial Advisor, CFP®
    Financial Advantage Associates

    Someone needs help making sense of their financial situation and wants to leverage their opportunities for their future

    Business Attorney
    Lyon Legal, PLLC

    You need sound legal or business advice related to the creation, operation or sale of your business, including the resolution of disputes you may encounter along the way.

    Principal Consultant
    Expense Reduction Analysts Inc.

    ERA is a global firm that delivers additional cash flow to our clients through savings found in their supplier base, without compromise to supplier quality or service.

    Lerch, Early & Brewer, Chtd.

    You want to buy or sell a business, are interested in succession planning, or if you are involved in a shareholder/member dispute.

    Managing Member
    The Business and Legal Advisors, LLC

    If you are forming a new business, your business is not growing or you want to exit your business

    Chief Operating Officer
    Employee Benefit Research Institute

    You're interested in learning more about retirement and financial wellness research

    Conscient Strategies

    Using both business and cultural lenses, we help minimize disruption as organizations and leaders navigate change.

    Haines & Lagerquist CPAs, LLC

    A business owner wants to work on the business as well as in the business.

    M&A Advisor
    The Raivax Group

    A client needs an M&A Advisor to sell their business. Only sell side brokerage with a enterprise value over 1M.

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