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Jen Miller
Senior Vice President
Coastal States Bank
You have a client that would like a banking partner who can deliver all deposit and treasury solutions along with any lending needs and will do so with expertise and a great client experience
New Member
David Gutt
BNY Mellon
A business owner is considering selling some or all of their ownership stake.
Member for 1 Year
George H Bergmark
President and CEO
GT Solutions International LLC
Assist Private Business Owners become Executive Chairmen of their companies
New Member
Nikki Evans of Ridgeline Coaching is a member of XPX Atlanta
Nikki Evans
Ridgeline Coaching
You have people issues, low morale, lack of accountability, are trying to solve a tough problem or looking for the next thing
New Member
Christopher Smith of Bristol Group Atlanta is a member of XPX Atlanta
Christopher David Smith
M&A Advisor
Bristol Group Atlanta
M&A Broker/Advisor
New Member
Ray Payne of Cerner Capital is a member of XPX Atlanta
Ray Payne
Cerner Capital
You have a complex financial life or have a complex tax transaction to prepare for.
Member for 4 Years
Quinn Shearer of Adams Capital is a member of XPX Atlanta
Quinn Shearer
Adams Capital
There is an issue related to business valuation, or an opinion of business value is needed to support tax reporting, financial reporting, a transaction, or a dispute.
Member for 4 Years
Chris Graham
Crown Capital Investments
You want to optimize your business.
Member for 2 Years
Laura M Tshilumba
Senior International Tax Manager
HLB Gross Collins, P.C.
Email is best way to get in touch with me
Member for 1 Year
Jeff Armacost of Whole Brain Brands is a member of XPX Atlanta
Jeff Armacost
Brand Consultant, Builder, Storyteller
Whole Brain Brands
You need a new story that gets your customer and the world to know just how awesome, different and valuable your business or organization really is.
Member for 2 Years
Ronald E Jones
Certified Exit Planning Advisor
Ameriprise Financial LLC
New Member
Chad Ettmueller of JCR Settlements, LLC is a member of XPX Atlanta
Chad D. Ettmueller
Senior Vice President
JCR Settlements, LLC
You need to maximize a sale through deferral of immediate tax obligations and the creative growth of sales proceeds through variable investment, installment sale strategies. Our services are free of charge and can help all parties in a transaction.
Member for 1 Year
Bruce McFadden of Carr, Riggs & Ingram is a member of XPX Atlanta
Bruce McFadden
Carr, Riggs & Ingram
You would like an objective view on an exit you might be considering from a seasoned accounting and consulting professional.
Member for 2 Years
Karen Powell of ASC is a member of XPX Atlanta
Karen L Powell
A business owner client of yours is wanting to exit but wants also to increase the business value prior to sale. Also if the Business Owner needs to determine what sale amount will produce a sustainable future income, I can help determine that.
New Member
Tiffany Wright of The Resourceful CEO is a member of XPX Atlanta
Tiffany C Wright
The Resourceful CEO
Experiencing cash flow or profitability issues, low morale retention, or burnout or when an owner needs more flexibility or an organization revamp (i.e., more company structure)
Member for 1 Year
Rob Margeton of Ryco Advisors, LLC is a member of XPX Atlanta
Rob Margeton
Ryco Advisors, LLC
A business owner is starting to think about exiting and needs someone to run a structured process to value, market, and successfully exit his business
Member for 3 Years
Britt Faunce of City National Bank is a member of XPX Atlanta
Britt Faunce
VP-Business Banking
City National Bank
A $5-50MM Business needs a CFO Banker for Acquisition, Real Estate, Working Capital, or Equipment Financing or to just help streamline cash flow and financial operations in preparation for an exit.
New Member
Michael Rosenthal of Taylor English Duma is a member of XPX Atlanta
Michael S Rosenthal
Attorney at Law
Taylor English Duma
You want a seasoned attorney to assist with any franchise related business, be it a franchisor or franchisee. I love helping start-ups!
Member for 4 Years
Alpha Diallo
Managing Director
CapVal-American Business Appraisers
You need me
New Member
Derek Crevello of MSouth Capital is a member of XPX Atlanta
Derek Crevello
Managing Director
MSouth Capital
A company needs flexible debt or minority equity for growth, add-on acquisitions, refinancings/ recaps, liquidity or dividends (must have $2.5mm+ of EBITDA).
New Member
Ari A Wajnberg
Montevino Advisory Services, LLC
You are in need of preparing your business for sale, or in need of optimizing, scaling, or turning around your business
New Member
Andy Christiansen
AC & Co.
We help businesses move from being founder-led to leadership-team-led. We also have a in person or virtual leadership masterclass that employers leaders and teams to product more ROI and ROL (return on life) better me + better you = better us.
New Member
Tim Templeton of Trivest Partners - Private Equity is a member of XPX Atlanta
Tim Templeton
Director, Business Development
Trivest Partners - Private Equity
A business owner is seeking an exit or liquidity (full or partial). Or when an owner is looking for a strategic equity partner to accelerate their business’s growth, while increasing its valuation.
Member for 2 Years
Joseph Farach of Neri Capital Partners is a member of XPX Atlanta
Joseph L Farach
Neri Capital Partners
When you want to build your business value, develop Exit Strategy or Sell your Business e for the next phase whether that be internal succession or third party sale.
Member for 1 Year
Jeremy R. Bird
VP Life Sales
Arthur J. Gallagher
Your client needs a non biased review of their existing life, disability, long term care, or executive benefits policies, buy/sell agreements or informal business valuation.
Member for 3 Years

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