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Evan Orman
Orman Williams LLP

Call Me When... you want to chat about M&A or raising capital for startups and SaaS companies

New Member
Max Kopytko of KRD, Ltd. is a member of XPX Chicago
Max Kopytko
Audit & Assurance Manager
KRD, Ltd.

Call Me When... Please contact me if you are looking for any accounting and business advisory services from a professional CPA.

Member for 5 Years
Anthony Mulé of Valbridge Property Advisors - Chicago Metro is a member of XPX Chicago
Anthony S. Mulé
Managing Director and Principal
Valbridge Property Advisors - Chicago Metro

Call Me When... there is a need for a credible commercial real property appraisal or valuation service. We provide an array of commercial property valuation services.

Member for 3 Years
Jeff Milkie
Managing Director
Principal Alternative Credit - Direct Lending

Call Me When... We provide creative and customized structured debt solutions to support acquisitions, growth capital, refinancings, and recapitalizations (ownership transfers, distributions, etc.)

Member for 1 Year
James Brace of Brace MCS is a member of XPX Chicago
James F Brace
Part Time CFO / Consultant
Brace MCS

Call Me When... When you need a sounding board to test your strategy, goals and plans or to solve a sales trend, earnings or cash flow problem.

Member for 7 Years
Nate Jordan
Executive Director
Small Business Development Center

Call Me When... SBDC - M&A Advisory / Capital Advisory

New Member
Jamhal M Johnson
Co-Founder & CFO
Moor's Brewing Company

Call Me When... There are networking opportunities

Member for 2 Years
Dan Mahoney
Business Performance Advisor

Call Me When... HR Specialist- I help C suite exec's & small business owners grow their top line, mitigate risk and cut costs through human capital management

Member for 1 Year
Derek Zacarias of DAK is a member of XPX Chicago
Derek Zacarias

Call Me When... You are looking to maximize the value of your business by selling your company, making an acquisition or looking to maximize capital structure...

New Member
Jason Lersch of Capital Group is a member of XPX Chicago
Jason Lersch
Investment Counselor
Capital Group

Call Me When... I work with clients and their trusted advisers to go through an integrated planning process which will help inform an appropriate investment strategy to accomplish stated goals and objectives.

Member for 7 Years
Chris Zdunich of Engage PEO is a member of XPX Chicago
Chris Zdunich
VP of Sales
Engage PEO

Call Me When... a business has a "getting better" agenda and needs to contain costs on health insurance, reduce employment risk, offload administrative duties and become a better place to work!

Member for 4 Years
Erin Manning

Call Me When... You have a client in need of additional finance and accounting bandwidth (QOE support, modeling, diligence)

Member for 2 Years
Mark O'Brien of Value Growth Partners, LTD. is a member of XPX Chicago
Mark O'Brien
Managing Director
Value Growth Partners, LTD.

Call Me When... a business leader or owner is thinking about transitioning the management or ownership of a business. The best transitions start 5 years ahead of the actual transtion.

Member for 3 Years
Andrew J Cameron
SOGID Management Consultants, Inc.

Call Me When... Someone needs operational improvement, sales management consulting, financial management, debt and equity sourcing, M&A advisory services as well as turnaround and distressed asset management work

Member for 2 Years
Allen Kutchins
Certified Public Accountant
KRD, Ltd.

Call Me When... You need help in succession planning, estate planning, tax planning or any audit or accounting needs.

Member for 7 Years
Aaron OConnor of Bridge CPA is a member of XPX Chicago
Aaron OConnor
Bridge CPA

Call Me When... A business needs their accounting / tax records in order or is getting ready to execute buy / sell activity.

New Member
Matthew Parker of JP Morgan Private Bank is a member of XPX Chicago
Matthew Parker
JP Morgan Private Bank

Call Me When... You need solutions to complex financial problems. I specialize in pre- and post-transaction wealth planning. Focused on a goals-based approach.

Member for 5 Years
Germaine Harris of BMO is a member of XPX Chicago
Germaine Harris
Director, Private Wealth Advisor

Call Me When... You need the help of a team of experts to address complex planning issues around: Business transition, Wealth transfer, Sophisticated income and tax planning. My team consists of a Private Banker, Wealth Planner, and a Trust professional.

Member for 3 Years
Ejaz Syed of Huntington National Bank is a member of XPX Chicago
Ejaz Syed
SBA Lending Specialist
Huntington National Bank

Call Me When... i can provide SBA financing to complete an acquisition or partner buyout.

Member for 2 Years
Beckie Hayes of EOS Worldwide is a member of XPX Chicago
Beckie Hayes
Professional EOS Implementer
EOS Worldwide

Call Me When... want to implement a complete proven system with simple practical tools that helps organizations clarify their vision, become more disciplined in executing their vision and advance as a team.

Member for 7 Years
Doug Marcheschi
Vice President/Director
Daniel & Henry Insurance and Risk Managment

Call Me When... Insurance Broker and Risk Manager focusing on privately held emerging and middle market firms.

Member for 1 Year
Mike McCracken of Wintrust Financial is a member of XPX Chicago
Mike McCracken
SVP - Business Banking Team Lead
Wintrust Financial

Call Me When... you have a client with loan and/or treasury management needs.

Member for 3 Years
Theresa Kenaga of Transworld Business Advisors is a member of XPX Chicago
Theresa Kenaga
Business Broker
Transworld Business Advisors

Call Me When... You encounter a business owner who would like to understand the value of their business as well as exit strategies

New Member
Laura Liss of Liss & Lamar, P.C. | FranLaw is a member of XPX Chicago
Laura Liss
Franchise & Corporate Attorney
Liss & Lamar, P.C. | FranLaw

Call Me When... Buying or selling their business, expansion through licensing or franchising, protecting their brand through trademarks, negotiate a lease, or generally has legal questions.

Member for 4 Years
Michael J Schodrof
Financial Advisor

Call Me When... You need someone with a wealth of experience in your advisory circle as a small business owner. I have 25 years of Financial Services experience. Through the platform at UBS, I have access to a boutique investment banking network to aid in a sale.

Member for 1 Year

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