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Ted Jenkin
Managing Partner
Exit Stage Left Advisors

Call Me When... You are ready to sell your business. We maximize multiples and minimize stress.

New Member
Bruce Wood of Brady Ware Arpeggio, LLC is a member of XPX Atlanta
Bruce C Wood
BW Arpeggio

Call Me When... the value of a business or business interest drives a material decision in your client's life.

Member for 4 Years
Ronald Jones of Ameriprise Financial LLC is a member of XPX Atlanta
Ronald E Jones
Certified Exit Planning Advisor
Ameriprise Financial LLC

Call Me When... a business owner looking to consider ownership change who wants to sell for the highest multiple.

Member for 1 Year
Mark Dayman of BW Arpeggio LLC is a member of XPX Atlanta
Mark A Dayman
BW Arpeggio LLC


Member for 4 Years
Sabine Williams of Legacy CPA Services is a member of XPX Atlanta
Sabine Williams
Legacy CPA Services

Call Me When... Bookkeeping, technical accounting, outsourced controller, compilation, reviews and advisory services to accounting firms.

Member for 3 Years
Ben Nicholson of Fortis Business Advisors is a member of XPX Atlanta
Ben T Nicholson
Fortis Business Advisors

Call Me When... Helping small to lower middle market businesses in healthy or distressed situations with performance optimization, asset maximization, turnaround management, and liquidation.

New Member
Ryan Pendleton of South State Bank is a member of XPX Atlanta
Ryan A Pendleton
SBA Banker
South State Bank

Call Me When... I focus primarily on SBA lending with the ideal borrower being a small and mid-size businesses in need of capital to facilitate the acquisition of an existing business, buyout a partner, or fund business growth needs.

Member for 2 Years
Ashley Edwards of Insperity is a member of XPX Atlanta
Ashley Edwards
Certified Business Performance Advisor

Call Me When... Human Capital Needs and Cost Containment/Outsourced HR

Member for 2 Years
Peter Stewart
Director- Wealth Manager
BNY Mellon

Call Me When... A business owner is looking to integrate asset and debt management in one place.

New Member
Josh Dukelow
Gift Planning Officer
Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta

Call Me When... your client wants to reduce taxes and give back as part of the exit process.

New Member
Karen Powell of ASC is a member of XPX Atlanta
Karen L Powell

Call Me When... a business owner client of yours is wanting to exit but wants also to increase the business value prior to sale. Also if the Business Owner needs to determine what sale amount will produce a sustainable future income, I can help determine that.

Member for 1 Year
Bob Kawabe
Founder and Principal
Kawabe & Associates, LLC

Call Me When... You want to move on to the next phase of life and live your true purpose. We help transform our clients from being financially successful to living the life of significance!

Member for 3 Years
Jordan L Cantrell
Wealth Manager
Edward Jones

Call Me When... you have a business owner that needs confidence they can plan for a work options lifestyle. Good business strategy is always exit planning.

New Member
Dominick Wallace of Wallace Capital Funding is a member of XPX Atlanta
Dominick Wallace
Managing Director
Wallace Capital Funding

Call Me When... We help entrepreneurs, real estate investors and business owners get access to capital in the shortest period of time with minimum efforts and maximum profits!

Member for 3 Years
Jennifer Wright
Founder & CEO

Call Me When... I am a book writer and publisher. I help business leaders to become business influencers by sharing their stories.

New Member
Samuel Richmond of Nvestfit, LLC/ LPL Financial is a member of XPX Atlanta
Samuel Richmond
Nvestfit, LLC/ LPL Financial

Call Me When... You desire a partner that truly understands what’s most important to you and employs an established process to build personalized strategies to assist you in reaching your goals with greater confidence and peace of mind.

Member for 3 Years
Patrick Renn of The Renn Wealth Management Group is a member of XPX Atlanta
Patrick Renn
The Renn Wealth Management Group

Call Me When... You need to decide if you will have enough, will it remain enough, and who should eventually get it.

Member for 4 Years
Frank Herron of Sterling Seacrest Pritchard Insurance is a member of XPX Atlanta
Frank Herron
Risk Advisor
Sterling Seacrest Pritchard Insurance

Call Me When... businesses need help reducing their total cost of risk.

Member for 1 Year
Jeffrey Leonard of Cohen Pollock Merlin Turner P.C. is a member of XPX Atlanta
Jeffrey Leonard
Cohen Pollock Merlin Turner P.C.

Call Me When... your business owner client needs legal help - whether it's planning what will happen to their business if something happens to them, or just wants to build a more valuable, transferable business.

Member for 5 Years
Mark Rohs
SVP - Commercial Relationship Manager
Regions Bank

Call Me When... A business needs Credit, Treasury, Merchant Services, Trust, RE, SBA

New Member
Daniel Miller of Bernstein Private Wealth Management is a member of XPX Atlanta
Daniel Miller
Vice President
Bernstein Private Wealth Management

Call Me When... You want to quantify advice you are giving to business owners - to give them confidence to move forward

Member for 2 Years
Tim Templeton of Trivest Partners - Private Equity is a member of XPX Atlanta
Tim Templeton
Director, Business Development
Trivest Partners - Private Equity

Call Me When... A business owner is seeking an exit or liquidity (full or partial). Or when an owner is looking for a strategic equity partner to accelerate their business’s growth, while increasing its valuation.

Member for 3 Years
Ray Payne of Cerner Capital is a member of XPX Atlanta
Ray Payne
Cerner Capital

Call Me When... You have a complex financial life or have a complex tax transaction to prepare for.

Member for 5 Years
Geoff Gober of West Paces Advisors is a member of XPX Atlanta
Geoff Gober
West Paces Advisors

Call Me When... At any stage of the business cycle you or your client need a wealth management partner experienced in helping coordinate efforts towards both business and personal success.

Member for 4 Years
Jake P Foster
Associate Investment Banker
Forvis Capital Advisors LLC

Call Me When... Company owners need experienced assistance in formulating and executing their growth and exit strategies

New Member

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