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Our leaders demonstrate their dedication to the XPX mission and our local community by pitching in to ensure we have the best people in the room sharing the best content. They are role models for the kind of collaboration and long-term thinking that our members value. Please reach out to any of our leaders to learn how you too can gain visibility and influence as a volunteer for our chapter.

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John Walker of Walker Law PC is a member of XPX Houston
John H. Walker
Managing Partner
Walker Law PC

Call Me When... You have a buy or sell transaction you're considering.

  • Launch Committee
  • Organization Committee
  • Programs Committee
  • James Hintz of HST Tax Advisory Group, LLLP is a member of XPX Houston
    James Hintz
    Managing Partner
    HST Tax Advisory Group, LLLP

    Call Me When... 7156904039

  • Founding Member
  • Launch Committee
  • Treasurer
  • Finance Chair
  • Organization Committee
  • Sponsorship Committee
  • Kevin Foyteck of Stout is a member of XPX Houston
    Kevin Foyteck
    Vice President

    Call Me When... A client needs a business valuation for gift/estate tax purposes, divorce, contemplated sale, or financial reporting. In addition, we can assist with investment banking, transaction advisory, and commercial real estate appraisal services.

  • Founding Member
  • Launch Committee
  • Membership Co-Chair
  • Kevin Davis of BNY Mellon is a member of XPX Houston
    Kevin Davis
    SVP, Client Strategist
    BNY Mellon

    Call Me When... a client is experiencing a liquidity event and looking for comprehensive advice to support their overall financial health. (Wealth Management, Trust/Fiduciary Services, Lending, Private Banking and Family Office Services.)

  • Launch Committee
  • Communications Chair
  • Daniel Magill of ClearPath Results is a member of XPX Houston
    Daniel Magill
    CEO / Founder
    ClearPath Results

    Call Me When... You know a business leader who is frustrated, or wants to optimize for growth/sale. Clarify, Simplify, Execute!

  • Launch Committee
  • Programs Committee
  • Michael Landers of UHY LLP is a member of XPX Houston
    Michael K Landers

    Call Me When... You are in need of audit or transaction advisory services. I specialize in companies and transactions where there is either some clean-up or complex matters that need to be addressed.

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  • Launch Committee
  • President & Executive Chair
  • Events Committee
  • Gregory Kostiuk of StratEX Sales LLC is a member of XPX Houston
    Gregory J Kostiuk
    Founder / President
    StratEX Sales LLC

    Call Me When... You want to increase the value of your company by growing revenue in an efficient and scalable way.

  • Founding Member
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  • Vice President
  • Membership Chair
  • Doug Winnie of ActionCOACH of Central West Houston is a member of XPX Houston
    Doug Winnie
    ActionCOACH of Central West Houston

    Call Me When... Want to take a company from good to great. International Professional Speaker on topics from marketing and sales to belief systems and improving team performance

  • Launch Committee
  • Program Chair
  • Don D. Ford
    Managing Partner
    Ford + Bergner LLP

    Call Me When... at the office during the day.

  • Launch Committee
  • Secretary
  • Finance Committee
  • Organization Chair
  • Programs Committee
  • Emily Schreiber of PNC Bank is a member of XPX Houston
    Emily Schreiber
    VP, Senior Philanthropy Advisor
    PNC Bank

    Call Me When... Advisor and partner to business owners and families in the articulation of their values and implementation of desired impact by layering tax efficiency with purpose-driven capital deployment.

  • Launch Committee
  • Communications Co-Chair
  • Programs Committee
  • Philanthropy & Outreach Chair
  • Jack Chang of DGP Capital is a member of XPX Houston
    Jack Chang
    Managing Director
    DGP Capital

    Call Me When... You're a business owner, or know of a business owner, that needs an investment bank or M&A firm to manage the entire process of selling/buying a business or obtaining financing.

  • Launch Committee
  • Sponsorship Chair
  • Felipe Suarez of Financially Sound Solutions is a member of XPX Houston
    Felipe S. Suarez
    Managing Partner
    Financially Sound Solutions

    Call Me When... “A well-prepared business gets more offers, and usually better offers, than does a less-prepared one. A well-prepared business also advances the sale more quickly. Chances are your business can be improved in ways that enhance a buyer’s confidence.

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  • Events Committee
  • Christine Hollinden of Hollinden Marketing Solutions, LLC is a member of XPX Houston
    Christine M Hollinden
    Hollinden Marketing Solutions, LLC

    Call Me When... companies are seeking growth strategy, marketing, and communications pre, during and post transaction

  • Launch Committee
  • Events Chair
  • Communications Committee
  • John McKee of Encore Advisory Group is a member of XPX Houston
    John A. McKee
    Encore Advisory Group

    Call Me When... Need help managing growth, and exit and transition planning.

  • Launch Committee
  • Andrew Walker of Bernstein Private Wealth is a member of XPX Houston
    Andrew L Walker
    Vice President/Private Wealth Advisor
    Bernstein Private Wealth

    Call Me When... you or clients need customized wealth management advise and financial planning that protects and grows your wealth

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    Get involved and make deeper connections – join a committee!  The following committees are looking for additional members:

    Founding Members: Kevin Foyteck| James Hintz| Michael Landers| Greg Kostiuk| Felipe Suarez| Andrew Walker

    Launch Committee: James Hintz|Felipe Suarez| Michael Landers| Greg Kostiuk| Andrew Walker| Kevin Foyteck| John Walker| Don Ford| Jack Chang| Christine Hollinden| Kevin Davis| Dan Magill| Doug Winnie| Emily Schreiber| John McKee

    Finance Committee: James Hintz (Chair)| Don Ford (Member)| Felipe Suarez (Member)

    Organization Committee (Special One-Time Purpose): Don Ford (Chair)| James Hintz (Member)| John Walker (Member)

    Sponsorship Committee: Jack Chang (Chair)| Andrew Walker (Co-Chair)| James Hintz (Member)

    Communications Committee: Kevin Davis (Chair)| Emily Schreiber (C0-Chair)| Christine Hollinden (Support)| Hue Due (Support)

    Events Committee: Christine Hollinden (Chair)| Felipe Suarez (Co-Chair)| Michael Landers (Support)

    Membership Committee: Greg Kostiuk (Chair)| Kevin Foyteck (Co-Chair)| Andrew Walker (Member)

    Programs Committee: Doug Winnie (Chair)| Daniel McGill (Co-Chair)| Don Ford (Member)| John Walker (Member)|Emily Schreiber (Member)| Ryan Peel (Member)

    Philanthropy & Outreach: Emily Schreiber (Chair)

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