About XPX

Our members appreciate the value of relationships, collaboration, and the important role that private companies in the heart of the middle market play in fueling our economies. They understand the breadth of challenges that private companies face at every stage of the business life cycle – and come together to solve them.

What We Do

Building Relationships and Businesses That Stand the Test of Time. Together.

XPX – Exit Planning Exchange is a multi-disciplinary community of professional advisors who work collaboratively to help owners build stronger businesses and prepare for and execute successful business transitions. Our members, who represent 12 advisory professions, understand the value of private companies to our communities and that successful transitions require a broad view of the entire life cycle of a private company including:

Business Value Growth

Business Value Transfer

Owner Life & Legacy

Who We Are

An Open Community of Advisors That Helps Private Company Owners – at All Stages.

Our members have specific areas of expertise as well as a holistic understanding of the breadth of challenges business owners face throughout the stages of the private company life cycle. This ensures our members always work in the best interest of their clients.

Our diverse membership includes the following 12 professions:

Insurance Providers
M&A Intermediaries
Virtual Managers
Wealth Partners


What We Share

Information. Relationships. And a Desire to Always Do the Right Thing.

We have a clear set of shared principles for advisor excellence. Though each of the 12 professions involved in XPX has specific ethics and practice guidelines, our members take this a step further, adhering to a set of principles that guide collaboration and long-term thinking (see our five Advisor Principles).

How We Operate

Local Non-Profits Backed by The Power of XPX Global.

Each XPX Chapter is a locally-controlled non-profit organized by national and regional leaders in the private company market. The first XPX Chapter was launched in Boston in 2007. Today, we have Chapters across the U.S. with more in development.   

The Chapters are supported by the power of XPX Global, a dedicated association management company that provides operational, strategic and branding support to the Chapters. This model ensures the long-term sustainability of our ecosystem and takes care of the administrative tasks that are the bane of the boards of most professional organizations. It leaves to the Chapters the key tasks of events, membership and sponsorship—the most visible and high value activities for volunteers interested in an increased profile in the private company market. 


Relationships. Learning. Growth. XPX Brings It All to You & Your Clients.

Your private company clients are vital to your business – and to our local economies. But to support them through the stages of growth, you need long-term planning and access to a team of trusted advisors – across a wide range of disciplines. XPX is precisely where you’ll find them. We’re an open association of leading, trusted professional advisors who understand the value of private companies in the heart of the middle market.

Membership in XPX offers valuable benefits, including:

A trusted network of professionals

XPX gives you intimate access to a diverse network of experienced professional advisors who can help you guide your clients through business growth, transfer, and owner legacy.

Ongoing education

XPX provides high-quality content for all aspects of the private company lifecycle, helping you understand your clients’ challenges and connecting you to the people and resources to solve them.


XPX gives you continual exposure to the exit planning industry’s most respected professional advisors – and their valued clients. Access timely updates and information in our Knowledge Exchange and contribute your own content to share your expertise.

Leadership opportunities

Build your profile in the business community and professional experience through a variety of XPX leadership opportunities.


Membership in XPX is an affordable way to generate new business and deepen relationships with successful advisors who are focused on collaboration.

Personal connections

XPX provides an opportunity to regularly interact with open- and like-minded people who share your professional and personal values – and desire to succeed.

Who Can Join

XPX Isn’t for Everyone; It’s Only for Those Who Share a Passion for Success – and Helping Businesses Succeed.

XPX members are not just individual accountants, attorneys, wealth planners, investors, or exit planners; they’re a collaboration of experienced, proven professional advisors who know they can accomplish more for their businesses, their private company clients – and the entire community – when they collaborate together.  Membership in XPX is only for those who –

  • Understand the vital role that established private companies play in helping building our local communities.
  • Are focused on building relationships versus conducting transactions.
  • See the big picture. They know that they can better serve their clients by having access to a trusted community of professional advisors who can help build business value, manage succession, and build owner legacy.
  • Represent one of our 12 Advisor Professions (Accountants, Attorneys, Bankers, Coaches, Consultants, Insurance Providers, Investors, M&A Intermediaries, Non-profits, Valuators, Virtual Managers, Wealth Planners).
  • Uphold the highest standards of professional integrity.
  • See the value of having an open network to ensure there is no single approach or solutions provider to assisting private company owners.
  • Know the business environment is always changing and need to keep abreast of the latest information to meet their clients demand.
  • Are sponsored by existing XPX members.
  • Adhere to our Five Core Advisor Principles (Work Collaboratively, Put The Client first, Think Long Term, Consider The Human Angle, & Always Be Learning).

Get Involved

Gain Visibility with the Exit Planning Industry’s Most Powerful Advisors.

If you’re a thought leader with expertise related to privately held businesses and/or their owners, XPX is where you belong! Here are some ways XPX can help you:

Join one of our many XPX Chapters

Located in a community with an existing XPX Chapter? Join our community through a Chapter Membership and/or Sponsorship. Local participation brings you exposure on our website as well as many local benefits. If there’s not a Chapter near you yet, we can still highlight your thought leadership in our vibrant community through our website, social media, and email outreach.

Start a New Local XPX Chapter

We are growing across the U.S. and beyond! Our process makes it very easy for a group of local leaders in the private company market to get a new Chapter up and running in less than a year. Contact us for more information.

Follow us on LinkedIn

Follow us on LinkedIn for our latest news and events. Follow us on Twitter. Or Join our LinkedIn Group, an open group of private company experts around the world. We invite you to share your content and get to know the other thought leaders in our vast community.

Join our XPX Community as an At-Large Member

This gives you considerable visibility across our entire network for thought leaders and will enable you to:

  • Publish a detailed profile describing your areas of expertise and business offering (your profile can include extensive information about what you do and links back to your own website)
  • Get found in our searchable Advisor Directory
  • Post unlimited content (articles, posts, photos and videos) in our Knowledge Exchange.
  • Reach our mailing list of over 7,000 professionals in the private company space (your posts are will automatically be sent to the full list in our monthly newsletter)
  • Reach our LinkedIn followers (your posts will automatically be shared via our social media).
Interested? Please contact us for more information!