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Private company clients need access to a trusted team of advisors to marshal them to through the various stages of the business lifecycle. The XPX member directory is where you can find a diverse group of experts – and they can find you.

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Douglas Song
Managing Partner
Prodos Capital LLC

Call Me When... Private Equity / Elegant Exits for Owners

Member for 1 Year
Kerry Meacham
Owner/Fractional VP of Sales
Above The Line Strategies LLC

Call Me When... a client needs help with the Assessment, Infrastructure, or Management of their sales team.

Member for 1 Year
Joseph Campbell of Highland Services Group is a member of XPX Nashville,
Joseph L Campbell
Highland Services Group

Call Me When... you are either interested in transformational growth through organic sales, operational or process improvement, or by growing through acquisition. I work with business owners and their teams to achieve results; or divest of their business.

New Member
Drew Digby of CAPTRUST is a member of XPX Nashville
Drew Digby
Financial Advisor

Call Me When... a business owner needs comprehensive financial planning leading up to, during, or after a business transition.

New Member
Wade Privett of Sonata Bank is a member of XPX Nashville
Wade Privett
Business Development Officer
Sonata Bank

Call Me When... Community Banking, Premium Finance Life Insurance, Business Treasury Services, Business and Personal Deposit and Lending

New Member
Andrew Holmes of Executive Financial Services, Inc. is a member of XPX Nashville
Andrew Holmes
Executive Financial Services, Inc.

Call Me When... a business owner is looking for a liquidity event, but a strategic or PE sale isn't an option.

New Member
Traci Shepps
Cordia, now Cherry Bekaert

Call Me When... Any time

New Member
Jarrod Barraza
Senior Manager
Horne Capital

Call Me When... you want to discuss the value of your healthcare business and the current healthcare M&A landscape

New Member
Vlad Jefferson of MGG Investment Group LP is a member of XPX Nashville
Vlad Jefferson
Vice President
MGG Investment Group LP

Call Me When... Companies (family or sponsor owned) are seeking debt or pref equity capital

New Member
Gary Aldridge of Aldridge Valuation Advisors, LLC is a member of XPX Nashville
Gary Aldridge
Aldridge Valuation Advisors, LLC

Call Me When... you need to measure, grow, or sell business value.

New Member

Call Me When... life happens! There is never a bad time to start planning for your financial future whether it be for your career, your children, your retirement or your legacy.

New Member
Dave Patterson of A. Neumann & Associates is a member of XPX Nashville
Dave Patterson
Managing Director
A. Neumann & Associates

Call Me When... SMB owners begin to consider the sale of their business.

Member for 1 Year
Adam Philpot
Philpot Business Succession LLC

Call Me When... you know a business owner that cares about what happens after retirement to their employees and customers. We want to purchase and operate a business for the longterm.

New Member
Tinsley Dempsey of Sofer Advisors is a member of XPX Nashville
Tinsley A. Dempsey
VP of Development & Strategy
Sofer Advisors

Call Me When... you are preparing for a sale, ownership transition, shareholder buyouts, or disputes

Member for 1 Year
Mindy Gayer of Greenwich Capital Group is a member of XPX Nashville
Mindy Gayer
Vice President Business Development
Greenwich Capital Group

Call Me When... your client is looking to sell their company or take chips off the table. We are a middle market investment bank advising private family owned businesses on selling their business, capital raising, ESOP and other advisory services.

New Member
Evan Bangert of First Horizon Bank is a member of XPX Nashville
Evan Bangert
Vice President - Middle Market Banking
First Horizon Bank

Call Me When... Your business clients/prospects need to finance anything (Real Estate, Buyouts, Acquisitions, Working Capital, Equipment, etc.).

Member for 1 Year
Matt Craine of MSouth Equity Partners is a member of XPX Nashville
Matt Craine
Vice President
MSouth Equity Partners

Call Me When... I'm a Southern-based, private equity investor and advisor with experience in healthcare, business services, niche manufacturing, specialty distribution, & financial services.

Member for 1 Year
Logan Vandergriff of Clarity Family Office is a member of XPX Nashville
Logan Vandergriff
Clarity Family Office

Call Me When... Entrepreneurial Business owner is looking for unique ideas on overall planning to mitigate tax, protect assets, and transfer wealth.

New Member
David Weinstein of EOS Worldwide is a member of XPX Nashville
David Weinstein
Professional EOS Implementer
EOS Worldwide

Call Me When... You've hit the ceiling in your business and need to break through to the next level

New Member
Craig Cook of Equitas Strategic Partners is a member of XPX Nashville
Craig Cook
Equitas Strategic Partners

Call Me When... Accounting best practices need to be established, month end procedures are needed, and strategic financial information (forecasting, budgeting, job costing, etc.) is needed

New Member
Shea Wood
SVP - SBA Business Development Officer
United Community Bank

Call Me When... You need financing for your business.

New Member
Zack Moscow of Bacheler Technologies is a member of XPX Nashville
Zack Moscow
Director of Sales + Marketing
Bacheler Technologies

Call Me When... you have questions about Cybersecurity + InfoSec best practices and compliance.

New Member
Michael Slocum of Bayfield Partners is a member of XPX Nashville
Michael Slocum
Managing Director
Bayfield Partners

Call Me When... M&A and capital raising for entrepreneurs and family companies.

New Member
Michael Anthony of Bayfield Partners is a member of XPX Nashville
Michael P Anthony
Vice President
Bayfield Partners

Call Me When... you're selling a company.

New Member
Sam Scott of Truxton Capital Advisors is a member of XPX Nashville
Sam Scott
Senior Portfolio Analyst
Truxton Capital Advisors

Call Me When... A business owner is in need of professional help planning to or in process of transitioning their business.

New Member

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