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Emma Foulkes of Collective Wealth Partners is a member of XPX Atlanta
Emma I Foulkes
Collective Wealth Partners

Call Me When... Your client is getting serious about an offer to sell, so we can explore highly effective tax strategies.

Member for 3 Years
Jeremy R. Bird
VP Life Sales
Arthur J. Gallagher

Call Me When... Your client needs a non biased review of their existing life, disability, long term care, or executive benefits policies, buy/sell agreements or informal business valuation.

Member for 4 Years
Suzanne Durbin
Business Services Specialist and Wealth Advisor
Level Four Business Solutions

Call Me When... you want to talk exit planning, key man programs, buy/sell funding or managing $ post-exit

New Member
Christian Williams
Carr, Riggs & Ingram, LLC

Call Me When... Call anytime - I specialize in QofEs (buy and sell-side), Business Valuations, and the traditional auditing and taxation services

Member for 1 Year
Tracy Falagrady of USI is a member of XPX Atlanta
Tracy S Falagrady
Private Risk Advisor

Call Me When... You want direction and advice with respect to insurance needs, coverages and education specific to your unique set of circumstances.

Member for 3 Years
Dominick Wallace of Wallace Capital Funding is a member of XPX Atlanta
Dominick Wallace
Managing Director
Wallace Capital Funding

Call Me When... We help entrepreneurs, real estate investors and business owners get access to capital in the shortest period of time with minimum efforts and maximum profits!

Member for 2 Years
Anna White of Walden Businesses, Inc. is a member of XPX Atlanta
Anna Brumby White
Mergers & Acquisition Advisor
Walden Businesses, Inc.

Call Me When... you are looking to sell your business.

Member for 3 Years
David Wright

Call Me When... M&A attorney

New Member
Alpha Diallo
Managing Director
CapVal-American Business Appraisers

Call Me When... You need me

Member for 1 Year
Mark Beal of Instead of Flowers is a member of XPX Atlanta
Mark Beal
Instead of Flowers

Call Me When... you want to do something nice for someone you care about, and you're not sure what to get them!

New Member
Jeff Armacost of Whole Brain Brands is a member of XPX Atlanta
Jeff Armacost
Brand Consultant, Builder, Storyteller
Whole Brain Brands

Call Me When... You need a new story that gets your customer and the world to know just how awesome, different and valuable your business or organization really is.

Member for 3 Years
Alan Adcock of Automated Solutions Consulting Group is a member of XPX Atlanta
Alan Adcock
Automated Solutions Consulting Group

Call Me When... Call me when a client needs to validate the value and assess potential cyber vulnerabilities of the digital infrastructure in a business planning or by/sell proposition.

Member for 3 Years
Hilda Mwangi of HAZ Advisors LLC. is a member of XPX Atlanta
Hilda Mwangi
Chief Financial Officer
HAZ Advisors LLC.

Call Me When... Call me if you need a detailed financial due diligence report. We will quickly identify red flags and financial weaknesses that can greatly impact the value of a business.

New Member
Tom Fulton of Neri Capital Partners is a member of XPX Atlanta
Tom Fulton
Neri Capital Partners

Call Me When... you have questions about the value of your company or are interested in discussing the future.

Member for 4 Years
Ron Carmichael of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management is a member of XPX Atlanta
Ron Carmichael
Financial Advisor
Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Call Me When... clients that needs financial planning and alternative funding solutions

Member for 2 Years
Kenny Baer of Baer Wealth is a member of XPX Atlanta
Kenny J Baer
Managing Partner
Baer Wealth

Call Me When... someone has had or is preparing for a liquidity event and needs help evaluating their complete financial situation.

Member for 3 Years
Derek Crevello of MSouth Capital is a member of XPX Atlanta
Derek Crevello
Managing Director
MSouth Capital

Call Me When... A company needs flexible debt or minority equity for growth, add-on acquisitions, refinancings/ recaps, liquidity or dividends (must have $2.5mm+ of EBITDA).

New Member
Lorne Greenfield of Capital Concepts USA LLC is a member of XPX Atlanta
Lorne Greenfield
Capital Concepts USA LLC

Call Me When... a client wants to see how finance can be used strategically to achieve explosive growth in their business.

Member for 3 Years
Robert M Rosner
Robert M. Rosner & Associates, Inc.

Call Me When... you want an independent insurance broker who brings years of experience in solving problems for entrepreneurs and professionals with their other trusted advisers.

Member for 3 Years
Britt Faunce of City National Bank is a member of XPX Atlanta
Britt Faunce
VP-Business Banking
City National Bank

Call Me When... A $5-50MM Business needs a CFO Banker for Acquisition, Real Estate, Working Capital, or Equipment Financing or to just help streamline cash flow and financial operations in preparation for an exit.

New Member
Will Lee
Applied Economics

Call Me When... Valuation, Investment Banking & ESOP Advisory

New Member
Jake P Foster
Associate Investment Banker
Forvis Capital Advisors LLC

Call Me When... Company owners need experienced assistance in formulating and executing their growth and exit strategies

New Member
Ray Payne of Cerner Capital is a member of XPX Atlanta
Ray Payne
Cerner Capital

Call Me When... You have a complex financial life or have a complex tax transaction to prepare for.

Member for 4 Years
David Gutt
BNY Mellon

Call Me When... A business owner is considering selling some or all of their ownership stake.

Member for 1 Year
Lamar Gresham of USI is a member of XPX Atlanta
Lamar Gresham
Private Risk Management

Call Me When... You have a need for understanding of the exposures facing the non-financial assets of the financially successful individuals and families.

Member for 3 Years

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