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Michael Balstad of Bizleavable LLC is a member of XPX Nashville
Michael Balstad
Bizleavable LLC

Call Me When... You've had the "a-ha" moment realizing that one day you'll move on from your business, and don't know where to begin - We'll get you on track!.

New Member
Blake Patterson of AB is a member of XPX Nashville
Blake Patterson
Vice President- Private Wealth Management

Call Me When... You are working with business owners/entrepreneurs that need help with pre-transaction planning.

Member for 1 Year
Terry Sutherland of Transforming Business Solutions is a member of XPX Nashville
Terry Sutherland
Founder | CEO | CSO | CRO | CPO | COO | Fractional Sales, Product & Operations C-Suite Executive
Transforming Business Solutions

Call Me When... I am a Fractional Sales, Product & Operations executive that help private business when they are in trouble or stuck with their revenue and profit.

New Member
Mindy Gayer of Greenwich Capital Group is a member of XPX Nashville
Mindy Gayer
Vice President Business Development
Greenwich Capital Group

Call Me When... your client is looking to sell their company or take chips off the table. We are a middle market investment bank advising private family owned businesses on selling their business, capital raising, ESOP and other advisory services.

New Member
Douglas Song
Managing Partner
Prodos Capital LLC

Call Me When... Private Equity / Elegant Exits for Owners

New Member
Shelby Allmon of NOW CFO is a member of XPX Nashville
Shelby Allmon
Market President

Call Me When... Operational Accounting needs

New Member
Patrick Neuman
Owner / Investor
Inside Brand Development

Call Me When... I am a self funded search out of Brentwood, TN. Interested in service and product based businesses with $350K-$2M in SDE/EBITDA. I have owned multiple businesses in the past (product manufacturing & multiple startups).

New Member
Heidi Phillips of Fourth Capital Bank is a member of XPX Nashville
Heidi Phillips
VP Relationship Banker
Fourth Capital Bank

Call Me When... Clients would like an advisor and partner in their banking. I am able to help with their lending needs; everything from office space, equipment, partner buy in/buy outs, and everything in between. I also specialize in cash mngmt. Value add so impt

New Member
Brian Marynowitz of LBMC is a member of XPX Nashville
Brian Marynowitz
Shareholder, Transaction Advisory Services

Call Me When... In need of buy-side or sell-side financial due diligence

Member for 1 Year
Michael Slocum of Bayfield Partners is a member of XPX Nashville
Michael Slocum
Managing Director
Bayfield Partners

Call Me When... M&A and capital raising for entrepreneurs and family companies.

New Member
Michael Johnson of Hyde Park Capital is a member of XPX Nashville
Michael Johnson
Managing Director
Hyde Park Capital

Call Me When... Investment banking, mergers and acquisition advisory, capital raising

New Member
Christopher Hammond of Alliant Capital Advisors is a member of XPX Nashville
Christopher Hammond
Vice President
Alliant Capital Advisors

Call Me When... a business owner wants to sell or would like to strategize for an exit in the future.

New Member
Frank Borger Gilligan of Dickinson Wright PLLC is a member of XPX Nashville
Frank Borger Gilligan
Dickinson Wright PLLC

Call Me When... I am a corporate, securities, private equity and M&A attorney at Dickinson Wright, PLLC

New Member
Tom Barrett
Certified Scaling Up Coach
Navigate the Journey

Call Me When... At Navigate the Journey we help entrepreneurs (i) Scale their business, (ii) Grow their team, and (iii) Plan their life.

New Member
Timothy Barrett
Timothy Barrett

Call Me When... I am an EOS Implementer

New Member
Nancy W Stabell
Managing Member
Wood Stabell Law Group, PLLC

Call Me When... Lower Middle Market Exit Opportunties

New Member
Ryan Vaughan
Mazars USA LLP

Call Me When... Tax Planning

New Member
Evan Bangert of First Horizon Bank is a member of XPX Nashville
Evan Bangert
Vice President - Middle Market Banking
First Horizon Bank

Call Me When... Your business clients/prospects need to finance anything (Real Estate, Buyouts, Acquisitions, Working Capital, Equipment, etc.).

New Member
Andrew Holmes of Executive Financial Services, Inc. is a member of XPX Nashville
Andrew Holmes
Executive Financial Services, Inc.

Call Me When... a business owner is looking for a liquidity event, but a strategic or PE sale isn't an option.

New Member
Leah Veloce
Outsourced Accounting Solutions

Call Me When... Accurate financial data is needed to analyze true profits for current and past years

New Member
David Zickler of Brown Brothers Harriman is a member of XPX Nashville
David Zickler
VP - Corporate Advisory
Brown Brothers Harriman

Call Me When... A private business is seeking capital or corporate finance advice

New Member
Dave Toeben of Insight Insurance Services is a member of XPX Nashville
Dave Toeben
Insight Insurance Services

Call Me When... To Learn how a business owner can plan for a death, disability or loss of a stakeholder or key person

New Member
Erik Ginsberg
Managing Partner
Slate Capital Group

Call Me When... I am a private equity investor, acquiring business service companies. I have a lot of expertise around the business exit preparation and process.

New Member
Larry Felts of 4focusLLC is a member of XPX Nashville
Larry W. Felts
Managing Member

Call Me When... you are looking for someone to build a collaborative team to assist an owner in strategic activities to build and more attractive and valuable business, or to assist in the sell side diligence support for a transaction.

New Member
Matt Craine of MSouth Equity Partners is a member of XPX Nashville
Matt Craine
Vice President
MSouth Equity Partners

Call Me When... I'm a Southern-based, private equity investor and advisor with experience in healthcare, business services, niche manufacturing, specialty distribution, & financial services.

New Member

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