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The Exit Planning Exchange –  XPX Greater Boston Chapter is a local nonprofit association of diverse professional advisors collaborating to help their private company clients build business value, transfer ownership and create a legacy of success in their lives and their communities.

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Why Greater Boston?

XPX Greater Boston offers a welcoming membership combined with the high-level programming content to keep you at the top of your game and the unique networking events to grow your resources, all with the goal of providing the best possible outcomes for your clients. XPX Greater Boston members honor the Advisor Principals of the organization and tailor the membership experience to enhance the value that advisors can add when planning for business legacy, growth, and transfer events. As and XPXGB member you will be among the finest M&A and succession planning professionals in New England.

Power of Three

One of our Chapter’s most popular offerings is our Power of Three Networking Program. This members-only benefit brings together small groups of advisors from different disciplines and provides a series of structured meetings so you can get to know each other on a much deeper level than you can at your average networking meeting.

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How Can You Add Value?

The liquidity process is a continuum that requires diverse expertise. As a professional advisor supporting privately-held businesses, where do you add value along this continuum?  Learn more about the broader range of available resources to support owners along this process on our Business Owners Resources page. 

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Paul Cronin of True North Advisors Group, LLC is a member of XPX Greater Boston

Many business owners wonder, “What will I do after I sell my business?” While most envision travel, or golf, etc., many fail to understand that they will likely have to stay on board for months or even a couple years to transition the business to the new owners. This period can be hard for many…

Matt Dimock of International Exit Planning Association is a member of XPX Greater Boston

Business owners typically think in ‘binary’ terms, believing that there are only two options for involvement in their privately held business, most commonly expressed as “I am either all in, or I am out.” Owners who experience an exit planning process expand this thinking to realize that a multitude of options exist, and moreover, many…

Matt Dimock of International Exit Planning Association is a member of XPX Greater Boston

After fifteen (15) years of training advisors and working with business owners, the IEPA has been involved with more than 100 exit plans. One of our learnings is that the business owner was better prepared and got a better result from their exit when they engaged in an exit planning process prior to commencing their…

Matt Dimock of International Exit Planning Association is a member of XPX Greater Boston

With the Great Resignation driving so many business owners to seek the counsel of exit planners, the International Exit Planning Association (“IEPA”) wants to share exit planning experiences from over one hundred (100) engagements.  Our mission is to assist advisors and consultants who work with business owners to have the knowledge and resources to conduct…

Warren Rutherford of Rutherford Advisors, Inc. is a member of XPX Greater Boston

Succession planning considerations enter into discussions that I have with business owners when discussing their interest in conducting an executive search to find a CEO to run their company. For instance: As a business owner are you worn down and tired from all the extra effort and attention that you have had to spend on…


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