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Paul Khazansky
Cascade Capital

Call Me When... Background in finance and commercial real estate, including development and bridge-lending. Avid passive real estate investor.

New Member
Heller Kowitz Insurance Advisors
Heller Kowitz Insurance Advisors

Call Me When...

Member for 8 Years
Michael Shaw of The Shaw Law Group, LLC is a member of XPX Maryland
Michael P Shaw
Managing Partner
The Shaw Law Group, LLC

Call Me When... you learn of a financial advisory firm/professional in need of legal advice on an acquistion/sale, SEC/FINRA/CFP Board investigation, complyiing wtih a new regulation, or an employment issue.

Member for 5 Years
Justin Sandridge of Murphy Business & Financial Corporation is a member of XPX Maryland
Justin W Sandridge
Business Broker
Murphy Business & Financial Corporation

Call Me When... Call me when you begin thinking about selling your business.

Member for 6 Years
Philippe Lerner of PL Consulting Bookkeeping Plus is a member of XPX Maryland
Philippe Lerner
PL Consulting Bookkeeping Plus

Call Me When... PL Consulting is a team of Full Time and Part Time highly trained bookkeepers who serve as the bookkeeping and live accounting arm for small businesses and CPA firms across the MD/DC/No. VA region.

Member for 9 Years
Chris Cocca of Strategic Sales Solutions, LLC is a member of XPX Maryland
Chris Cocca
Strategic Sales Solutions, LLC

Call Me When... A business owner needs help to scale their revenue by building a sales process, sales infrastructure and sales strategy with the right sales leadership.

Member for 5 Years
Timothy Alvarez of United Growth Advisors is a member of XPX Maryland
Timothy Alvarez
United Growth Advisors

Call Me When... Someone has a sales or ops leader job opening, we will provide either a fractional or full-time employee to replace them. Additionally, anyone looking to build aligned and cohesive teams through DISC and The Five Behaviors.

New Member
Micah Damareck of Singer Damareck  Real Estate is a member of XPX Maryland
Micah Damareck
Partner & Co-Founder
Singer Damareck Real Estate

Call Me When... you have questions regarding the real estate you are using to run your business. Maybe your lease is coming up and you might need less space, more space or you want to stay but aren't sure if what your landlord shared is in line with market...

New Member
Augusto Martinez of Freedom Strategy is a member of XPX Maryland
Augusto J. Martinez
Freedom Strategy

Call Me When... You need fractional CFO/COO services, implementation of metrics-based compensation, preparing a business to sell, or M&A advisory.

Member for 3 Years
Scott Osborn of Davis, Agnor Rapaport & Skalny, LLC is a member of XPX Maryland
Scott Osborn
Davis, Agnor Rapaport & Skalny, LLC

Call Me When... clients need experienced counsel with business succession planning and mergers and acquisitions.

Member for 8 Years
Jack McGuinness of Relationship Impact, LLC is a member of XPX Maryland
Jack McGuinness
Relationship Impact, LLC

Call Me When... Executive Leadership Team Coach

New Member
Ronald Wilson of Entrepid, Inc. is a member of XPX Maryland
Ronald L Wilson
Entrepid, Inc.

Call Me When... Your CPA says you made a profit last year, but you never have enough in the checking account.

Member for 3 Years
Eric Rosenberg

Call Me When... A Growing Operating Business is in need of a Commercial Banking Partner.

Member for 6 Years
Robert Brando of Univest Bank & Trust Co. is a member of XPX Maryland
Robert L Brando
SVP, Relationship Manager, Commercial Banking
Univest Bank & Trust Co.

Call Me When... Your business owner needs assistance in managing their financial needs with a bank.

Member for 6 Years
John Baier
SVP SBA Lending

Call Me When... To find out information on use of SBA loans or conventional small business loans for in expansion projects, and business acquisitions.

Member for 4 Years
Tara Brummell
Vice President
Truist Wealth

Call Me When... You or your client needs a wealth management advisor who is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional who listens and takes time to understand the client’s story as well as their goals and aspirations.

Member for 1 Year
William Ferguson of Baltimore Washington Business Brokers, LLC is a member of XPX Maryland
William Ferguson
CXO- Chief Experience Officer
Baltimore Washington Business Brokers, LLC

Call Me When... To prepare to sell, want to grow through acquisition, want an opinion of value or need assistance with turning your business around.

Member for 4 Years
Timothy Lorber
Timothy J. Lorber, CPA

Call Me When... Business consultant and fractional CFO to businesses in transition

New Member
Jarred S Masterson
Senior Manager

Call Me When... morning

New Member
Leonard Miller of Leonard J. Miller & Associates, Chartered is a member of XPX Maryland
Leonard J Miller
President and CEO
Leonard J. Miller & Associates, Chartered

Call Me When... you are looking for creativity and the ability to provide proactive advice. Our goal is to identify our clients' needs before they do.

Member for 6 Years
Christopher A Andracsek
Partner in charge- Columbia Office
Dembo Jones, PC

Call Me When... Audit, accounting, tax or business planning issue arises.

Member for 1 Year
Andre Rogers

Call Me When... your company is in need of executive level support in the area of accounting, IT, or operations. As your company goes through a period of rapid growth or change, we can provide the part-time support needed without the full-time commitment.

Member for 2 Years
Brooke Bellamy
Senior Accountant
Recurrent Ventures

Call Me When... you need business consulting or accounting

Member for 2 Years
Mark Sauder of Merrill Lynch is a member of XPX Maryland
Mark Sauder
Wealth Management Advisor
Merrill Lynch

Call Me When... Merrill Lynch or Bank of America may be of value or service.

Member for 7 Years
D. Michael Reid of Expense Reduction Analysts is a member of XPX Maryland
D. Michael Reid
Expense Reduction Analysts

Call Me When... A client needs to improve their bottom line in order to increase the value of their company.

Member for 10 Years

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