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Private company clients need access to a trusted team of advisors to marshal them to through the various stages of the business lifecycle. The XPX member directory is where you can find a diverse group of experts – and they can find you. 

It’s easy to find an expert by using the search box or these handy directories to choose from 12 professions, 75+ areas of functional expertise and 20 client industry categories. Feel free to reach out to the advisors with the expertise you seek. Contact us for further assistance.

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JC Duque of Broadway Bank is a member of XPX Austin
JC Duque
SVP, Wealth Advisor & Trust Officer
Broadway Bank
You require all-inclusive wealth planning and investment management before and after an exit. My goal is to simplify my clients’ wealth planning, and investments complexity by providing organization, objectivity, education, and partnership.
New Member
Abhi Mathews, CFA, CBV, AM of Minerva Valuations is a member of XPX Austin
Abhi Mathews, CFA, CBV, AM
Managing Director
Minerva Valuations
Raising capital via private placements and valuations for estate planning, shareholder disputes, m&a and other litigation
New Member
Todd Burns
Director of Business Development
You are seeking Property and Casualty Insurance for High Net Worth individuals and businesses
Member for 1 Year
Philip Seibel of Advanced Benefit Solutions is a member of XPX Austin
Philip Seibel
Advanced Benefit Solutions
Clients have needs to be addressed in an exit plan that involve life insurance.
Member for 2 Years
Hi Roberts
Associate Portfolio Manager
Brown Advisory
A business owner or investor in a business is having a liquidity event and needs help thinking through how to achieve long-term financial goals after an exit.
New Member
Debbie Chilton
Business Performance Advisor
New Member
Blair Morrison of AutoCFO is a member of XPX Austin
Blair Morrison
CEO, Fractional CFO
You have a client whose company is institutionally backed and needs help communicating with their board, preparing to sell their business or preparing internal processes for rapid growth and scaling.
Member for 2 Years
Mark Frazier of CIBC Private Wealth Management is a member of XPX Austin
Mark Frazier
Managing Director
CIBC Private Wealth Management
You have a need for holistic wealth planning and investment management before and after an exit.
Member for 1 Year
Allen Bertin of Branscomb Law is a member of XPX Austin
Allen P. Bertin
Branscomb Law
You know an owner or executive of a privately held company in need of legal assistance in forming, growing or selling his or her business.
Member for 3 Years
Rob Robert Smithson Smithson
Senior Associate
Corporate Investment
It's time to exit your business via sale, or to recapitalize it to take advantage of new opportunities
New Member
Erin Tuggle
Jackson Walker
A client needs legal assistance with business succession, pre-exit planning, representation on an exit, or post-exit estate or investment strategies.
New Member
David Winston of Texas Next Capital is a member of XPX Austin
David Winston
Texas Next Capital
A business owner is evaluating selling his or her business.
Member for 1 Year
Eric C Boyce
Chief Executive Officer
BKA Wealth Consulting, Inc.
Exit planning, valuation, buy-sell, retention/recruitment programs, executive compensation, benefits
Member for 1 Year
Samir Gulati
Managing Director
Gulati Consulting PC
Tax Credits - ERTC Employee Retention, R&D, Energy 179D
New Member
Elizabeth Jensen, CFP®
Sr Wealth Strategist
Northern Trust
Not sure what this refers to
New Member
Jay Mezera of Atchley & Associates, LLP is a member of XPX Austin
Jay Mezera
Atchley & Associates, LLP
You have questions about Federal or state tax planning or compliance, business valuations, entity structuring or mergers and acquisitions.
Member for 2 Years
Lisa Hutter
Senior Wealth Advisor
Comerica Private Wealth
Your clients are seeking a long term relationship with someone who can be their consigliare for their family and business.Using a plan as the north star, allows me to get to know them, build their team and alert them to things that might impact them.
New Member
Andre Achtermeier
eightM Corp
You plan to sell your company
New Member
Alejandro Navarro
The Ronin Society
Ronin helps business owners go from the small to the middle market. Invest in / put money to work in small market businesses. Professionalize management teams.
New Member
Anna Talarico of Young America Capital is a member of XPX Austin
Anna Talarico
Investment Banker
Young America Capital
You are looking to raise capital, sell your company/buy a company
New Member
Gregory Kostiuk of StratEX Sales LLC is a member of XPX Austin
Gregory J Kostiuk
Founder / President
StratEX Sales LLC
You want to increase the value of your company by growing revenue in an efficient and scalable way.
New Member
Michael Edwards of Precision Financial Insights is a member of XPX Austin
Michael Edwards
Precision Financial Insights
Businesses require customized financial record keeping and controller services. We spend time upfront to understand our clients requirements and customize a plan to meet their business goals.
Member for 1 Year
Cristina Silingardi of vcfo is a member of XPX Austin
Cristina Silingardi
When you need a speaker or panelist, and when you need strategic CFO and CHRO fractional services to help your company grow.
New Member
Vanessa McElwrath of ML&R Wealth Management is a member of XPX Austin
Vanessa McElwrath
Wealth Management Partner
ML&R Wealth Management
You need guidance on how to plan for your financial future as a result of a potential liquidity event.
Member for 1 Year
John Spencer of Clear Direction Sales Development is a member of XPX Austin
John Spencer
Clear Direction Sales Development
You want to scale your business and exit *Right People; Right Seats is a question *Your revenue stalled or declined* To elevate your sales team good to great* Sales team is underperforming* In growth mode and need to build or expand your sales team
Member for 1 Year

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