Alan Murray, CEO of FORTUNE MAGAZINE recently wrote:

Every era has its challenges, but the current one seems to pose more than its fair share. On the one hand, businesses face a host of short-term issues—pandemic, war, supply chain problems, inflation, labor shortages, a mental health crisis, dysfunctional government, a disintegrating global order, social unrest, an impending recession—did I miss any? On the other, there are major disruptive changes on the horizon that demand business transformation: a technology revolution, an energy transition, a rethinking of office work, and a redefinition of the purpose of business. So how does a company protect itself against the short-term risks while driving the transformations needed to win the future?

While we can in no way directly address all the existing and impending issues outlined by Murray, we do feel that the agenda we have planned will be able to suggest some actions that companies can take to assure a “Safe Landing”.

We will conclude with a networking reception, ppen bar and light fare.

Space is limited and tickets are selling fast. Register today! 

March 16, 2023

Grant Thornton LLP
757 Third Avenue, 9th Floor
NY, NY 10017


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