The Generational Shift In Business

Workshop & Lunch
with Dr. Katherine Jeffery

Grow your business and sell for more by learning must-have generational knowledge

Achieve More Through Enhanced Communication

This rousing workshop will demonstrate the differences in how we think based on when we were born. Additionally, you’ll gain insights on how to use this knowledge to achieve better interaction and buy-in across the generations.

Age is the #1 diversity issue in the marketplace

- The Economist

Here's a Primer:

Baby Boomers

This generation believes in hierarchical structure. Leave your feelings at the door is the mantra. People of this generation would never criticize their boss.

Gen X

The MTV generation believes leadership is more of an art. These latchkey kids needed to figure it out as they went. They learned that relationships matter and are strongly influenced by them today


People of this generation believe in working out of your strengths. They would say, “If you’re better at this task than I am, go ahead and take it on.” They believe everyone is equal but leaders have more responsibility.

Gen Z

Its all about transparency and authenticity with these people. They want to know that you care about them as individuals and that your values are aligned with theirs.

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