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Private company clients need access to a trusted team of advisors to marshal them to through the various stages of the business lifecycle. The XPX member directory is where you can find a diverse group of experts – and they can find you. 

It’s easy to find an expert by using the search box or these handy directories to choose from 12 professions, 75+ areas of functional expertise and 20 client industry categories. Feel free to reach out to the advisors with the expertise you seek. Contact us for further assistance.

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Roxann Smithers of Smithers Law Group, LLC is a member of XPX Atlanta
Roxann S Smithers
Business Attorney, Founder
Smithers Law Group, LLC
Your client does not have an attorney on staff or a relationship with the law firm that is providing comprehensive general counsel services.
Member for 2 Years
Bruce Wood of Brady Ware Arpeggio, LLC is a member of XPX Atlanta
Bruce C Wood
Brady Ware Arpeggio, LLC
The value of a business or business interest drives a material decision in your client's life.
Member for 3 Years
Jac Counts
Southern Oak Advisory
A client may need to have their life insurance reviewed to make sure they are in the best possible situation as business needs continually evolve.
Member for 2 Years
Nate Woods
Peachtree Coaching Group
A business owner is looking to build a "Commercial, profitable enterprise that works without them!" to sell for the highest multiple.
New Member
Brent Stromwall of Odigos, LLC is a member of XPX Atlanta
Brent Stromwall
Odigos, LLC
The owner is overwhelmed in the day-to-day and wants to transition the leadership of the business.
Member for 1 Year
Kevin Sledge of Synovus is a member of XPX Atlanta
Kevin Sledge
VP, Commercial Banker
You have commercial financing needs for Business Acquisitions, Real Estate purchases and Working Capital.
New Member
Alan Adcock of Automated Solutions Consulting Group is a member of XPX Atlanta
Alan Adcock
Automated Solutions Consulting Group
Call me when a client needs to validate the value and assess potential cyber vulnerabilities of the digital infrastructure in a business planning or by/sell proposition.
Member for 3 Years
Joe Mraz of Raymond James is a member of XPX Atlanta
Joe Mraz
Financial Advisor
Raymond James
A client needs a financial plan to map out their lifestyle with a focus on retirement, education, and estate planning.
New Member
Todd Callen of AcSellerate Sales Advisors, LLC is a member of XPX Atlanta
Todd Callen
AcSellerate Sales Advisors, LLC
I am a Fractional Chief Revenue Officer/Sales VP and I help companies grow their sales quickly by leading and managing the sales operation for companies needing stronger sales results.
Member for 1 Year
Rob Swartwood of consilium is a member of XPX Atlanta
Rob Swartwood
Wise and experienced counsel is needed, particularly in respect to ongoing business operations, or future acquisitions or sales.
Member for 3 Years
Ryan A Pendleton
SBA Banker
South State Bank
I focus primarily on SBA lending with the ideal borrower being a small and mid-size businesses in need of capital to facilitate the acquisition of an existing business, buyout a partner, or fund business growth needs.
Member for 1 Year
Laura M Tshilumba
Senior International Tax Manager
HLB Gross Collins, P.C.
Email is best way to get in touch with me
Member for 1 Year
Chris Graham
Crown Capital Investments
You want to optimize your business.
Member for 1 Year
David Gutt
BNY Mellon
A business owner is considering selling some or all of their ownership stake.
New Member
Ashley Edwards of Insperity is a member of XPX Atlanta
Ashley Edwards
Certified Business Performance Advisor
Human Capital Needs and Cost Containment/Outsourced HR
Member for 1 Year
Sara Burden of Walden Businesses, Inc. is a member of XPX Atlanta
Sara B. Burden
Walden Businesses, Inc.
You have a client considering the sale of their privately held manufacturing, distribution or business-to-business service company.
Member for 3 Years
Anna White of Walden Businesses, Inc. is a member of XPX Atlanta
Anna Brumby White
Mergers & Acquisition Advisor
Walden Businesses, Inc.
You are looking to sell your business.
Member for 3 Years
Beth Morgan of Family Business Wealth is a member of XPX Atlanta
Beth B Morgan
Financial Consultant
Family Business Wealth
Cash flow projections are an important factor in deciding whether an exit will enable an owner to enjoy a successful retirement. This is where I may add value to the team + asset & risk management. Helping clients to be ready for what's next
Member for 1 Year
Robert M Rosner
Robert M. Rosner & Associates, Inc.
You want an independent insurance broker who brings years of experience in solving problems for entrepreneurs and professionals with their other trusted advisers.
Member for 3 Years
Esther "Essie" Escobedo of Office Angels is a member of XPX Atlanta
Esther "Essie" R Escobedo
Chief Executive Angel
Office Angels
Office Angels serves as a professional matchmaker, linking small businesses in need of support with smart, reliable, credentialed and experienced professionals who work as needed.
Member for 2 Years
Alex Freeland of Merrill Lynch is a member of XPX Atlanta
Alex Freeland
Financial Advisor, Portfolio Advisor
Merrill Lynch
Our team establishes customized financial strategies aligned to our clients defined goals, and navigating life/business changes to build and protect our clients legacy with intention and purpose.
Member for 3 Years
Catherine Cates
EOS Worldwide
You are a business owner who feels your business is running you. I can eliminate the chaos and help you build a strong team and great results for a successful exit.
Member for 2 Years
Emma Foulkes of Altruist Wealth Partners is a member of XPX Atlanta
Emma I Foulkes
Altruist Wealth Partners
A client before your client sells their buisness so we can explore high level tax strategies.
Member for 3 Years
Barton Black
Senior Partner
Blue Sky Law
You are looking to buy or sell a business. I assess HR/Employment issues to help Sellers better position their businesses for sale and to help Buyers properly value target businesses.
New Member
Greg Silberman of Ritterband tax & Accounting Solutions LLC is a member of XPX Atlanta
Greg Silberman
Managing Director
Ritterband tax & Accounting Solutions LLC
You are in need of a CPA
New Member

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