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Private company clients need access to a trusted team of advisors to marshal them to through the various stages of the business lifecycle. The XPX member directory is where you can find a diverse group of experts – and they can find you.

It’s easy to find an expert by using the search box or these handy directories to choose from 12 professions, 75+ areas of functional expertise and 20 client industry categories. Feel free to reach out to the advisors with the expertise you seek. Contact us for further assistance.

Members of the Exit Planning Exchange – XPX Triangle Chapter are a select group of expert advisors to privately-held businesses. These diverse experts are chosen by their peers for their expertise and shared values that include: Work collaboratively, Put the client first, Think long term, Consider the human angle and Always be learning.
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Arles A Taylor
Patent Attorney
Jenkins, Wilson, Taylor, & Hunt, PA

Call Me When... you want to grow or assess your intellectual property portfolio

Member for 3 Years
Mark England of Franchise Directions is a member of XPX Triangle
Mark England
Franchise Directions

Call Me When... You are considering franchise investment or growing your business.

New Member
Justin Clayton
Financial Advisor
Edward Jones

Call Me When... A business owner is looking to keep more of their hard earned money instead of giving it to Uncle Sam.

New Member
Van Daughtry of Van Daughtry Consulting, LLC is a member of XPX Triangle
Van Daughtry
Van Daughtry Consulting, LLC

Call Me When... Considering buying or selling a business, franchise, or commercial property.

Member for 3 Years
Joe Kozubowski of EOS Worldwide is a member of XPX Triangle
Joe Kozubowski
EOS Implementer
EOS Worldwide

Call Me When... You want to get more from your business and create more value. We provide a simple yet powerful set of tools called EOS to help owners gain Vision, Traction and grow a healthy leadership team aligned with the company's Vision.

Member for 1 Year
Jed Hysong of B2B CFO is a member of XPX Triangle
Jed Hysong

Call Me When... I serve owners of companies who want to increase cash, obtain financing, grow profitably, increase company value, plan strategically, and/or prepare a business to sell.

Member for 1 Year
Daniel Steyn of Sales Xceleration is a member of XPX Triangle
Daniel Steyn
Fractional VP of Sales
Sales Xceleration

Call Me When... You want to scale your business and exit. *Right People; Right Seats is a question * In growth mode and need to build or expand your sales team *Your revenue stalled* To elevate your sales team good to great* Sales team is underperforming

Member for 1 Year
Daniel Conklin of Hunter Street Investment Advisors is a member of XPX Triangle
Daniel B Conklin
Investment Advisor
Hunter Street Investment Advisors

Call Me When... I am a collaborative Advisor to business owners, I am driven to reach them where they are by building personal relationships, understanding their goals and coaching them to better personal and financial outcomes.

New Member
Adam J Goldblatt
Michael Best & Friedrich

Call Me When... I am a results-driven attorney that leverages my legal skills & business acumen by partnering with clients to achieve their goals and objectives and drive business growth or exits through a variety of innovative opportunities.

Member for 1 Year
Laird Hepburn of Business-owner Strategies Group, LLC is a member of XPX Triangle
Laird Hepburn
Managing Partner
Business-owner Strategies Group, LLC

Call Me When... you need help with with buy/sell, retirement plans, key person, personal financial planning, philanthropy, or asset protection.

Member for 3 Years
Joe Grabar of Fortress Financial Partners is a member of XPX Triangle
Joe Grabar
Managing Principal
Fortress Financial Partners

Call Me When... you're looking for tax deferral strategies, investment management and comprehensive financial planning

New Member
Chris Angel
National Practice Consultant
ERA Group

Call Me When... Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) is a global firm that delivers additional cash flow to middle market clients through savings found in their supplier base. We help firms inprove cash flow & EBITDA to help fund capital projects or prepare for exit.

Member for 1 Year
Craig Poms of TowneBank is a member of XPX Triangle
Craig Poms
SVP-Commercial Banking Officer

Call Me When... You need assistance with banking and finance issues.

Member for 3 Years
Chuck Riker of Meridian Bank is a member of XPX Triangle
Chuck Riker
SBA Business Development Officer
Meridian Bank

Call Me When... you want to discuss financing options to buy or sell a business or a partner buy out.

New Member
Michelle Campbell of Time Value Accounting & Business Services LLC is a member of XPX Triangle
Michelle Campbell
Time Value Accounting & Business Services LLC

Call Me When... a small to mid-size business needs CFO, Accounting, Tax planning, Tax resolution services.

Member for 2 Years
Scott J Medeiros of Rosewood Family of Companies is a member of XPX Triangle
Scott J Medeiros
Chief Execution Officer
Rosewood Family of Companies

Call Me When... your business operations is hampering your growth or needs reinforcement in advance of an exit.

New Member
Dan Wilson of Viking Mergers & Acquisitions is a member of XPX Triangle
Dan Wilson
Managing Partners
Viking Mergers & Acquisitions

Call Me When... you have a business owner looking at selling a business with an enterprise value between $1m and $50m.

New Member
Neal Isaacs of VR Business Brokers is a member of XPX Triangle
Neal J. Isaacs
VR Business Brokers

Call Me When... a business owner desires to sell their privately held business, or when you want advice about planning for a situation.

Member for 3 Years
Sarah Jansen of Cultivate Advisors is a member of XPX Triangle
Sarah Jansen
Director of Partnerships
Cultivate Advisors

Call Me When... Call me for a complimentary light valuation & health assessment and custom strategic roadmap to plan the growth of revenue, profit, and enterprise value.

Member for 1 Year
Blake Cranor of Live Oak Bank is a member of XPX Triangle
Blake Cranor
VP - Small Business Lending
Live Oak Bank

Call Me When... You have questions about or need assistance with bank financing.

New Member
J Brian Morgan
Founder & Managing Partner
TAELOS Financial Partners

Call Me When... To see where your business and personal financial vision comes together in order gain absolute clarity and achieve your greatest purpose.

New Member
Nigel Elkan
ActionCoach of the Triangle

Call Me When... You are ready to set ambitious personal and business goals and ready to get the professional coaching to achieve them.

Member for 3 Years
Alicia Parr of Performentor LLC is a member of XPX Triangle
Alicia Parr
Performentor LLC

Call Me When... growing / evolving business can use entrepreneur-friendly fractional HR and people science support

Member for 3 Years
Diego Muñoz of KW Commercial / is a member of XPX Triangle
Diego Muñoz
Commercial Realtor
KW Commercial /

Call Me When... Expert guidance is needed in the buying, selling, leasing, investing and/or development of commercial real estate.

Member for 3 Years
Tim Lappin
Financial Advisor

Call Me When... Whenever convenient for you during business hours.

New Member

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