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Knowledge is power. Imagine what you could do with 24-hour access to a powerful learning community to help you stay up to date with the latest trends, insights, news, and best practices to share with your valued clients.  XPX’s exclusive Knowledge Exchange is the one place where you can exchange knowledge with some of the industry’s most successful professionals with expertise in a wide variety of areas.   Here are recent posts from our chapter activities and members:

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Hello XPX! If you or your Middle Market clients are not happy with their current banking relationship, I’m happy to discuss anything from solving day-to-day problems to complete acquisition financing.  Comerica is the largest bank headquarter in Texas.  We take a holistic business approach, always putting our customers and our community first, and providing our…

Businesses spend thousands of dollars a year on software and SaaS system purchases and upgrades, yet continue to fall into the familiar trap of immediately signing pre-printed or online “form” license agreements designed to protect the vendor, not the purchaser.  Some of these “form” agreements are non-negotiable but many can be modified upon request.  From…

90%-No sales process! It’s everyone for themselves at a lot of companies. Each person conducting trial and error, and nothing gets written down. No way to forecast, no way to determine a repeatable process, no way to determine a failing process. Just endless, random acts of commercial theater until time or the cash runs out….

In this video, I discuss the impact of developing a strategy for the sales team with the Fractional VP of Sales. “Independence” shouldn’t mean doing your own thing for your self-satisfaction. Get started on your sales action plan today by taking my quick 10 question assessment link here: #salesstrategy #focus #StopRandomActsofSales #rankprospects #rankcustomers

In this video, I summarize why a Fractional VP Of Sales is often the best choice for a business in transition. Businesses from $3M-$75m often encounter a “Gap” they have to address before they can leap to the “next level”. This will require professionalizing the sales team by removing or elevating the current leadership from…

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