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Private company clients need access to a trusted team of advisors to marshal them to through the various stages of the business lifecycle. The XPX member directory is where you can find a diverse group of experts – and they can find you. 

It’s easy to find an expert by using the search box or these handy directories to choose from 12 professions, 75+ areas of functional expertise and 20 client industry categories. Feel free to reach out to the advisors with the expertise you seek. Contact us for further assistance.

Member Directory

Managing Director, Family Wealth & Business Transition Planning
The Colony Group

You (or someone you know) are in need of assistance in planning for, and executing on your/their own personal & family exit from the ownership of a closely-held-business

Resolute Advisory Services

You've made an acquisition and are asking "Now what?" I work with CEOs and owners to grow their businesses by planning acquisitions and post-merger integrations to increase revenue and reduce costs.

life insurance broker

You want to understand how your life insurance is working

Managing Director
LockeBridge Capital Partners

You need corporate finance or merger/acquisition services

Director of Relationship Development
Centerpoint Advisors

I help high net worth clients have a better relationship with their money. Call me when you are looking for multi-generational planning and financial coaching.

Managing Director
Mohamed-Merola Wealth Management

A successful entrepreneur or business owner is thinking about a transition or sale and needs to know the implications and best strategy from the personal and family perspective.

Dunn Rush & Co. LLC

When a business owner is interested in considering the sale of their business, wants to how the M&A process works, and how to increase the value of the company between now and a liquidity event.

Managing Director
Edelman & Associates

You want to avoid having a deal blow up because the owner's mixed feelings surfaced in the form of seemingly irrational objections, concerns, or requests at the closing.

Managing Director
Oberon Securities

You or your client wants to sell your business, buy a business, understand value, and or raise capital.

Financial Planner
US Wealth Management

You are in need of a holistic financial plan incorporating all of the moving parts of your life, personal, business, estate, tax and investments.

Manager, Valuation Services Group

Valuation Advisory; Transition, Exit, Succession Planning; and Value Enhancement needs arise.

Dunn Rush & Co.

You have clients or friends that are considering a sale of their business.

Coos Bay Partners

You need help to understand your cash flow, establish and measure key indicators of performance or stage your operation for the rigor of a due diligence review or to perform a due diligence review.

Mediator and Coach
Cooperative Coaching & Mediation

Call me when conflict between business owners and their internal or external partners impedes company profitability or cultural cohesion.

Senior Vice President
Cambridge Trust

I help business owners and their advisor collaborate to achieve successful outcomes based upon each participants definition of success. Together we strive to help everyone's best next chapter.

SVP and Regional Manager
Middlesex Savings Bank

You need bank financing for a company based in New England with under $200MM in revenues. We provide financing for M&A, equity recaps, leverage cash flow deals and traditional business needs.

Tarlow Breed Hart & Rodgers, PC
Phinney Caldwell Growth

A potential sale of your company will not yield the proceeds you need; you need to increase your valuation and exit potential. Readiness for a sale requires improving profitability and growth.

Founder & CEO
U S Wealth Management

You want a complete financial plan encompassing all of the moving parts (estate, investments, taxes, insurance, family legacy planning, business planning).

Founding Partner
New Majority Capital

A buyer of a small business is looking for equity financing or a seller of a business with EBIT < $2M is looking for buyers

First Vice President Commercial Banking
Cambridge Savings Bank

There is a request for traditional debt financing, should it be fully secured/C&I or cash flow with an amortizing air ball or an ESOP loan.

Business Improvement Group, LLC

Contact us before you sell your business to improve operations and EBITDA quickly without capital expenditures.

Rutherford Advisors, Inc.
Tax Partner

The day before I am attending an XPX event

Business Advisor
Simonetta Consulting

Your business is not profitable, or not growing. I can help you get on track to meet your personal and company objectives.


You need help reducing or evaluating your business taxes.

Strategy Across Borders

You are a US business seeking to sell and are interested in tapping into our expertise regarding overseas buyers, or you are a non-US business looking to expand (including via M&A) into the US market

Transition Mentor
BTA, Inc.

You are starting to think about your eventual transition from your business, but don't really have an understanding of the whole transition process and what your actual exit options are.

