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Anna Talarico of Young America Capital is a member of XPX Austin
Anna Talarico
Investment Banker
Young America Capital

Call Me When... you are looking to raise capital, sell your company/buy a company

Member for 1 Year
Jeffrey Elder of International Business Exchange is a member of XPX Austin
Jeffrey Keith Elder
Merger and Acquisition Advisor
International Business Exchange

Call Me When... Assist business owners confidentiality selling businesses

Member for 1 Year
John Spencer of Clear Direction Sales Development is a member of XPX Austin
John Spencer
Clear Direction Sales Development

Call Me When... You want to scale your business and exit *Right People; Right Seats is a question *Your revenue stalled or declined* To elevate your sales team good to great* Sales team is underperforming* In growth mode and need to build or expand your sales team

Member for 2 Years
Philip Seibel of Advanced Benefit Solutions is a member of XPX Austin
Philip Seibel
Advanced Benefit Solutions

Call Me When... Clients have needs to be addressed in an exit plan that involve life insurance.

Member for 3 Years
Brio Leadership, an EOS Implementer Company

Call Me When... Business owners are frustrated with their people, profits, growth or control

Member for 1 Year
Brad Mayer of Texas Capital Bank is a member of XPX Austin
Brad Mayer
Senior Private Client Advisor
Texas Capital Bank

Call Me When... an opportunity arises to engage a wealth management team that can guide you on maximizing the value of your business, advise you through the transition, and design a wealth management strategy to preserve your legacy.

Member for 1 Year
Christopher Bauer
Managing Partner
Bauer & Company

Call Me When... A company is considering an sale and needs to verify their accounting is accurate and reflects the reality of their business

Member for 2 Years
Erin Tuggle
Jackson Walker

Call Me When... a client needs legal assistance with business succession, pre-exit planning, representation on an exit, or post-exit estate or investment strategies.

Member for 1 Year
Mark Frazier of CIBC Private Wealth Management is a member of XPX Austin
Mark Frazier
Managing Director
CIBC Private Wealth Management

Call Me When... You have a need for holistic wealth planning and investment management before and after an exit.

Member for 2 Years
Blair Morrison of AutoCFO is a member of XPX Austin
Blair Morrison
CEO, Fractional CFO

Call Me When... You have a client whose company is institutionally backed and needs help communicating with their board, preparing to sell their business or preparing internal processes for rapid growth and scaling.

Member for 3 Years
Scott Bryan
Managing Director
Live Oak Valuation

Call Me When... You need a business or equity valuation for corporate planning (409a/PPA/etc.), estate planning, or other purposes

Member for 2 Years
Vanessa McElwrath of ML&R Wealth Management is a member of XPX Austin
Vanessa McElwrath
Wealth Management Partner
ML&R Wealth Management

Call Me When... you need guidance on how to plan for your financial future as a result of a potential liquidity event.

Member for 2 Years
Rob Robert Smithson Smithson
Senior Associate
Corporate Investment

Call Me When... It's time to exit your business via sale, or to recapitalize it to take advantage of new opportunities

New Member
Debbie Chilton
Business Performance Advisor

Call Me When... 512-426-9780

Member for 1 Year
Jay Mezera of Atchley & Associates, LLP is a member of XPX Austin
Jay Mezera
Atchley & Associates, LLP

Call Me When... You have questions about Federal or state tax planning or compliance, business valuations, entity structuring or mergers and acquisitions.

Member for 3 Years
Dan Leonard of Sunflower Bank is a member of XPX Austin
Dan Leonard
Sunflower Bank

Call Me When... Classically-trained commercial banker who will serve your clients the way you do - with purpose and passion

Member for 2 Years
Emily McCracken of Venturi Private Wealth is a member of XPX Austin
Emily McCracken
Lead Advisor
Venturi Private Wealth

Call Me When... You have a transition on the horizon. My team and I will guide you through the exit process, create a customized financial plan, and design wealth management strategies to meet your goals and preserve your legacy.

New Member
Abhi Mathews, CFA, CBV, AM of Minerva Valuations is a member of XPX Austin
Abhi Mathews, CFA, CBV, AM
Managing Director
Minerva Valuations

Call Me When... Raising capital via private placements and valuations for estate planning, shareholder disputes, m&a and other litigation

New Member
Allen Bertin of Branscomb Law is a member of XPX Austin
Allen P. Bertin
Branscomb Law

Call Me When... you know an owner or executive of a privately held company in need of legal assistance in forming, growing or selling his or her business.

Member for 3 Years
Derek Ripp of Austin Wealth Management is a member of XPX Austin
Derek Ripp
Austin Wealth Management

Call Me When... Business owners seeking holistic financial planning & wealth advisory

New Member
Andre Achtermeier of eightM Corp is a member of XPX Austin
Andre Achtermeier
eightM Corp

Call Me When... You plan to sell your company

New Member
Cristina Silingardi of vcfo is a member of XPX Austin
Cristina Silingardi

Call Me When... when you need a speaker or panelist, and when you need strategic CFO and CHRO fractional services to help your company grow.

New Member
Dipti Dahal Pandey
Bauer & Company, LLC

Call Me When... you need any audit or consulting services

Member for 2 Years
Mark Austin of Westlake Securities is a member of XPX Austin
Mark F Austin
Managing Director
Westlake Securities

Call Me When... working with a business owner who is considering selling their lower middle market company or is interested in growing inorganically through an acquisition.

Member for 3 Years
Michael Edwards of Precision Financial Insights is a member of XPX Austin
Michael Edwards
Precision Financial Insights

Call Me When... Businesses require customized financial record keeping and controller services. We spend time upfront to understand our clients requirements and customize a plan to meet their business goals.

Member for 2 Years

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