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Peter Holmes of Supporting Strategies | Northwest New Jersey is a member of XPX New Jersey
Peter M A Holmes
Managing Director
Supporting Strategies | Northwest New Jersey
You are frustrated with the volume of non-revenue generating activities you perform or are concerned that you are not receiving the financial information you need to move your business forward.
Member for 3 Years
Adam Psichos
Director of Strategic Initiatives
Glenmede Trust Company
You are looking for a new wealth manager, will be selling a business in the near future or have recently sold a business, need a wealth planner
Member for 2 Years
Joseph Pucci of William Blair is a member of XPX Tri-State
Joseph A Pucci
Private Wealth Advisor
William Blair
You are working with a business owner and you need some financial modeling done to demonstrate the impacts or tradeoffs of various decisions or scenarios the owner is contemplating.
Member for 14 Years
Steve Ronan of Citrin Cooperman is a member of XPX Tri-State
Steve Ronan
Citrin Cooperman
Clients are looking to build value through better accounting and finance, operations, and technology ahead of an exit
Member for 6 Years
Norman R Sanyour
Senior Vice President
Capital Group Private Client Services
Someone needs help making a financial decision
Member for 1 Year
Michael Clear of Wiggin and Dana is a member of XPX Tri-State
Michael T. Clear
Wiggin and Dana
Member for 10 Years
Michael Richmond of The DAK Group is a member of XPX New Jersey
Michael Richmond
Managing Director
The DAK Group
You are looking to maximize the value of your business by selling your company, making an acquisition or looking to raise debt or equity.
Member for 5 Years
Steven Pappas of Touchstone Advisors is a member of XPX Tri-State
Steven Pappas
Touchstone Advisors
You need a professional to discuss your business ownership exit planning options.
Member for 9 Years
Kent Schwarz of Becker LLC is a member of XPX New Jersey
Kent L. Schwarz
Becker LLC
You or your clients have tax or business legal needs, including commercial agreements, executive compensation, tax planning, tax controversy and M & A counsel
Member for 5 Years
Jonathan Panik
Executive Director
J.P. Morgan
Member for 5 Years
David M. Krietzberg
Krietzberg Wealth Management
As a corporate financial planner, my firm helps to prepare business owners with a written financial plan that focuses on different types of selling options in advance of a sale
Member for 5 Years
John Carpenter of Expense Reduction Analysts is a member of XPX New Jersey
John J Carpenter
Expense Reduction Analysts
You want to find the profit that is hidden in your expenses.
Member for 1 Year
Jason Mancivalano of JP Morgan Private Bank is a member of XPX New Jersey
Jason Mancivalano
Executive Director
JP Morgan Private Bank
Clients who need customized solutions to complex financial problems. I focus on Technology, Healthcare, Multi-Generational companies as well as Real Estate Families, providing pre- and post-transaction wealth planning with a goals-based approach.
New Member
David P DeMuth
Co-Founder & Senior Managing Director
CFO Consulting Partners LLC
Need financial planning for buy or sell side transactions
Member for 5 Years
Anthony Festa of Marshall & Stevens is a member of XPX Tri-State
Anthony Festa
Marshall & Stevens
You have a question or need with regards to any/all tangible asset (machinery or real estate) issues, including business valuation.
New Member
Michael Givner of IMG Business Advisors is a member of XPX New Jersey
Michael E Givner
IMG Business Advisors
We are an M&A firm that specializes in business sales and exit strategies for small business owners with our "sweet spot" being companies with revenues between $5 million to $25 million.
Member for 5 Years
Gene McCarthy
Regional President New Jersey
TriState Capital
Seeking responsive and flexible options for commercial and real estate lending needs.
Member for 5 Years
Jennifer G Marks
Executive Director
JP Morgan
you need any kind of wealth management and planning advice.In addition to Investing, banking,lending and trust expertise on everything from executive compensation to philanthropy.
New Member
Jim Vigna
Vice President
Live Oak Bank
You are seeking financing to buy our sell a business.
Member for 1 Year
Marilyn Garcia of Citrin Cooperman is a member of XPX Tri-State
Marilyn Garcia
Citrin Cooperman
When you're involved in a transaction that needs assistance with either buy-side or sell-side due diligence/Quality of Earnings
Member for 3 Years
New Member
Joseph VonEhr of CFO Consulting Partners is a member of XPX Tri-State
Joseph T VonEhr
CFO Consulting Partners
Seeking strategic or tactical CFO support (part-time, interim or consulting) or M&A and exit planning transaction advisory
Member for 3 Years
Dennis Ladd
VP, Charitable Planning Consultant
FIDELITY Charitable
I support financial advisors, trust & estate attorneys, cpa's in Tri-State on all areas of philanthropy.
New Member
Christopher Coates of SES ESOP Strategies is a member of XPX New Jersey
Christopher A. Coates
Vice President
SES ESOP Strategies
You are looking for employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) options for your company.
Member for 2 Years
Ron Reuter, CTP/CVA of RJ Reuter Business Consulting is a member of XPX Tri-State
Ron Reuter, CTP/CVA
Managing Director
RJ Reuter Business Consulting
There is distressed financial performance threatening the business, debt negotiation and restructuring, refinancing or a sale
Member for 6 Years

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