First Vice President - Senior Asset-Based Lending Officer
Cambridge Savings Bank

A financing solution is needed to support business initiatives around growth, investment, M&A, operational turnaround, ownership transition, capital structure, liquidity, and enterprise value.

Founder & Principal
Romero Solutions Group

Your family business needs tailored management consulting. My firm specializes in helping small to mid-sized family businesses problem solve and create value across strategy and business operations.

Vice President

Senior debt cash flow financing for sponsor backed M&A transactions

Senior Vice President
Middlesex Savings Bank

When you need bank financing for working capital, business expansion and commercial building acquisitions.

Of Counsel
McLane Middleton, Professional Association

Your closely held or family owned business client is ready to strategize or implement an internal or external transition.

Principal Consultant
Expense Reduction Analysts, Inc.

You'd like to compare your costs to industry benchmarks. If we find you're paying more than you need to, we'll negotiate savings.

Time's Up, LLC

Someone you know wants sound, objective advice on the value of and transition from their small business.

Tarlow Breed Hart & Rodgers, PC
Financial Advisor and Registered Representative
Strategies for Wealth

When you believe a client may benefit from a discussion on the value of life and or disability insurance to protect the value of the personal wealth and also of that of their business.

Managing Director
Risk Strategies Company

An insurance question arises and I will likely have the answer, solution or know someone who will!

Nutter McClennan & Fish LLP

Legal Services are needed.

Alliance Private Wealth

You are looking for an Exit Planning Advocate to be by your side during your exit and beyond.

Director of Strategy & Transactions Advisory
Grant Thornton, LLP

You are buying or selling a business and require a Quality of Earnings analysis.

Managing Member
Caswell Vlachos Group

Someone is exploring the potential sale of a business or would like counsel as to how to begin the process, including positioning the business for future sale. Typically managing the marketing and sale of Northeast businesses - $2-15M.

Assistant Vice President
Mohamed-Merola Wealth Management

You have clients with complicated financial situations who need pre-transaction planning for them and their family.


The tax structure of a transaction requires evaluation and understanding

HUB International, LLC.

I focus on assisting the private equity and family office community through my insurance expertise. I support transactions, fundraising, and help the ecosystem source deals.

TD Bank, N.A.

You have a need for financing above $1MM. I work as a General Industries Relationship Manager for TD Bank.

Mirus Capital Advisors

You have a client or acquaintance looking to sell a business, buy a business, or raise capital

Founding Partner
ROCG Consulting

When you need a catalyst in guiding business owners to discover their personal values, goals and objectives, to ensure their end-in-mind objectives are met upon their business exit and/or transition


When in need of financial, accounting or tax advisory services relating to either ongoing operations or succession planning.

Managing Partner
KD-Partners Business Brokerage and Valuation Services

....You have a trusted relationship who desires to divest his/her business and requires a competent, knowledgeable and transparent advisor to help navigate through the transaction

President & CEO
CEO Resources, Inc.

You are the CEO/President/Primary Stockholder/Family Ownership Leader rethinking your exit strategy ahead of all of the others.I am the trusted advisor CEOs talk to before they talk to anyone else.

Wealth Manager
KLR Wealth Management
M&A Advisor
True North Advisors Group, LLC

Your client is trying to decide whether to sell, transfer or wind down their business. I will help them decide, then create a plan to sell to the right buyers

Vice President
Mohamed-Merola Wealth Management

A mature business owner needs help quantifying what the value of their business means to them and their family and developing a transition strategy around that need.

Nutter, McClennen & Fish, LLP

You need assistance with buy- or sell-side mergers or acquisitions, or assistance with venture capital financing.

FinArc Investments, Inc.

An entrepreneur needs help managing their investment portfolio and integrating it with other parts of their financial life (e.g. philanthropy, estate, tax, etc.)

Tarlow Breed Hart & Rodgers, PC

Please call me when you are considering structuring a transaction and for strategic tax planning for individuals.

US Wealth Management

We serve our clients as their Financial Head Coach which means we coordinate the services of all professionals. This helps them consolidate fractured advice before, during, and after a M&A transaction.

GoldCoast Mortgage Services

There is any question regarding real estate or financing.

Baystate Business Brokers

You are working with a business owner who is considering the sale of their company either immediately, or in the next 1-2 years.

Live Oak Bank

You are seeking financing to buy our sell a business.

