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Wayne A Gordon
Glaucon Capital Partners

Call Me When... Glaucon Capital Partners is a registered broker dealer & FINRA member firm focused on sell-side M&A advisory services and capital issuances.

New Member
Dax Seale of Seale Wealth Management of Raymond James is a member of XPX Dallas
Dax A. Seale
Managing Director & Certified Exit Planner
Seale Wealth Management of Raymond James

Call Me When... Founders/Owners are pre-sale and want to optimize and tax mitigate their transaction while implementing a financial plan for their next act in life. Also introductions to Raymond James Investment Bank and financial sponsors

Member for 1 Year
Jeff Laceky of Frost Bank is a member of XPX Dallas
Jeff W. Laceky
Senior Vice President
Frost Bank

Call Me When... there is evidence of a need for financial/banking/risk mitigation strategic or tactical advice

Member for 2 Years
Mark Auten of Plunk Smith, PLLC is a member of XPX Dallas
Mark K. Auten
Plunk Smith, PLLC

Call Me When... clients are considering selling or purchasing a business and need legal counsel to advise them on the legal ramifications of their deal.

Member for 1 Year
Chris Goade of 360 Consulting is a member of XPX Dallas
Chris Goade
360 Consulting

Call Me When... Sales growth, sales training, sales hiring, outsourced sales leadership

Member for 2 Years
Kim Abmeyer of Abmeyer Wealth Management is a member of XPX Dallas
Kim Abmeyer
Comprehensive Wealth Management
Abmeyer Wealth Management

Call Me When... clients have liquidity events and are looking for planning and investment advice.

Member for 1 Year
Cary Clayborn of Profit Inc is a member of XPX Dallas
Cary G Clayborn
Profit Inc

Call Me When... Call or text (214) 202-8939 for any matter - meetings, events, coordination, etc. Profit Inc HQ is in Fort Worth, but I live/work from Frisco TX.

Member for 1 Year
Jaime Hochhausen of Perkins Coie is a member of XPX Dallas
Jaime Hochhausen
Director of Business Development & Firm Counsel
Chiron Finance

Call Me When... Lower middle market Investment bank that also provides advisory for companies in distress

Member for 2 Years
Alison Reiff-Martin
Reiff Martin CPA & Business Advisory Services

Call Me When... in need of a CPA and CEPA

New Member
Brian Moen of NewLifeCFO is a member of XPX Dallas,
Brian Moen
Fractional CFO/CEPA

Call Me When... I help small business owners turn sweat equity into gold. Small business owners need financial strategy, operational guidance in meeting their business goals. Getting them ready to exit some day.

New Member
Emily Ackerman of Lane Gorman Trubitt is a member of XPX Dallas
Emily Ackerman
Director of Business Development

Call Me When... you need an CPA firm resource for your accounting needs!

Member for 1 Year
Sarah Waterman
Business Development Executive
Wealthbuilder 1031

Call Me When... you need a 1031 exchange

New Member
Barrett Lidji of Northaven Capital Partners is a member of XPX Dallas
Barrett Lidji
Northaven Capital Partners

Call Me When... anytime

Member for 2 Years
Stan Eigenbrodt
Frederic Dorwart, Lawyers PLLC

Call Me When... you know someone who needs a seasoned buy-side or sell-side M&A laywer

New Member
Melanie Shaffer of Talent Suite LLC is a member of XPX Dallas
Melanie Shaffer
Talent Suite LLC

Call Me When... you have a client with people problems (hiring, performance issues, leadership development)

Member for 2 Years
Jessica Hess of Paycor is a member of XPX Dallas
Jessica Hess
Private Equity HCM Consultant

Call Me When... company's are needing to become more efficient and effective in their day-to-day HR processes.

New Member
Burt Burt Copeland Copeland
New Life CFO Services, LLC.

Call Me When... Companies are in need of radically improving this EBITDA and Performance in preparation for a great exit.

Member for 2 Years
Mindy Passmore
Maximum Possibilities LLC

Call Me When... you would like to sell or buy a business

Member for 1 Year
Jeffrey Gonzales
Sakline Bookkeeping

Call Me When... Call me when you can

New Member
Jeff Sandene, CFP® of Sandene Strategies, LLC is a member of XPX Dallas
Jeff Sandene, CFP®
Sandene Strategies, LLC

Call Me When... Business owners deserve a 360-degree approach to their exit planning. This includes the business owner's personal financial planning and post-exit wealth management.

Member for 1 Year
Todd Dauphinais
Managing Partner
Clavis Capital Partners

Call Me When... Operationally oriented private investment firm

Member for 2 Years
Paula Maria Feinberg
Wealth Manager/Senior Vice President
GranVida Wealth

Call Me When... someone is asking about me; there is a special opportunity; to be invited to present

New Member
ALEXANDER VALDERREY of Stride Strategic Group, LTD is a member of XPX Dallas
Stride Strategic Group, LTD

Call Me When... Call me when you're ready to strategically plan your business exit for maximum value and a smooth transition. We specialize in guiding owners to successful exits

New Member
Jordan Pence of The Macro Advisors is a member of XPX Dallas
Jordan Pence
Advisors Resource Company

Call Me When... When a business owner needs life insurance planning, selective / non-qualified plans, golden handcuffs, key-person insurance, and buy-sell funding

Member for 2 Years
Tom Bronson of Mastery Partners is a member of XPX Dallas
Tom Bronson
Mastery Partners

Call Me When... You need help increasing business value and preparing a business for exit.

Member for 1 Year

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