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The Exit Planning Exchange –  XPX Greater Boston Chapter is a community of trusted advisors that collaborate to help their private company clients build business value, transfer ownership and create a legacy of success in their lives and their communities.

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Why Greater Boston?

XPX Greater Boston offers a welcoming membership combined with the high-level programming content to keep you at the top of your game and the unique networking events to grow your resources, all with the goal of providing the best possible outcomes for your clients. XPX Greater Boston members honor the Advisor Principals of the organization and tailor the membership experience to enhance the value that advisors can add when planning for business legacy, growth, and transfer events. As an XPXGB member you will be among the finest M&A and succession planning professionals in New England.

Greater Boston 2024 Summit Highlights

On May 14th, we had an incredible day of learning and networking at our sold-out 2024 Summit at Nutter in Boston! For this year’s event, we decided to pursue a series of intimate interviews and talks that provide different perspectives on the overall theme, “Helping Advisors Engage Better – Acquiring and Retaining Clients.” Our audience of over 160 advisors learned about why business leaders hire or fire you, about key technologies useful for today and tomorrow, about softer skills that are critical to engagement success, about advisors transitioning their practices and about the current economic landscape.

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View Louis Cortes’ Presentation on AI

New Emerging Professionals Membership

  • XPX Greater Boston has designed a special membership category for the next generation of exit planning professionals. Specific programming is designed with Emerging Professional member (EP) interests in mind and these events facilitate education and relationship building among peers as well as more experienced members.
  • Eligibility for EP membership: at time of application the prospective member must be ≤ 40 years old or have ˂ 3 years of exit planning experience. Regardless of age, an emerging professional membership is non-renewable and is for a duration of three consecutive years. Special discounted pricing is offered to EP members.
  • EP membership is for 3 consecutive years for price of $595. 
  • All EP members have same privileges of all members and can attend all events or functions.

Power of Three

One of our Chapter’s most popular offerings is our Power of Three Networking Program. This members-only benefit brings together small groups of advisors from different disciplines and provides a series of structured meetings so you can get to know each other on a much deeper level than you can at your average networking meeting.

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Latest – XPX Greater Boston

Starting with the End in Mind – webinar for business owners and buyers May 16 at 1PM (EDT) If you have the following questions, this webinar is for you! How do I strategically think about my end game? In other words, how do I figure out what game I am playing? What makes a business…

I get this question a lot in M&A. The purchase price of a business can have a number elements: 1. down payment (cash equity from the buyer) 2. bank financing 3. seller’s note 4. installment sale 5. earn-out 6. commissions on future sales 7. consulting agreement for the seller, post-acquisition Earn-out’s, commissions and consulting agreements…

That is a question many businesses have faced over the years. Today, there are businesses that saw big increases in sales during the early days of the pandemic (2020 – 2021), but 2022 softened and 2023 seems kind of flat. This is especially true in many retail businesses “selling things”. Why? Because many consumers switched…

It seems intuitive: a deal requires compromise. Sellers and buyers each have their own goals (some more realistic than others) and should come together, but each often begins the process oblivious to the other’s needs. Suppose you’ve owned an auto service station for 30 years. You are tired of all the hassles and have made…

RSG is excited to announce our new workshop titled “Professionalizing the Family Business,” which is initially available to MA-based family businesses.  Generous state funding is available since our workshop is approved through the MA Workforce Training Fund – specifically the Express Program. If you have existing MA clients or others in your network that might…


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McLane Middleton, 300 Trade Center, 7th Floor, Woburn, MA
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Tue, Jul 23rd, 2024 ⋅ 12:00pm - 5:00pm (EDT)
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