Principal, Senior Client Strategist
BNY Mellon Wealth Management

A client needs financial planning advice and wealth management as early as possible in a transaction, where they will have at least $5M in investable assets.

RS Finance & Consulting, LLC

Call me when you want to sell your company, get a valuation of your company, learn about the sale process or need help making an acquisition.


Call me when a client needs GAAP Financials.

Managing Director
The Private Bank, Bank of America

Before the client sells the business and wants help figuring out: Do I have enough money? What should I do with the money? What do I need to know to make the best decisions for myself and my family?

Arent Fox LLP

You need legal advice for a M&A transaction, debt financing, or other corporate transaction.

Vice President
Dunn Rush & Co. LLC

Sell-Side M&A Advisor focuses exclusively on achieving maximum valuations for private and family-owned companies in a sale or recapitalization of the businesses valued between $20 - $200 million.

Senior Vice President / Private Client Advisor
Bank of America Private Bank

Your client needs to leverage their personal balance sheet to create liquidity or your client needs to put a post liquidity plan into place.

Managing Director
Monroe Credit Advisors

A client is look to raise debt, either through our direct lending platform at Monroe Capital or wants to retain an advisor to raise the debt through Monroe Credit Advisors

Director, Corporate Department and Managing Director, Woburn Office
McLane Middleton

A business is planning a significant transition.

Business Transition Strategies

You are considering selling your company, now or in the future. We work with private companies in the lower mid-market.

Wealth Advisor
Bernstein Private Wealth Management

Your clients are interested in the sale of their business and would like guidance prior, during and after the sale to ensure their goals are met in the most efficient way possible.

Managing Partner
Capital Access Strategies, a division of Martin H. Imm & Associates

When you have a business client which could grow, or execute plans you have helped it develop if it only had additional capital.

Senior Vice President – Financial Advisor - CIMA® CPWA®
RBC Wealth Management

You are a business owner in need of personal financial clarity, some unique lending strategies, looking for sophisticated business and personal retirement planning.

ESOPPlus: Schatz Brown Glassman LLP

Whenever a shareholder in a privately-held business is looking for a liquidity event.


A client needs to know the value of what they have and the logic that drives the number.

Managing Partner
Blue Highway Capital

You have a company that needs equity capital for a transition, liquidity for founders, management buying out the founders

Vice President
Alliance Bernstein

Your clients are contemplating selling their business and are Are unsure whether the proceeds of the sale are enough to maintain their lifestyle and/or achieve their financial goals

Founder and Principal
Legacy Real Estate Advisors

We provide consultative services that help HNW individuals, business owners and their trusted advisors with the real estate component of their investment portfolios and/or their business.

Financial Advisor
Mohamed-Merola Wealth Management

I help business owners gain context around what value they need to get out of their business in a liquidity event to be able to accomplish everything they want to do in their personal life.

Sullivan & Worcester LLP

You or a client needs experienced deal counsel for middle market transactions.

Managing Director & Shareholder
Valuation Research Corporation

A valuation is needed.

Senior Consultant
ROCG Consulting

You are looking to develop a strategic plan to build the value of your business.

Croyle Financial Consulting, LLC

A business owner is struggling with poor earnings and cash flow. We help owners understand and use their financial reporting to improve profitability and cash flow.

Nutter McClennen & Fish LLP

You have a client who is in need of sophisticated corporate legal advice and representation for a VC financing, Private Equity recap, and/or M&A event.

Nutter, McClennen & Fish LLP

You are looking for practical advice for a business sale or investment.

Managing Director
Carpenter Hawke & Co.

Call when thinking of selling your business/company.


You need an interim CFO, strategic planning advisory services, due diligence and M&A advisory services.

Operating Partner
550 Advisors LLC

Call me when you have a business in transition. I provide real solutions as a fractional CEO, operational CFO, experienced succession planner and as an operating executive.

Business Owner
TAB Boston Northwest

A business owner is interested in joining a peer advisory group and/or business owner coaching.

Waypoint Growth Advisors

Fractional Human Captal Advisory Services: Organizational and Talent Assessment, Succession Planning, Salesforce Effectiveness, Leadership Development, Employee Engagement/Retention.

Commercial Lender

You know a business owner looking to grow or transition ownership of their company or a real estate investor with a project.

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