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The Exit Planning Exchange –  XPX New York Chapter is a local nonprofit association of diverse professional advisors collaborating to help their private company clients build business value, transfer ownership and create a legacy of success in their lives and their communities.

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Trust & Estate Planning: How Business Owners Can Keep What They Have Earned

Attendees mingle and network prior to meeting presented by Gordon Stone and Melissa Milich with Kozusko Harris Duncan.

Gordon Stone and Melissa Milich with Kozusko Harris Duncan lead a discussion covering both fundamental and advanced US income and estate planning strategies for our business owner clients.

Attendees listen attentively to discussion on What Owners’ Need to Know About Business Improvement, Growth, and Value Creation.

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If you are an advisor to owners and managers of companies in the lower middle market, XPX can be a powerful learning network for you! Our members represent twelve different professions but share core principles of collaboration, putting the client first, thinking long term, considering the human angle and continuous learning. Learn more about our membership benefits and options 

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Cheryl Centeno of XPX Global is a member of XPX

Bobby Kingsbury will share thoughts surrounding include private equity group (PEG) structure for leveraged buyouts, how PEGs select investments, how they value businesses, the LBO model, and what MCM calls, “Three Legs to a Stool”: understanding the company -business model, how they make money, growth opportunities, risks & weaknesses understanding management — culture, “the bench”,…

Cheryl Centeno of XPX Global is a member of XPX

Perhaps no “market” has been more active in the last couple of years than Special Purpose Acquisition Corporations better known as SPAC’s. In the first quarter of 2021 alone, close to $30 Billion made its way into the public market through SPAC’s. Since then, the market has cooled a bit, but it is still considered…

Cheryl Centeno of XPX Global is a member of XPX

We can’t wait for you to experience the cleaner, brighter and more user-friendly feel of our new platform! The site is designed to give you and your company greater visibility. Here are three things you should know: Emails from XPX will now come from my.exitplanningexchange.com—please adjust your email settings! Your new profile can have a…

Mikal Schalk of Wood Stone & Ivy is a member of XPX Tri-State
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Program produced by XPX New York. The Power of Culture and its Impact on Business Valuations Businesses are challenged now more than any time in history. This session will focus on how a dynamic business culture supports and sustains growth, enhancing business valuations.Our Speaker:Rochelle LisnerFounderDynamic Business GrowthRochelle Lisner, through her firm Dynamic Business Growth, works with companies…

Mikal Schalk of Wood Stone & Ivy is a member of XPX Tri-State
XPX Content

Critical Insights in Commercial Real Estate and the Intersection with Exit Planning  Commercial real estate, whether owned or leased, represents a significant cost for most companies and is frequently a meaningful component of enterprise valuation, exit, and acquisition planning considerations. Hear experience-based perspectives from Andrew Zezas, Managing Director, Jones Lang LaSalle (“JLL”), about forward-looking insights, trends,…

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