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Robin Sturgis

Call Me When... Visual analytics are needed for company growth or data room / due diligence

New Member
Mark Ostaszewski of USI Insurance Services is a member of XPX Houston
Mark Ostaszewski
Employee Benefits Consultant
USI Insurance Services

Call Me When... I help middle market companies increase enterprise value by recovering capital trapped in their health insurance budget with no disruption to employees.

Member for 1 Year
Matthew McFarlane
Quadros Migl & Crosby

Call Me When... your client needs an attorney to buy or sell their business.

New Member
Samuel Diaz of Excellence Attained, LLC is a member of XPX Houston
Samuel Diaz
Excellence Attained, LLC

Call Me When... when you aren't getting what you want from your business.

New Member
Robert Latham of IBG / Altapraem M&A Advisors is a member of XPX Houston
Robert Latham
Managing Partner
IBG Business M&A Advisors

Call Me When... You have a client that is looking to sell their business. We help owners and founders sell their business confidentially and for maximum value.

New Member
Spencer Collins
Private Wealth Advisor
Goldman Sachs

Call Me When... you anticipate realizing a liquidity in the next 24 months.

Member for 1 Year
Colleen Migl of Quadros Migl & Crosby PLLC is a member of XPX Houston
Colleen Migl
Quadros Migl & Crosby PLLC

Call Me When... You need an attorney!

Member for 1 Year
Michael Thornton of APEX Management Partners LLC is a member of XPX Houston
Michael S Thornton
Managing Partner
APEX Management Partners LLC

Call Me When... A client is willing to review their customer & product (service) mix to increase profitability by two to four percent of revenue and be positioned for accelerated organic growth.

Member for 1 Year
Kevin Davis of BNY Mellon is a member of XPX Houston
Kevin Davis
SVP, Client Strategist
BNY Mellon

Call Me When... a client is experiencing a liquidity event and looking for comprehensive advice to support their overall financial health. (Wealth Management, Trust/Fiduciary Services, Lending, Private Banking and Family Office Services.)

Member for 1 Year
Jaime Arreola
Managing Director
Main Street Capital

Call Me When... we provide capital for owners seeking a liquidity event while preserving ownership

New Member
Barbara Stewart of Accelus Partners LLC is a member of XPX Houston
Barbara Stewart
Accelus Partners LLC

Call Me When... You are identifying successors, need to align a leadership team, or integrate additions to your team.

Member for 1 Year
James Hintz of HST Tax Advisory Group, LLLP is a member of XPX Houston
James Hintz
Managing Partner
HST Tax Advisory Group, LLLP

Call Me When... 7156904039

Member for 1 Year
Frank R. deVay
Managing Director
Chaffe & Associates, Investment Bankers

Call Me When... Needed

Member for 1 Year
Max A Cameau
Financial Advisor
Stifel Nicolaus & Company, Inc.

Call Me When... 7138257698

New Member
Dustin Williamson of vcfo is a member of XPX Houston
Dustin Williamson
Managing Director

Call Me When... vcfo provides an integrated suite of finance, HR and recruiting support, including outsourcing and consulting solutions that improve operational performance and optimize productivity.

Member for 1 Year
Christopher Hatten of PKF Texas is a member of XPX Houston
Christopher Hatten
PKF Texas

Call Me When... Transactional assistance (QofE, Due Diligence, Tax Planning) that may be needed.

New Member
Tom A Anderson
Business Advisor
Ferguson Alliance, LLC

Call Me When... a Family or privately-held business owner is seeking solve business challenges, to grow, or to exit their business.

New Member
Marc C. Danile
Senior Vice President
John Hancock Investment Mangement

Call Me When... Your a Financial Advisor - and need help with business owners

New Member
Craig M Bergez
Porter Hedges LLP

Call Me When... You are planning a transaction involving the sale, purchase, or investment of or in a business or real estate project (including a joint venture)

Member for 1 Year
Gregory Kostiuk of StratEX Sales LLC is a member of XPX Houston
Gregory J Kostiuk
Founder / President
StratEX Sales LLC

Call Me When... You want to increase the value of your company by growing revenue in an efficient and scalable way.

Member for 1 Year
Kevin Foyteck of Stout is a member of XPX Houston
Kevin Foyteck
Vice President

Call Me When... A client needs a business valuation for gift/estate tax purposes, divorce, contemplated sale, or financial reporting. In addition, we can assist with investment banking, transaction advisory, and commercial real estate appraisal services.

Member for 1 Year
Alexander Brokhin

Call Me When... Accounting consulting, audit readiness, outsourced controllership

Member for 1 Year
David Velez of 44 Business Capital- A Division of Berkshire Bank is a member of XPX Houston
David Velez
FVP, SBA Lending
44 Business Capital- A Division of Berkshire Bank

Call Me When... you need an SBA Expert who can do deals nationwide. We are a top 20 SBA Lender Nationwide

New Member
Daniel S Russell

Call Me When... Private Companies - Passthrough - Closely Held - Middle Market

Member for 1 Year
Brian MCCollough
Value Growth Advisor
NextStage Fractional, LLC

Call Me When... In a nutshell, what I do is take a look at your business from the buyers perspective. Buyers want to buy great companies. I help business owners understand the true value of their business and help them make their companies great.

New Member

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