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Jeffrey Agnor of Davis Agnor Rapaport & Skalny is a member of XPX Maryland
Jeffrey T. Agnor
Davis Agnor Rapaport & Skalny

Call Me When... "If you are starting a business, own a business, or are looking to sell a business; I enjoy working with clients in all phases of their business life, from start-up through acquisition."

Member for 7 Years
Robert Brando of Firstrust Bank is a member of XPX Maryland
Robert L Brando
SVP, SR Relationship Manager
Firstrust Bank

Call Me When... Your business owner needs assistance in managing their financial needs with a bank.

Member for 6 Years
Michael Singer
Co-Founder & Partner
Singer Damareck Real Estate

Call Me When... Consultative real estate brokerage for small business and midsized enterprises

Member for 3 Years
Shelley Lombardo of Evergreen Advisors is a member of XPX Maryland
Shelley J. Lombardo
Chief Operating Officer
Evergreen Advisors

Call Me When... Client has a challenge on the Corporate Finance portion of their business.

Member for 9 Years
Michael Andrews of Katzabosch is a member of XPX Maryland
Michael Andrews
Tax Manager

Call Me When... You need accounting/tax/valuation exit planning assistance or if your client is looking for a CPA/Consulting firm to assist them.

Member for 4 Years
Steve Edwards of Edwards Performance Solutions is a member of XPX Maryland
Steve Edwards
Edwards Performance Solutions

Call Me When... When operational performance needs to be improved for the organization. To include business processes and procedures, as well as cybersecurity programs, need to be assessed and improved.

New Member
Dan Kaplan of Confident Communicators, LLC is a member of XPX Maryland
Dan Kaplan
Confident Communicators, LLC

Call Me When... Whenever

Member for 1 Year
Edward Kidner of Davis, Agnor, Rapaport & Skalny is a member of XPX Maryland
Edward F Kidner
Davis, Agnor, Rapaport & Skalny

Call Me When... Any time you have a tax, legal, M & A or estate planning need.

Member for 5 Years
William Ferguson of Baltimore Washington Business Brokers, LLC is a member of XPX Maryland
William Ferguson
CXO- Chief Experience Officer
Baltimore Washington Business Brokers, LLC

Call Me When... To prepare to sell, want to grow through acquisition, want an opinion of value or need assistance with turning your business around.

Member for 3 Years
Fred Eikenberg
Commercial Banking

Call Me When... Any business or person is interested in buying, selling or financing a business or real estate

Member for 5 Years
Philippe Lerner of PL Consulting Bookkeeping Plus is a member of XPX Maryland
Philippe Lerner
PL Consulting Bookkeeping Plus

Call Me When... PL Consulting is a team of Full Time and Part Time highly trained bookkeepers who serve as the bookkeeping and live accounting arm for small businesses and CPA firms across the MD/DC/No. VA region.

Member for 9 Years
Alexander R Roesner
Private Wealth Advisor
Black Diamond Financial

Call Me When... You have a business owner that is trying to prepare to exit their company / Individual or family in need of complex financial planning / individual with a desire to learn more about private investments

New Member
Edwards Holliday of Atlantic Leadership Group is a member of XPX Maryland
Edwards A. Holliday
Atlantic Leadership Group

Call Me When... Results through forward-thinking creativity and strategy for transitions/succession, practice management/growth, leadership development and productivity improvement.

Member for 9 Years
Terry Schaefer of Profitable Family Business is a member of XPX Maryland
Terry Schaefer
Profitable Family Business

Call Me When... When you hear a family business owner is frustrated with leading an underperforming team. Utilizing our program, greater clarity is instilled into their management agenda and creating greater profits

New Member
David Stallings
Niles, Barton & Wilmer, LLP

Call Me When... Your clients anticipate a business succession or liquidity event because both significantly impact estate, trust, and asset transition planning.

Member for 3 Years
Greg Stone of Whiteford, Taylor & Preston, LLP is a member of XPX Maryland
Greg Stone
Patent and General Intellectual Property Attorney
Whiteford, Taylor & Preston, LLP

Call Me When... Your clients have created new products, services, or branding that should be protected against copying by third parties, and when they need to maximize valuation of intellectual property assets for an upcoming exit

Member for 1 Year
Cindy Atkinson of Hartman Executive Advisors is a member of XPX Maryland
Cindy Atkinson
Vice President, Sales, Baltimore Region
Hartman Executive Advisors

Call Me When... Hartman works with executive management to align innovative IT solutions with overall business strategy. We are an independent technology advisory firm providing unbiased guidance and leadership.

Member for 4 Years
Edward Rothstein
Newport LLC

Call Me When... Fractional C-Suite opportunities, Strategic development and leadership opportunities, board positions, GovCon business development

Member for 1 Year
Leonard Miller of Leonard J. Miller & Associates, Chartered is a member of XPX Maryland
Leonard J Miller
President and CEO
Leonard J. Miller & Associates, Chartered

Call Me When... You are looking for creativity and the ability to provide proactive advice. Our goal is to identify our clients' needs before they do.

Member for 6 Years
Steven Heller
President/Managing General Partner
Heller Kowitz Insurance Advisors

Call Me When...

Member for 6 Years
Ed Von Lange of Wealthspire Advisors is a member of XPX Maryland
Ed Von Lange
Vice President
Wealthspire Advisors

Call Me When... You want a fiduciary who has your best interest in mind and will guide you in making prudent financial decisions for your business or yourself!

Member for 4 Years
Chuck Faunce of Gorfine Schiller & Gardyn is a member of XPX Maryland
Chuck Faunce
Director, Business Valuation and Litigation Services
Gorfine Schiller & Gardyn

Call Me When... You need to know what all or part of your business or someone else's business is worth, whether you're buying, selling, complying with financial- or tax- compliance reporting requirements

Member for 9 Years
Katya Meekins
Leonard J. Miller & Associates, Chartered

Call Me When... you would like to discuss accounting issues and how we can help!

New Member
Kimberly Prescott of Prescott HR is a member of XPX Maryland
Kimberly Prescott
Prescott HR

Call Me When... You have a client or prospect that has employees.

Member for 4 Years
Rosa M Scharf
Vice President SBA Relationship Manager
Univest Bank & Trust Co

Call Me When... I use my 30+ years experience to help people navigate the SBA lending programs. I can do up to 90% financing for business acquisitions and 100% of partner buyouts up to $5,000,000.

New Member

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