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Private company clients need access to a trusted team of advisors to marshal them to through the various stages of the business lifecycle. The XPX – Exit Planning Exchange member directory is where you can find a diverse group of experts – and they can find you.


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    Brad Mart of Mart Partners is a member of XPX Chicago
    Brad Mart
    Mart Partners
    You have a business owner who is within a few years of selling their business or is ready to sell now.
    Member for 1 Year
    Catherine Cates
    EOS Worldwide
    You are a business owner who feels your business is running you. I can eliminate the chaos and help you build a strong team and great results for a successful exit.
    Member for 1 Year
    Christopher Bauer
    Managing Partner
    Bauer & Company
    A company is considering an sale and needs to verify their accounting is accurate and reflects the reality of their business
    Member for 1 Year
    Mirus Capital Advisors
    New Member
    Summit Half Table
    Phillip Knapp of Knapp Solutions is a member of XPX South Florida
    Phillip Knapp
    Self Employed
    Knapp Solutions
    Start-ups and small business is my space. Over 20 years running a $25M business, and understands family owned business dynamics. Hands-on, roll up the sleeve player
    Member for 2 Years
    Glenn Solomon of Offit Kurman, P. A. is a member of XPX Maryland
    Glenn D. Solomon
    Offit Kurman, P. A.
    You need a business lawyer to represent you in the transition, sale or purchase of a business who will act to protect your interests and as a facilitator to get the deal done, not as an obstructionist
    Member for 5 Years
    Teri Villanueva @
    New Member
    Summit Sponsor Bronze
    John Mesko of Drucker & Scaccetti, P.C. is a member of XPX Philadelphia
    John Mesko
    Tax Manager
    Drucker & Scaccetti, P.C.
    Member for 3 Years
    Frank Jones
    Whiteford, Taylor & Preston, LLP
    Member for 8 Years
    Craig Poms of TowneBank is a member of XPX Triangle
    Craig Poms
    SVP-Commercial Banking Officer
    You need assistance with banking and finance issues.
    Member for 2 Years
    Beth Chea of First National Bank Small Business Finnance is a member of XPX Greater Boston
    Beth A Chea
    SVP, Business Development Officer of SBA Lending
    First National Bank Small Business Finnance
    A buyer needs financing with a longer loan term or a lower down payment. We can finance goodwill, inventory, working capital and closing costs.
    New Member
    Steve Conwell of Final Ascent LLC is a member of XPX Dallas
    Steve Conwell
    Final Ascent LLC
    A middle-market business owner would like to sell their company in 12 to 24 months, and they're not prepared to go to market.
    Member for 2 Years
    Bruce Blasnik of PKF O'Connor Davies LLP is a member of XPX Fairfield County
    Bruce Blasnik
    PKF O'Connor Davies LLP
    You or a business you know needs assistance with due diligence, tax or succession planning, an M&A transaction, or audit and accounting services.
    Member for 6 Years
    Jamie Waldren
    Managing Director
    Wells Fargo Advisors
    Meetings are cancelled
    Member for 8 Years
    Gabrielle Jenkins of Waypoint Growth Advisors is a member of XPX Greater Boston
    Gabrielle B Jenkins
    Waypoint Growth Advisors
    Fractional Human Captal Advisory Services: Organizational and Talent Assessment, Succession Planning, Salesforce Effectiveness, Leadership Development, Employee Engagement/Retention.
    Member for 2 Years
    Summit Sponsor
    Brooke Bellamy
    Senior Accountant
    Recurrent Ventures
    You need business consulting or accounting
    Member for 1 Year
    Fred Eikenberg
    Commercial Banking Group
    Sandy Spring Bank
    Any business or person is interested in buying or selling a business or real estate
    Member for 4 Years
    Bruce M. Luchansky
    Luchansky Law
    We guide companies through the labyrinth of overlapping and often contradictory labor and employment laws in Maryland. Call me when an issue arises, or better yet, before an issue arises.
    New Member
    Dan Bernstein of The Raivax Group is a member of XPX DC Metro
    Dan Bernstein
    M&A Advisor
    The Raivax Group
    A client needs an M&A Advisor to sell their business. Only sell side brokerage with a enterprise value over 1M.
    Member for 2 Years
    Hannah Chalker of MPN Inc. is a member of XPX San Antonio
    Hannah Chalker
    Business Development Coach
    MPN Inc.
    Call me when you need tools to help you launch focused owner transitions.
    Member for 1 Year
    Ray Croff of Mobius Financial Advisors is a member of XPX Dallas
    Ray Croff
    Mobius Financial Advisors
    You want high level expertise using life insurance in business and estate planning situations
    Member for 1 Year
    Mitchell S Rock
    Managing Director
    Wells Fargo Advisors
    Over the past 30 years our team has established a reputation as being the "go to" place for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to maximize the transfer of wealth from the sale of a business
    Member for 4 Years
    Ron Reuter, CTP/CVA of RJ Reuter Business Consulting is a member of XPX Tri-State
    Ron Reuter, CTP/CVA
    Managing Director
    RJ Reuter Business Consulting
    There is distressed financial performance threatening the business, debt negotiation and restructuring, refinancing or a sale
    Member for 6 Years
    Rick Tkaczyk of Century Sales Solutions, LLC is a member of XPX Chicago
    Rick Tkaczyk
    Century Sales Solutions, LLC
    I help small to mid-size businesses put get their revenue generation back on track by building a solid sales infrastructure that addresses strategy, processes and execution creating a path to sustainable sales growth.
    Member for 1 Year
    Alicia Parr of Performentor LLC is a member of XPX Triangle
    Alicia Parr
    Performentor LLC
    Growing / evolving business can use entrepreneur-friendly fractional HR and people science support
    Member for 1 Year