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Members of the Exit Planning Exchange – XPX Charlotte Chapter are a select group of expert advisors to privately-held businesses. These diverse experts are chosen by their peers for their expertise and shared values that include: Work collaboratively, Put the client first, Think long term, Consider the human angle and Always be learning.
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Tom Bixby of EvaluSys LLC is a member of XPX Charlotte
Tom Bixby
EvaluSys LLC

Call Me When... A business advisor/consultant or investor needs a disciplined value growth strategy and action plan maximizing the enterprise value of client/portfolio businesses.

Member for 4 Years
Taja Graham of TMG Solutions Advisors is a member of XPX Charlotte
Taja M Graham
TMG Solutions Advisors

Call Me When... Business leaders facing complex financial decisions, mergers, acquisitions, or succession planning can rely on TMG Solutions Advisors. Specializing in tailored solutions, they ensure businesses achieve financial stability and growth.

New Member
Doug Havas of Pinnacle Sales Advisors is a member of XPX Charlotte
Doug Havas
Pinnacle Sales Advisors

Call Me When... A business is looking to maximize its value through increased revenues, and looking to establish better Sales processes and infrastructure, including a CRM, forecasting, comp plans, hiring and onboarding sales personnel.

Member for 3 Years
Emmy Lou Burchette of Burchette & Associates, Inc. is a member of XPX Charlotte
Emmy Lou Burchette
President & CEO
Burchette & Associates, Inc.

Call Me When... I advise firms and develop market strategy, brand, marketing and communications initiatives to create value and accelerate growth.

New Member
Erika Erlenbach

Call Me When... You have corporate/business legal needs. We are a business transaction law firm with a focus on mergers and acquisitions, supply chain contracts, commercial real estate and business succession planning.

Member for 1 Year
Beth A Wood
Alexander Ricks, PLLC

Call Me When... Advice in the development and implementation of sophisticated and comprehensive planning strategies to minimize the impact of federal gift, estate and generation skipping transfer taxation.

Member for 3 Years
Paul Wehrly of Sales Xceleration is a member of XPX Charlotte
Paul Wehrly
Outsourced Vice President of Sales
Sales Xceleration

Call Me When... As a Fractional Outsourced VP of Sales, I help SMB’s rapidly grow revenue to maximize their value by building their Sales Infrastructure focusing on sales process, CRM, forecasting, aligning comp plans, hiring and managing their sales teams if needed

New Member
Steve Melton of Relation Insurnace is a member of XPX Charlotte
Steve A Melton
Risk Advisor
Relation Insurnace

Call Me When... Need asset protection; buy-sell funding strategies; transitional planning for sale

Member for 3 Years
Michael Stier of FocusCFO is a member of XPX Charlotte
Michael Stier
Area President - Carolinas

Call Me When... FocusCFO is a leader in embedded fractional CFO services. Guiding entrepreneurial leaders on their climb to sustainable, transferrable business value.

Member for 3 Years
Michelle Fritsch of Retirement Wellness Strategies is a member of XPX Charlotte
Michelle Fritsch
Founder, CEO
Retirement Wellness Strategies

Call Me When... exiting leaders need solid guidance for personal health during the transition, after the transition, and new purpose in the next phase.

Member for 3 Years
Jeff Wolfberg of CEO Focus is a member of XPX Charlotte
Jeff Wolfberg
CEO Focus

Call Me When... When you are a business owner looking for accountability and advice on strategic and operating issues and problems. We offer advice and assistance from those who had the same or similar experiences including preparing for and planning an exit.

Member for 3 Years
Mark Pompeo
Senior Vice President
Live Oak Bank

Call Me When... Looking for Acquisition Funding of $20 Million or less

New Member
Steve Stein of VR Business Sales is a member of XPX Charlotte
Steve Stein
Senior Advisor
VR Business Sales

Call Me When... Helping small and medium size business owners confidentially sell their businesses for maximum value when they are ready to exit. We can also provide business valuation services and help entrepreneurs find and buy businesses to control their future.

Member for 1 Year
Reuben Hannon of First Horizon Bank is a member of XPX Charlotte
Reuben Hannon
Vice President
First Horizon Bank

Call Me When... you would like to discuss cash flow management services, acquisition / growth financing, or are looking to chat with an engaged and knowledgeable banker

New Member
Robert Snowden of South Park Advisors, LLC is a member of XPX Charlotte
Robert M. Snowden
Founder and Managing Director
South Park Advisors, LLC

Call Me When... Business Valuation Specialist | Buy-Side & Sell-Side ESOP Advisory | Exit Planning | Transaction Advisory | Estate & Gift Tax | Financial Reporting | Litigation | Family Law

Member for 3 Years
Brian Steen
Steen Valuation Group, LLC

Call Me When... I am a business appraiser focused on exit planning, ownership transitions and transactions. I specialize in valuing equity interests, intangible assets and complex securities.

Member for 1 Year
Kristy Busija of Next Conversation Consulting is a member of XPX Charlotte
Kristy Busija
Next Conversation Consulting

Call Me When... You need a robust pipeline of leaders and talent. You want to create a culture where employees love to work.

New Member
Carrie L Dyckman

Call Me When... You are looking for tax planning and consulting, financial statements for lenders, bonding companies, private equity investors; you're 5 - 10 years away from retiring and you'd like to create the best enterprise value possible for the company.

Member for 3 Years
Jeff Brinkman of New Republic Partners is a member of XPX Charlotte
Jeff R. Brinkman
EVP, Regional Private & Commercial Bank Executive
New Republic Partners

Call Me When... You are looking for guidance on transitioning your business and need help figuring out how to make that happen and what’s next. NRP is a can provide wealth strategies and private bank services for individuals and closely held businesses.

Member for 3 Years
Kurt Kurt Dyck Dyck
Avance Accounting, LLC

Call Me When... You need more accurate, timely or relevant financial records or reporting

New Member
Candace Cline of UBS is a member of XPX Charlotte
Candace Cline
Senior VP - Wealth Management

Call Me When... You have a client in transition that needs help making smart decisions with their money. My planning advice primarily addresses clients' cash flow, wealth protection and transfer needs as well as and philanthropy.

Member for 2 Years
Shane Brotherton
Sr. Vice President
Pinnacle Financial Partners

Call Me When... A local company needs to speak with a value-add banking advisor. I partner with other advisors in a business’ orbit and collaborate with company decision makers to strategically advise the company to be an optimal position from a financial health per

New Member
Matthew D Bradbury
Managing Director
Business Acquisition & Merger Associates

Call Me When... You have a client looking to sell, execute a management buy-out, recapitalize their business or buy other companies

Member for 3 Years
Gary Smith of Venn Law Group is a member of XPX Charlotte
Gary W. Smith
Manager, Attorney
Venn Law Group

Call Me When... you want legal and tax advice that creatively meets owners' objectives in the growth or transition of the business.

Member for 3 Years
Brandy Milazzo of Ascension Law is a member of XPX Charlotte
Brandy B Milazzo
Founding Partner, Owner
Summit Law

Call Me When... To prevent legal issues from becoming an obstacle to your professional and business success.

Member for 3 Years

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