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Michael Beck
Senior Manager
Grant Thornton LLP
State and local tax M&A services (Diligence, Structuring, etc.)
New Member
William Mohnacs of Parke Bank is a member of XPX Philadelphia
William J Mohnacs
Vice President Commercial Lending
Parke Bank
There is a need for capital in guiding entrepreneurs, small business owners, startup companies and franchises with Small Business Administration (SBA) lending
Member for 3 Years
Brian Blatchley of EOS Worldwide is a member of XPX Philadelphia
Brian Blatchley
Professional EOS Implementer
EOS Worldwide
You are trying to maximize the return value of a business being sold or ensure that a new purchase is being run consistently. I usually become engaged 2-3 years prior to sale, or just post purchase.
New Member
William OShea of W & C Associates is a member of XPX Philadelphia
William OShea
W & C Associates
An organization needs help to improve Operations, develop strategies for growth or to counter new market threats to prepare companies for change or to help them get ready for sale.
Member for 3 Years
Peter Seelaus of Sherpa Financial, Seelaus Financial is a member of XPX Philadelphia
Peter J Seelaus
Sherpa Financial, Seelaus Financial
You have questions and need advise on Life insurance placement, design, premium financing, buy-sell agreements, split-dollar, key person, executive comp., retention strategies
Member for 1 Year
Matthew Raymon
Third Arch Investments
Third Arch makes long-term, control investments in high quality small businesses.
Member for 1 Year
Steven Zelac of Young America Capital is a member of XPX Philadelphia
Steven Zelac
Senior Managing Director, Sector Lead - Industrials, Chemicals & Manufacturing
Young America Capital
Capital Raise Services, Financial Advisory Services, M&A services
New Member
Bakertilly Capital
Member for 2 Years
Ken Toscano of New York Life is a member of XPX Philadelphia
Ken Toscano
Financial Services Professional
New York Life
You need a second opinion on Tax Diversifying Retirement or Insurance concerns including Key Man, Buyout, and Individual Term and Whole Life.
Member for 4 Years
Andrew Flogel
Private Banker
JP Morgan Private Bank
Call me when a client/prospect wants to discuss financial/estate planning, how a sale of a business will affect their plan and general wealth management, loans, and banking needs.
New Member
Steven S S. Rolfe
Managing Principal
RolfeAdvisory, LLC
You have leadership challenges at the top of your organization that must be addressed.
Member for 8 Years
Scott Stevens
FVP, SBA Lending
44 Business Capital
Nationwide, Preferred SBA 7a Lender, specializing in "main street" to lower middle market M&A transactions.
Member for 2 Years
Herb Fineburg of Offit Kurman, P.A. is a member of XPX Philadelphia
Herb R. Fineburg
Offit Kurman, P.A.
If you are a business owner, a CEO, or an individual of high-net worth,I can assist you in your legal needs as a tax attorney, a business attorney and an estate planner.
Member for 10 Years
Andrew Finkle of Marcum LLP is a member of XPX Philadelphia
Andrew E Finkle
Marcum LLP
A business owner is seeking to sell the company and needs assistance determining the financial and tax implications; or a buyer needs to perform financial and tax due diligence on a potential target.
Member for 3 Years
John Vanderslice of Sandler Training/Strategic Solutions Group is a member of XPX Philadelphia
John Vanderslice
Sandler Training/Strategic Solutions Group
Strategic Solutions Group is a multi-faceted workforce development company and an authorized Sandler Training center.
Member for 4 Years
Cynthia Bergvall of Bee, Bergvall & Co is a member of XPX Philadelphia
Cynthia Bergvall
Bee, Bergvall & Co
Your client needs due diligence or to prepare for due diligence and you need someone who will care for your clients well and integrate well with you.
Member for 3 Years
Marc Kramer of Stress Free Family Business is a member of XPX Philadelphia
Marc Kramer
Stress Free Family Business
When the parents want to prepare their children to take over the business and/or when the parents and kids are fighting with each other and a cooler experienced head is needed.
Member for 3 Years
Fred Kaplan of Stony Hill Advisors is a member of XPX Philadelphia
Fred M Kaplan
Stony Hill Advisors
Owner wants to sell to exit, seek strategic investors, acquire to expand, or needs exit planning advice
Member for 2 Years
Michael Meyer
Benjamin Ross Group
You are, or know someone who is considering the sale of their business and need a trusted and confidential intermediary to guide them and manage the entire business sale process
Member for 3 Years
Michael Molder of AILA Limited is a member of XPX Philadelphia
Michael J Molder
AILA Limited
You require assistance At the Intersection of Law and Accounting; I can help with assessing transactions from valuing business interests to investigating financial representations in due diligence.
Member for 4 Years
Ralph J. Colucci
Managing Director
Stout LLC
Valuation needs
Member for 3 Years
Tom Poltersdorf of Beyond Your Exit Wealth Management is a member of XPX Philadelphia
Tom E Poltersdorf
Founder & Wealth Manager
Beyond Your Exit Wealth Management
A business owner wants to exit but they have no Personal Financial Plan and no strategy to turn their proceeds into a sustainable income stream.
New Member
Liz Vibber
Bee Bergvall & Co
You need help building consensus and making decisions as part of a group
New Member
Andrew O'Brien
Director of Business Development
Vantage Real estate
New Member
John Mesko of Drucker & Scaccetti, P.C. is a member of XPX Philadelphia
John Mesko
Senior Manager, Tax
Armanino LLP
Member for 4 Years

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