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Kelly Ennis
The Verve Partnership
You need a full Office/Workplace Strategey this includes: Real Esate Analysis, Organizational Culture Analysis as it pertains to how your employees work, interact and engage and a full Brand Analysis relating to Who you Are/What you Do/Why you Matter
Member for 1 Year
Ronald Wilson of Entrepid, Inc. is a member of XPX Maryland
Ronald L Wilson
Entrepid, Inc.
Your CPA says you made a profit last year, but you never have enough in the checking account.
Member for 2 Years
Shelley Lombardo of Evergreen Advisors is a member of XPX Maryland
Shelley J. Lombardo
Chief Operating Officer
Evergreen Advisors
Client has a challenge on the Corporate Finance portion of their business.
Member for 9 Years
Dan Kaplan of Confident Communicators, LLC is a member of XPX Maryland
Dan Kaplan
Confident Communicators, LLC
Member for 1 Year
Augusto Martinez of Freedom Strategy is a member of XPX Maryland
Augusto J. Martinez
Managing Director
Freedom Strategy
You need CFO/COO services to improve cash flow, obtain bank loans, grow profitably, plan strategically, or prepare a business to sell and manage the process; maximizing price and minimizing deductions at the time of due diligence.
Member for 2 Years
Leonard Miller of Leonard J. Miller & Associates, Chartered is a member of XPX Maryland
Leonard J Miller
President and CEO
Leonard J. Miller & Associates, Chartered
You are looking for creativity and the ability to provide proactive advice. Our goal is to identify our clients' needs before they do.
Member for 6 Years
Steven Heller
President/Managing General Partner
Heller Kowitz Insurance Advisors
Member for 6 Years
Anabel Quintero
Asset & Wealth Management
MV Financial
You want an independent asset & wealth management firm and fiduciary that is data driven and offers conflict-free advice for investors that demand a higher standard. We act in your best interests all the time, not just some of the time.
Member for 1 Year
D. Michael Reid of Expense Reduction Analysts is a member of XPX Maryland
D. Michael Reid
Expense Reduction Analysts
A client needs to improve their bottom line in order to increase the value of their company.
Member for 9 Years
Larry Holmes of Columbia Consulting Group is a member of XPX Maryland
Larry J Holmes
Managing Director
Columbia Consulting Group
Your organization has a need for talented management executives and/or difficult to recruit positions. We recruit individuals "not looking for a job" which are usually the top successful people.
Member for 8 Years
Michael Shore
PNC Bank
Your client wants to enhance its closely held company's value in a ramp up to an exit or if an exit is on the horizon.
Member for 3 Years
Steven Plumlee of Certified CIO is a member of XPX Maryland
Steven Plumlee
Certified CIO
You have a client who is looking to have their computer infrastructure and applications better aligned with their business which results in more productivity and less downtime.
Member for 4 Years
Justin Sandridge of Murphy Business & Financial Corporation is a member of XPX Maryland
Justin W Sandridge
Business Broker
Murphy Business & Financial Corporation
Call me when you begin thinking about selling your business.
Member for 5 Years
John Baier
SVP SBA Lending
To find out information on use of SBA loans or conventional small business loans for in expansion projects, and business acquisitions.
Member for 3 Years
Ed Von Lange of Wealthspire Advisors is a member of XPX Maryland
Ed Von Lange
Vice President
Wealthspire Advisors
You want a fiduciary who has your best interest in mind and will guide you in making prudent financial decisions for your business or yourself!
Member for 3 Years
Michael Zuidema
Managing Director
Chesapeake Corporate Advisors
Valuation, Exit/ Succession Planning, M&A Advisory, Sell-side representation, capital strategy, capital raise, management buyout
Member for 3 Years
Mario Zumbo
Founder & President
Preserve Private Wealth
You have a business owner or entrepreneur who needs a comprehensive wealth advisor to quarterback their financial life before, during or after a liquidity event.
New Member
Jamie Waldren of Wells Fargo Advisors is a member of XPX Maryland
Jamie Waldren
Managing Director
Wells Fargo Advisors
Meetings are cancelled
Member for 8 Years
Mark Sauder of Merrill Lynch is a member of XPX Maryland
Mark Sauder
Wealth Management Advisor
Merrill Lynch
Merrill Lynch or Bank of America may be of value or service.
Member for 6 Years
Jeffrey Agnor of Davis Agnor Rapaport & Skalny is a member of XPX Maryland
Jeffrey T. Agnor
Davis Agnor Rapaport & Skalny
"If you are starting a business, own a business, or are looking to sell a business; I enjoy working with clients in all phases of their business life, from start-up through acquisition."
Member for 6 Years
Stuart Welsh of EGT Advisors is a member of XPX Maryland
Stuart Welsh
EGT Advisors
You have a client that has been approached by a buyer or who wants a deeper dive into the exit options. My CFO background also serves clients interested in growing and building business value.
Member for 8 Years
Robert Kalinoski of Kalinoski & Riordan, P.A. is a member of XPX Maryland
Robert D. Kalinoski
Kalinoski & Riordan, P.A.
You have an issue involving business or corporate law, tax,estate planning or estate administration, business growth or business succession planning.
Member for 8 Years
Edward Rothstein
Newport LLC
Fractional C-Suite opportunities, Strategic development and leadership opportunities, board positions, GovCon business development
Member for 1 Year
Scott Bass of Bengur Bryan & Co., Inc. is a member of XPX Maryland
Scott T. Bass
Managing Director
Bengur Bryan & Co., Inc.
You need merger and acquisition advice, private placements of equity and debt, and financial advisory services including valuations, fairness opinions and restructuring advice
Member for 9 Years
Mark Gaffin of The Gaffin Group is a member of XPX Maryland
Mark Gaffin
Managing Partner
The Gaffin Group
In need of robust, strategy-linked organic and inorganic growth opportunities - end to end M&A from search to screen, from structuring to close, to post-merger integration.
Member for 8 Years

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