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Tim Obendorf of Steward Advisors, LLC is a member of XPX Chicago
Tim Obendorf
Founder & Wealth Manager
Steward Advisors, LLC
A client is struggling to understand how to convert the value of their business into an income stream in retirement.
Member for 4 Years
Doug Marcheschi
Vice President/Director
Daniel & Henry Insurance and Risk Managment
Insurance Broker and Risk Manager focusing on privately held emerging and middle market firms.
New Member
Laura Liss of Liss & Lamar, P.C. | FranLaw is a member of XPX Chicago
Laura Liss
Franchise & Corporate Attorney
Liss & Lamar, P.C. | FranLaw
Buying or selling their business, expansion through licensing or franchising, protecting their brand through trademarks, negotiate a lease, or generally has legal questions.
Member for 3 Years
Matthew Parker of JP Morgan Private Bank is a member of XPX Chicago
Matthew Parker
JP Morgan Private Bank
You need solutions to complex financial problems. I specialize in pre- and post-transaction wealth planning. Focused on a goals-based approach.
Member for 4 Years
Peter Cooper of B10 Capital is a member of XPX Chicago
Peter Cooper
Regional Director - Midwest
B10 Capital
Your income tax liabilities personally or in your business are too high. Our mission is to help high net worth individuals and businesses reduce their biggest expense TAXES.
New Member
Jeff Hornstein of The Hornstein Law Office, P.C. is a member of XPX Chicago
Jeff Hornstein
The Hornstein Law Office, P.C.
You are ready to sell or buy a business or have a dispute to resolve with another business or your partner
Member for 5 Years
Joseph Turek
Managing Partner
MW Supply Chain Services
Business Brokering for companies under $25M in sales
Member for 1 Year
Elliot Hershik of Supporting Strategies|Chicago Far West Suburbs is a member of XPX Chicago
Elliot L Hershik
General Manager
Supporting Strategies|Chicago Far West Suburbs
A Financial Accounting (Bookkeeping thru Controller) needs to be improved.
Member for 2 Years
Ejaz Syed of Huntington National Bank is a member of XPX Chicago
Ejaz Syed
SBA Lending Specialist
Huntington National Bank
I can provide SBA financing to complete an acquisition or partner buyout.
Member for 1 Year
Carlos Sava
ProCFO Partners
A business needs a financial leader to increase the value of the company
Member for 2 Years
Beckie Hayes of EOS Worldwide is a member of XPX Chicago
Beckie Hayes
Professional EOS Implementer
EOS Worldwide
Want to implement a complete proven system with simple practical tools that helps organizations clarify their vision, become more disciplined in executing their vision and advance as a team.
Member for 6 Years
Jason Luksis
Tax Manager
Kutchins, Robbins & Diamond, Ltd.
Call me when you have questions about the tax possibilities concerning a new venture or transaction.
New Member
Michael J Schodrof
Financial Advisor
You need someone with a wealth of experience in your advisory circle as a small business owner. I have 25 years of Financial Services experience. Through the platform at UBS, I have access to a boutique investment banking network to aid in a sale.
New Member
Tom Harris of Commercial Funding, Inc. is a member of XPX Chicago
Tom Harris
Regional Sales Manager
Commercial Funding, Inc.
Your company, or a business you know of, needs working capital for any reason.
Member for 1 Year
Mark O'Brien of Value Growth Partners, LTD. is a member of XPX Chicago
Mark O'Brien
Managing Director
Value Growth Partners, LTD.
A business leader or owner is thinking about transitioning the management or ownership of a business. The best transitions start 5 years ahead of the actual transtion.
Member for 2 Years
Jeff Milkie
Managing Director
Principal Alternative Credit - Direct Lending
We provide creative and customized structured debt solutions to support acquisitions, growth capital, refinancings, and recapitalizations (ownership transfers, distributions, etc.)
New Member
Jason Lersch of Capital Group is a member of XPX Chicago
Jason Lersch
Investment Counselor
Capital Group
I work with clients and their trusted advisers to go through an integrated planning process which will help inform an appropriate investment strategy to accomplish stated goals and objectives.
Member for 6 Years
Peter Holton of Caber Hill Advisors is a member of XPX Chicago
Peter J. Holton
Managing Director
Caber Hill Advisors
Caber Hill Advisors is committed to working with business owners and CEO’s so they cansuccessfully fulfill their personal and professional legacies.
Member for 6 Years
Raymond Palys of CoreStrata Management Consulting is a member of XPX Chicago
Raymond Palys
Founder and Managing Director
CoreStrata Management Consulting
You need to accelerate the growth, performance, and profitability of businesses in all life-stages and levels of performance.
Member for 6 Years
Patti Anderson
Vice President-SBA Commercial Banker
First National Bank Small Business Finance
You have questions about SBA lending. Happy to talk to colleagues and clients that are either buying a business OR existing businesses looking for expansion capital at any stage of the business cycle.
Member for 2 Years
Nancy Fallon-Houle of Velocity Law, LLC is a member of XPX Chicago
Nancy Fallon-Houle
Business Lawyer
Velocity Law, LLC
You are thinking of selling a business, buying a business, starting a business, or raising capital from investors for a business.
Member for 6 Years
Larry Gard of Hamilton-Chase Consulting is a member of XPX Chicago
Larry Gard
Consulting Psychologist
Hamilton-Chase Consulting
1. A client feels unsure about retirement (or their next chapter) and could benefit from coaching to sort through the head and heart issues. 2. You would like a pre-retirement workshop. Please visit
Member for 6 Years
Jeffrey Schulz
J. Krug
We work with business owners and leadership teams of privately held companies, in addition to placing and servicing our clients insurance programs we develop strategies to manage and fund the risks facing their business.
Member for 1 Year
Lori A Cunningham
Director Business Developmt Midwest
Trivest Partners
You are considering a control or non-control investment, exit, recap or growth capital.
Member for 2 Years
Roger Osborn
Manager, Business Tax Services
RubinBrown LLP
Please call me anytime on my cell 2925-5677122
Member for 1 Year

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