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Private company clients need access to a trusted team of advisors to marshal them to through the various stages of the business lifecycle. The XPX member directory is where you can find a diverse group of experts – and they can find you. 

It’s easy to find an expert by using the search box or these handy directories to choose from 12 professions, 75+ areas of functional expertise and 20 client industry categories. Feel free to reach out to the advisors with the expertise you seek. Contact us for further assistance.

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John McKee of Encore Advisory Group is a member of XPX Houston
John A. McKee
Encore Advisory Group

Call Me When... Need help managing growth, and exit and transition planning.

New Member
Scot Gibson
Commercial Banker
Amegy Bank

Call Me When... Someone needs a Bank.

New Member
Shelia Darby of BizWorth is a member of XPX Houston
Shelia Darby
Managing Director

Call Me When... Anytime from 8 AM - 6 PM

New Member
Amy Polak
Co.Founder, Owner, Coach
Entre Results

Call Me When... You need help putting together a strategic plan, need accountability implementing your plan &/or when you and your team need training/coaching in various areas of your business.

New Member
William Wu
Expense Reduction Analysts

Call Me When... The client may be overpaying for products and services. We provide strategic cost advisory in over 50+ different cost categories and maximize the value of our clients' spend.

New Member
Don D. Ford
Managing Partner
Ford + Bergner LLP

Call Me When... At the office during the day.

New Member
Doug Winnie of ActionCOACH of Central West Houston is a member of XPX Houston
Doug Winnie
ActionCOACH of Central West Houston

Call Me When... Want to take a company from good to great. International Professional Speaker on topics from marketing and sales to belief systems and improving team performance

New Member
Christine Hollinden of Hollinden Marketing Solutions, LLC is a member of XPX Houston
Christine M Hollinden
Hollinden Marketing Solutions, LLC

Call Me When... companies are seeking growth strategy, marketing, and communications pre, during and post transaction

New Member
Jack Chang of DGP Capital is a member of XPX Houston
Jack Chang
Managing Director
DGP Capital

Call Me When... You're a business owner, or know of a business owner, that needs an investment bank or M&A firm to manage the entire process of selling/buying a business or raising debt/equity financing.

New Member
Austin Thomas
Jackson Walker LLP

Call Me When... Your clients need legal assistance with their estate plan, including business succession and transfer tax planning.

New Member
Ray J Fernandez
Managing Director, Wealth Advisor
Cresset Asset Management

Call Me When... Wealth Management / Private Equity / Alternative Investments / Family Office

New Member
Clay McKenna
Wealth Advisor
Private Bank at JPMorgan

Call Me When... You have Tax, Trust, Estates, etc. questions

New Member
Geoff A Long
Consulting Counsel
Holland & Knight

Call Me When... Corporate Attorney with extensive M&A and start-up experience. I have also worked as an unofficial outside GC to many clients.

New Member
Allen Baker
Employee Benefits Consultant

Call Me When... When employers are tired of guessing why their healthcare costs are increasing.

New Member
Chris McCarty
EOS Implementer
Guidepost Business Solutions

Call Me When... You have clients that are feeling stuck in their businesses. I can help get them back on track.

New Member
Colleen Migl of Quadros Migl & Crosby PLLC is a member of XPX Houston
Colleen Migl
Quadros Migl & Crosby PLLC

Call Me When... You need an attorney!

New Member
Mark Ostaszewski of USI Insurance Services is a member of XPX Houston
Mark Ostaszewski
Employee Benefits Consultant
USI Insurance Services

Call Me When... I help middle market companies increase enterprise value by recovering capital trapped in their health insurance budget with no disruption to employees.

New Member
Barbara Stewart of Accelus Partners LLC is a member of XPX Houston
Barbara Stewart
Accelus Partners LLC

Call Me When... You are identifying successors, need to align a leadership team, or integrate additions to your team.

New Member
Alex Brokhin

Call Me When... Accounting consulting, audit readiness, outsourced controllership

New Member
Spencer Collins
Private Wealth Advisor
Goldman Sachs

Call Me When... You anticipate realizing a liquidity in the next 24 months.

New Member
Michael Landers of UHY LLP is a member of XPX Houston
Michael K Landers

Call Me When... You are in need of audit or transaction advisory services. I specialize in companies and transactions where there is either some clean-up or complex matters that need to be addressed.

New Member
Frank R. deVay
Managing Director
Chaffe & Associates, Investment Bankers

Call Me When... Needed

New Member
Brian MCCollough
Value Growth Advisor
NextStage Fractional, LLC

Call Me When... You need a general contractor to facilitate the exit planning process

New Member
Dustin Williamson of vcfo is a member of XPX Houston
Dustin Williamson
Managing Director

Call Me When... vcfo provides an integrated suite of finance, HR and recruiting support, including outsourcing and consulting solutions that improve operational performance and optimize productivity.

New Member
Luis Chaves of Pangea Financial Group is a member of XPX Houston
Luis Chaves
LPL Financial Advisor
Pangea Financial Group

Call Me When... you want to improve the benefits package for your employees and save thousands of dollars

New Member

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