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Private company clients need access to a trusted team of advisors to marshal them to through the various stages of the business lifecycle. The XPX member directory is where you can find a diverse group of experts – and they can find you. 

It’s easy to find an expert by using the search box or these handy directories to choose from 12 professions, 75+ areas of functional expertise and 20 client industry categories. Feel free to reach out to the advisors with the expertise you seek. Contact us for further assistance.

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    J. Krug

    We work with business owners and leadership teams of privately held companies, in addition to placing and servicing our clients insurance programs we develop strategies to manage and fund the risks facing their business.

    National Account Executive
    CSSI Inc. (Cost Segregation Services Inc.)

    We generate substantial cash flow for commercial property owners by accelerating depreciation with quality, affordable, engineering-based tax analysis studies reducing IRS taxes.

    Assistant Vice President - Commercial Banking
    American Community Bank & Trust

    Call me when a business owner you know is feeling anxious or frustrated that they do not have access to the capital needed to run and grow their business.

    Vice President
    Huntington Bank

    Your business experiences growth and expansion that requires access to capital. SBA lending offers a variety of terms that are flexible and support the growing needs of businesses.

    Lavelle Law, Ltd.

    You have a legal need regarding general corporate, commercial lending, M&A and estate/succession planning matters.



    Part Time CFO / Consultant
    Brace MCS

    When you need a sounding board to test your strategy, goals and plans or to solve a sales trend, earnings or cash flow problem.

    Senior Managing Director
    Bradford Allen Realty Services

    You or your client has a question about an office space lease and is looking for guidance on a renewal, a relocation or to renegotiate your current lease.

    Wealth Advisor
    UBS Financial Services

    You feel you have, or will have, complex financial needs but don't have a coordinated comprehensive approach to addressing those needs.

    Financial Advisor
    UBS Financial Services Inc.

    You feel you have, or will have, complex financial needs but don't have a coordinated comprehensive approach to addressing those needs.

    The Hornstein Law Office, P.C.

    You are ready to sell or buy a business or have a dispute to resolve with another business or your partner

    Business Lawyer
    Velocity Law, LLC

    You are thinking of selling a business, buying a business, starting a business, or raising capital from investors for a business.

    B2B CFO / Partner

    For over 30 years, I’ve been helping business owners reduce cash flow worries, increase company value, reduce stress, increase personal wealth and provide security for loved ones

    Private Wealth Management

    You need the help of a team of experts from a boutique private wealth management firm to address complex planning issues around: Business transition, Wealth transfer, Sophisticated income and tax planning. We also specialize in non-profits.

    Van Ham and Tan Financial

    You need an Independent Advisor who is a Certified Financial Planner and a proven "Tax Diversification Specialist" with over 40 years of experience with business owners and high net-worth individuals


    You have a client in need of additional finance and accounting bandwidth (QOE support, modeling, diligence)

    Senior Vice President - Wealth Management
    UBS Financial Services, Inc.

    You would like to explore forming a strategic partnership to help each other grow our practices and add significant value to your business owner clients.

    Managing Director
    Caber Hill Advisors

    Caber Hill Advisors is committed to working with business owners and CEO’s so they cansuccessfully fulfill their personal and professional legacies.

    Vice President-Sr.SBA Business Development Officer
    First Internet Bank

    You have questions about SBA lending. Happy to talk to colleagues and clients that are either buying a business OR existing businesses looking for expansion capital at any stage of the business cycle.

    Fractional CSO
    Sales Xceleration

    CEO ADVISOR & FRACTIONAL CSO, PROVIDING SALES SOLUTIONS FOR B2B BUSINESSES. Top Line Revenue Growth, Sales Strategy, Sales Structure, Sales Assessments, Sales Staffing, Resource Optimization, On-Site Sales Leadership.

    Managing Director
    Supporting Strategies | Northern Chicago

    You need outsourced enterprise level accounting solutions to startups, small businesses, and nonprofits.

    Founder & Wealth Manager
    Steward Advisors, LLC

    A client is struggling to understand how to convert the value of their business into an income stream in retirement.

    SBA Business Development Officer
    Huntington National Bank

    You want to inquire about an SBA Loan (7a, 504, Express)

    Managing Director
    Sage Intermediaries LLC

    You learn of a business owner interested in exploring the possibilities of selling their business. At Water Street Advisors success matters; we are the road to a successful transaction.

    G2G Strategies

    You or your company needs to explore options on selling or prior to retirement planning. Goldberg Heinze specializes in manufacturing companies, metalworking, companies up to $25M in revenue.

    VP of Sales
    Engage PEO

    A business has a "getting better" agenda and needs to contain costs on health insurance, reduce employment risk, offload administrative duties and become a better place to work!

    Ostrow Reisin Berk & Abrams, Ltd.

    You need someone on your team that can get into the details and also provide high level advise and counsel. Someone that will do what it takes to help the client be successful.

    Tax Supervisor
    Kutchins Robbins & Diamond

    If you need tax assistance please reach out to me.

    Managing Director
    Capstone Headwaters

    A middle market business needs capital or is at a point of transition. My firm is not a generalist, but rather a series of highly focused industry verticals with depth and breadth of expertise.

    Century Sales Solutions, LLC

    I help small to mid-size businesses put get their revenue generation back on track by building a solid sales infrastructure that addresses strategy, processes and execution creating a path to sustainable sales growth.

    Managing Director
    Pilot Hill Advisors

    An owner needs to consider selling and could benefit from a look at an ESOP or sale to existing management to ensure continuity, liquidity and a flexible transition.

    RKG Consulting Group, Inc.

    You have a business owner client needing help finding and fixing problems standing in the way of achieving greater success. I find and fix problems in business systems and processes.

