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Our leaders demonstrate their dedication to the XPX mission and our local community by pitching in to ensure we have the best people in the room sharing the best content. They are role models for the kind of collaboration and long-term thinking that our members value. Please reach out to any of our leaders to learn how you too can gain visibility and influence as a volunteer for our chapter.

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Senthil Kumar of Olimyam Partners LLC is a member of XPX Dallas
Senthil Kumar
Olimyam Partners LLC
You want to learn value building using technology and flawless execution of digital transformation strategies
  • Founder
  • Barrett Lidji of Northaven Capital Partners is a member of XPX Dallas
    Barrett Lidji
    Northaven Capital Partners
  • Founder
  • Sponsorship Chair
  • Melanie Shaffer of Talent Suite LLC is a member of XPX Dallas
    Melanie Shaffer
    Talent Suite LLC
    You have a client with people problems (hiring, performance issues, leadership development)
  • Founder
  • Membership Chair
  • Kevin Woltjen of Bradley is a member of XPX Dallas
    Kevin Woltjen
    Equity Partner
    Someone needs a solution focused business lawyer, particularly regarding M&A, capital raising, employment dispute, business dispute.
  • Founder
  • Compliance/Secretary
  • Justin Turner of Baker Tilly US is a member of XPX Dallas
    Justin Turner
    Partner, Transaction Advisory Services
    Baker Tilly US
    Financial Due Diligence (buy side & sell side transactions)
  • Founder
  • Sponsorship Chair
  • Andrew Louder of Louder Co. is a member of XPX Dallas
    Andrew Andrew Louder Louder
    Louder Co.
    You'd like to see more profits through Artificial Intelligence and Better Operations
  • Founder
  • Communications Co-Chair
  • Jeff Laceky of Frost Bank is a member of XPX Dallas
    Jeff W. Laceky
    Senior Vice President
    Frost Bank
    There is evidence of a need for financial/banking/risk mitigation strategic or tactical advice
  • Founder
  • Program Chair
  • Chris Goade of 360 Consulting is a member of XPX Dallas
    Chris Goade
    360 Consulting
    Sales growth, sales training, sales hiring, outsourced sales leadership
  • Founder
  • Program Co-Chair
  • Jonathan King of System & Soul is a member of XPX Dallas
    Jonathan King
    Executive Coach
    System & Soul
    No matter how successful your business is, one of two things will happen to your organization. You're either going to experience growth so great it will outstrip your control or you will hit a ceiling you can't breakthrough.
  • Founder
  • Processes
  • Shei Unger of The Northern Trust is a member of XPX Dallas
    Shei Unger
    Sr. Wealth Strategist - Certified Exit Planning Advisor
    The Northern Trust
    You have a business owner client that expresses an interest in de-risking their position in their company or could use help with succession planning.
  • Founder
  • Membership Co-Chair
  • Sponsorship Co-Chair
  • Justin Krebbs of First United Bank is a member of XPX Dallas
    Justin L Krebbs
    Senior Vice President
    First United Bank
    You need any commercial banking services from any commercial loan product to cash management services.
  • Founder
  • Treasurer
  • Jon Rice of Chief Outsiders is a member of XPX Dallas
    Jon Rice
    Chief Outsiders
    A CEO is frustrated that growth has stalled and is unclear how their sales and marketing efforts are performing
  • Founder
  • Social Media Chair
  • Communications Committee Co-Chair
  • Keren Shamay of Insperity is a member of XPX Dallas
    Keren Shamay
    Certified Business Performance Advisor
    You want to attract, retain, and maintain top level talent. You are looking for help with risk mitigation, or you value the bottom line increase that comes with long term cost containment.
  • Founder
  • Vice President
  • Ray Croff of Mobius Financial Advisors is a member of XPX Dallas
    Ray Croff
    Mobius Financial Advisors
    You want high level expertise using life insurance in business and estate planning situations
  • Founder
  • Membership Chair
  • Steve Conwell of Final Ascent LLC is a member of XPX Dallas
    Steve Conwell
    Final Ascent LLC
    A middle-market business owner would like to sell their company in 12 to 24 months, and they're not prepared to go to market.
  • Founder
  • President
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