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Alexis Dowell
Client Relations
Your organization is growing and you're having trouble finding great talent. We use a research based approach to find talent in the market that will best complement your organization. We have a 100% fill rate this year.
New Member
Keren Shamay of Insperity is a member of XPX Dallas
Keren Shamay
Certified Business Performance Advisor
You want to attract, retain, and maintain top level talent. You are looking for help with risk mitigation, or you value the bottom line increase that comes with long term cost containment.
Member for 1 Year
Jeff Laceky of Frost Bank is a member of XPX Dallas
Jeff W. Laceky
Senior Vice President
Frost Bank
There is evidence of a need for financial/banking/risk mitigation strategic or tactical advice
Member for 1 Year
Ryan Gardner of Gardner Firm PLLC is a member of XPX Dallas
Ryan Thomas Gardner
Member and Manager
Gardner Firm PLLC
Business structuring, as well as buying and selling companies
New Member
Jonathan King of System & Soul is a member of XPX Dallas
Jonathan King
Executive Coach
System & Soul
No matter how successful your business is, one of two things will happen to your organization. You're either going to experience growth so great it will outstrip your control or you will hit a ceiling you can't breakthrough.
Member for 1 Year
Mark Avery
M&A Attorney
Hajjar Peters, LLP
You need an attorney to help you buy, sell or reorganize a company.
New Member
Steve Conwell of Final Ascent LLC is a member of XPX Dallas
Steve Conwell
Final Ascent LLC
A middle-market business owner would like to sell their company in 12 to 24 months, and they're not prepared to go to market.
Member for 3 Years
Robert Rough of Telos Capital Advisors, LLC is a member of XPX Dallas
Robert M Rough
Managing Director
Telos Capital Advisors, LLC
Companies want to sell or raise capital
New Member
Justin Krebbs of First United Bank is a member of XPX Dallas
Justin L Krebbs
Senior Vice President
First United Bank
You need any commercial banking services from any commercial loan product to cash management services.
Member for 1 Year
Oliver Cone
Senior Vice President
Bulkley Capital, LP
A business owner wants to understand his or her liquidity options and is interested in a targeted and confidential process to maximize shareholder value.
New Member
Eric Harrison of 4Impact Data is a member of XPX Dallas
Eric Harrison
Market Development Director
4Impact Data
You or your client needs affordable access to impactful data to help them prepare for business transition or need key insights into financial and operational business metrics
New Member
Todd Dauphinais
Managing Partner
Clavis Capital Partners
Operationally oriented private investment firm
New Member
Joe Ruzicka
Director Business Development
Adams Keegan
Boutique HR outsourcing for middle market companies including payroll, HR, benefits, COVID policy
New Member
Chris McNeill
Block & McNeill
You need to start a new business, sell a business or have a contract reviewed or prepared
New Member
George Mayfield of Frameworks Consortium is a member of XPX Dallas
George Mayfield
Frameworks Consortium
Call me when a business is looking to scale efficiently and add value quickly
New Member
Barrett Lidji of Northaven Capital Partners is a member of XPX Dallas
Barrett Lidji
Northaven Capital Partners
New Member
Jolene Risch of Risch Results is a member of XPX Dallas
Jolene Risch
Risch Results
We help leaders find the right talent for their growing organizations every single time, with custom talent searches.
New Member
Daniel Drabinski of Bluecrest FA is a member of XPX Dallas
Daniel J Drabinski
Agency Managing Director of Business & Estate Planning
Bluecrest FA
A business requires risk management, planning, recruiting/retention or financial planning
New Member
Shelli Howlett
SUMMi7 | Business Scaling - Purpose Driven Company
Business Scaling and Scale to Exit Consulting
New Member
Justin Turner of Baker Tilly US is a member of XPX Dallas
Justin Turner
Partner, Transaction Advisory Services
Baker Tilly US
Financial Due Diligence (buy side & sell side transactions)
Member for 1 Year
Kim Abmeyer of Abmeyer Wealth Management is a member of XPX Dallas
Kim Abmeyer
Comprehensive Wealth Management
Abmeyer Wealth Management
Clients have liquidity events and are looking for planning and investment advice.
New Member
Jen Colby
Wealth Advisor
An owner is on the fence with their offers. Bernstein can model their lifestyle goals to show how those offers will fit their desires and needs.
New Member
Jon Rice of Chief Outsiders is a member of XPX Dallas
Jon Rice
Chief Outsiders
A CEO is frustrated that growth has stalled and is unclear how their sales and marketing efforts are performing
Member for 1 Year
Emily Ackerman of Lane Gorman Trubitt is a member of XPX Dallas
Emily Ackerman
Director of Business Development
Lane Gorman Trubitt
You need an CPA firm resource for your accounting needs!
New Member
Bob Gibbons of REATA Commercial Realty, Inc. is a member of XPX Dallas
Bob Gibbons
REATA Commercial Realty, Inc.
A company has a lease expiring, needs to expand or contract, or wants to evaluate buying versus leasing
New Member

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