    Managing Director and Principal
    Valbridge Property Advisors - Chicago Metro

    There is a need for a credible commercial real property appraisal or valuation service. We provide an array of commercial property valuation services.

    General Manager
    Supporting Strategies|Chicago Far West Suburbs

    A Financial Accounting (Bookkeeping thru Controller) needs to be improved.

    SBA Lending Specialist
    Huntington National Bank

    I can provide SBA financing to complete an acquisition or partner buyout.

    Founder and Managing Director
    CoreStrata Management Consulting

    You need to accelerate the growth, performance, and profitability of businesses in all life-stages and levels of performance.

    Mart Partners

    You have a business owner who is within a few years of selling their business or is ready to sell now.

    Audit & Assurance Supervisor
    Kutchins, Robbins & Diamond, Ltd.

    Please contact me if you are looking for any accounting and business advisory services from a professional CPA.

    Wealth Advisor

    We often work with really successful family-owned businesses who want a team with enough firepower to proactively handle their personal wealth planning.

    Managing Director
    Literal North, LLC

    Business owners are preparing their company for sale and are looking to uncover hidden opportunities and profit. If you are an investment bank, your Sellers will benefit by controlling the commercial due diligence process up front.

    Financial Advisor
    Merrill Lynch

    You are looking for a Financial Advisor that is part of a team that has over 100 years of experience and has the ability to utilize both the expertise of Merrill Lynch and Bank of America

    Managing Partner
    MW Supply Chain Services

    Business Brokering for companies under $25M in sales

    Sr. Director, Business Owner Advisor

    Business owners (generally family-owned) are ready to begin discussing a proactive process to transition their business.

    AVP, Relationship Manager
    Busey Bank

    Call me for all of your Banking needs whether it be lending, depository, cash management, or wealth management.

    SVP - Business Banking Team Lead
    Wintrust Financial

    You have a client with loan and/or treasury management needs.

    RainMaker Securities, LLC

    Please contact me when your clients want access to unique investments. RainMaker Securities is a full service mid-market merchant bank.

    Owner/President/Professional EOS Implementer
    Merchab Consulting Group, Inc.

    Want to implement a complete proven system with simple practical tools that helps organizations clarify their vision, become more disciplined in executing their vision and advance as a team.

    Vice President
    North Coast Capital Advisors, Ltd.

    We guide sellers and buyers through every facet of the transaction; from planning and enhancing operations pre-sale through the confidential marketing, negotiations and due diligence.

    Certified Public Accountant
    KRD, Ltd.

    You need help in succession planning, estate planning, tax planning or any audit or accounting needs.

    Goldberg Heinze Business Advisors, Paul M. Heinze Company

    Provide professional opinion and insight as applied to questions or issues related to Corporate transition, growth, divestiture and diversification.


    You need to prepare for business transition, have tax issues or need independent financial statements. We also have access to a full array of advisory services.

    Business Performance Advisor

    I help business owners navigate the ever-challenging world of employees, reporting and compliance and addressing high and unpredictable health care and workers’ compensation cost.

    ProCFO Partners

    A business needs a financial leader to increase the value of the company

    Wealth Advisor
    Strategic Wealth Partners

    To Mike the most gratifying part of helping people manage their wealth is bringing them a sense of control and confidence about the future.

    Kelleher + Holland, LLC

    Corporate and commercial business, mergers and acquisitions, commercial real estate and contracts law.

    President / Advisor
    Sales Xceleration

    At Sales Xceleration we work with business owners who are experiencing challenges related to sales to help them realize their full potential.

    Grogan Hesse & Uditsky, P.C.

    You have any question or issue, regardless of whether you think it's a legal question. If I don't know the answer, I can connect you with somebody who does.

    Franchise & Corporate Attorney
    Liss & Lamar, P.C. | FranLaw

    Buying or selling their business, expansion through licensing or franchising, protecting their brand through trademarks, negotiate a lease, or generally has legal questions.

    Managing Director
    Value Growth Partners, LTD.

    A business leader or owner is thinking about transitioning the management or ownership of a business. The best transitions start 5 years ahead of the actual transtion.

    Diamond Growth Partners, LLC.

    You need an affordable and custom approach to stabilizing, scaling, or growing a business. Or to turnaround or prepare a business for sale. Experience as CEO, CFO, COO, & Head of Marketing & Sales.

    Business Advisor
    100Waters Group LLC

    When you have a business owner with an eye on a 5-10 year exit. I help with strategic planning, accountability and building up fundamental skills within a company.

    Managing Principal
    Ashland Capital Advisors LLC

    Call me when you are thinking it is time to plan an exit and/or actually selling the business.

    Investment Counselor
    Capital Group

    I work with clients and their trusted advisers to go through an integrated planning process which will help inform an appropriate investment strategy to accomplish stated goals and objectives.

    Matlin Financial Services

    You need a financial projection of your retirement income to help make your money last as long as you do; or, you want a better 401(k) or retirement plan for your company.

    Consulting Psychologist
    Hamilton-Chase Consulting

    1. A client feels unsure about retirement (or their next chapter) and could benefit from sorting through the head and heart issues. 2. You would like a pre-retirement workshop for clients nearing retirement.

    May Law Firm, LLC

    You want thorough and personalized legal representation related to the purchase, sale, or operation of a business in a timely manner.

    Client Advisor
    JP Morgan

    You need solutions to complex financial problems. I specialize in pre- and post-transaction wealth planning. Focused on a goals-based approach.

    Executive Vice President, Chief Lending Officer

    Financing is needed for small business owners - SBA 7(a) and SBA 504 programs

    Principal & Founding Member
    Eschbach & Associates, LLC


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