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The Exit Planning Exchange –  XPX Charlotte Chapter is a community of trusted advisors that collaborate to help their private company clients build business value, transfer ownership and create a legacy of success in their lives and their communities.

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Welcome to XPX Charlotte

XPX Charlotte is a multi-disciplinary community of professional advisors who work collaboratively to help owners of lower/middle-market companies build valuable businesses and assist them in preparing and executing a successful transition.

XPX Charlotte members:

  • Embrace a shared responsibility for educating each other on the many disciplines of exit planning,
  • Work to develop trusted relationships enabling client collaboration, and,
  • Take ownership for sharing the importance and urgency of effective exit planning with business owners in our community.

XPX Charlotte’s success is continually measured by optimal outcomes of business value growth, business value transfer and owner life and legacy.

XPX Charlotte Events

Our mission is to achieve optimal exit outcomes for business owners in our community. To that end, XPX Charlotte organizes events largely focused around knowledge sharing and inspiring collaboration among members. Most months, we hold educational and community building events for our professional members on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. On occasion, we will hold purely social event to further community building.

Like many other XPX chapters, XPX Charlotte holds a Power Networking program, a members-only virtual event where participants are grouped into diverse teams of professionals to “connect, collaborate & create results for your Clients!”. XPX Charlotte members are also encouraged to participate in Cross-Chapter Power Networking events organized by XPX Global. These are published each month on our Events page.

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XPX Charlotte Sponsor-Partner Spotlight: Adam Petricoff, Managing Partner at VR Business Sales
XPX Charlotte Sponsor-Partner Spotlight: Michael Stier, Area President - Carolinas at Focus CFO
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Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen a worrisome trend of employees disengaging from their work. Sometimes dubbed “quiet quitting,” this trend has sent ripple effects throughout business organizations across the country. To understand this problem, it’s first important to understand what employee engagement means. Generally, this term is used to denote team members…

In the fast-paced landscape of today’s organizations, the missing link that often separates successful ventures from mediocre ones is trust. Trust is the glue that binds leaders with their stakeholders, creating an environment where collaboration thrives, innovation flourishes, and everyone feels valued. To bridge this trust gap, we propose a formula that encapsulates the essence…

As a long-time business consultant and value growth advisor to middle-market companies, I frequently met business owners who didn’t recognize the urgency to plan for an eventual business ownership transition.  Such business owners commonly find themselves catastrophically unprepared when the time comes to sell their business, costing them millions of dollars in lost value.  I…

FocusCFO Area Presidents Michael Stier and Darren Cherry join Scott Snider of the Exit Planning Institute for this special episode of the Exit Is Now podcast. You already know that a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is a key part of the senior management team, responsible for overseeing and managing the financial aspects of the business. What you may not know, is that…

In the dynamic landscape of employee performance evaluations, 360-degree reviews have emerged as a holistic approach, offering a well-rounded perspective. However, to extract the full benefits of this method, managers must adopt a strategic outlook. This blog post explores key elements to enhance the effectiveness of 360 reviews, delving into the nuances of communication, goal…

How is your #leadership known and how do you want it to be known? What is your Leadership Brand? Simply put, your Leadership Brand is how you lead as the unique human being you are. It comprises your authenticity, clarity of expectations, vision, consistency, and value as a leader – and serves as a source of dependability…


Upcoming Chapter Events

Tue, Mar 19th, 2024 ⋅ 3:30pm - 5:00pm (EST)
Capitol Towers Training Center 4250 Congress Street, Suite 150; Charlotte, NC 28209

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Upcoming Chapter Events

Tue, Mar 19th, 2024 ⋅ 3:30pm - 5:00pm (EST)
Capitol Towers Training Center 4250 Congress Street, Suite 150; Charlotte, NC 28209

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