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Charles McCool of UBS is a member of XPX Fairfield County
Charles McCool
Senior Vice President-Wealth Advisor

Call Me When... My team provides detailed financial plans and investments for business owners/sellers and others. Our goal is to help our clients make the best, informed, and thoughtful financial decisions.

Member for 5 Years
Mark Campbell of Scout Valuations is a member of XPX Fairfield County
Mark Campbell
Managing Director
Scout Valuations

Call Me When... A business valuation is needed for business planning, estate planning or litigation.

Member for 11 Years
Nora J DeBellis
Vice President/Sr. Relationship Manager
Key Bank

Call Me When... you have a financing need whether for business acquisition or for business expansion, equipment purchases, or working capital needs, or you need a new Relationship Managed account with a bank.

Member for 4 Years


Member for 1 Year
Nick Ciampanelli of National Financial Network is a member of XPX Tri-State
Nick H. Ciampanelli
Financial Advisor
National Financial Network

Call Me When... Protecting & Growing a Client's Wealth.

Member for 1 Year
Catherine Guidera of Morgan Stanley is a member of XPX Tri-State
Catherine Guidera
Financial Advisor
Morgan Stanley

Call Me When... you want to speak with a financial advisor with over 35 years of experience serving multi-generational families and family-owned business owners

New Member
Lloyd A Huie
Vice President, Senior Relationship Manager
Liberty Bank

Call Me When... I am a middle market commercial lender looking to help businesses grow and thrive by providing bank senior financing to organizations. We provide Revolving Lines of Credit, Equipment Lines of Credit, Term loans and owner occupied mortgages.

Member for 1 Year
Leslie Fajfer of Armanino, LLP is a member of XPX Tri-State
Leslie Fajfer
Armanino, LLP

Call Me When... Accounting (CPA) Services

New Member
Harvey M. Katz
Fox Rothschild

Call Me When... When considering business succession issues, retirement and when a business owner wants to take some chips off the table. When deciding when and how to incentive key employees

Member for 7 Years
Mac Lothrop
Vice President, Business Development
Trivest Partners

Call Me When... I'm available 24/7

New Member
Gina D'Ambruoso of TD Bank is a member of XPX Tri-State
Gina M D'Ambruoso
VP SBA Business Development
TD Bank

Call Me When... your client is seeking financing during all stages of their business life cycle around expansion, equipment, real estate, working capital, and purchasing or selling their business

Member for 5 Years
Aashish Makkar
Occams Capital Partners

Call Me When... you need to raise debt capital or engage in m&a

New Member
Donald Gelestino of Champion Elevator Corp. is a member of XPX Tri-State
Donald A Gelestino
Champion Elevator Corp.

Call Me When... Call me when you or someone you know are in need of Elevator related services. Call when you or anyone you know is selling or buying and elevator related buisness.

Member for 4 Years
Stefan A Prins
Sr. Manager
PKF O'Connor Davies

Call Me When... I'm an auditor at PKF O'Connor Davies.

Member for 2 Years
Thomas Heide of Heide & Company, LLC is a member of XPX Fairfield County
Thomas R Heide
Heide & Company, LLC

Call Me When... a multi-generational family business needs to improve its value in preparation for an exit

Member for 3 Years
Jack Hendler of Avalon Net Worth Group is a member of XPX Tri-State
Jack L Hendler
Avalon Net Worth Group

Call Me When... A Company Healthy or Stressed wishes to Sell or Mergeneeds new financing Senior and below.

Member for 6 Years
John Weidner of Cornell Global LLC is a member of XPX Fairfield County
John Weidner
Managing Partner
Cornell Global LLC

Call Me When... a company recognizes the opportunity or the need to drive increased business value through talent management strategies. I know how to build value through people.

Member for 8 Years
Christopher Martens of AssuredPartners is a member of XPX Tri-State
Christopher Martens
Commercial Insurance, Employee Benefits, Captives, & Retirement Services

Call Me When... There is a need for commercial insurance and employee benefits consulting, with a focus on Captive Insurance.

Member for 5 Years
Peter Ho
Managing Partner

Call Me When... you want to maximize the value of your company before exit, or if you need help with financial modeling and financial storytelling

New Member
Thomas F Kilfoyle
Footnote Journal LLC

Call Me When... Business owner(s) interested in developing a risk profile. We take a systematic approach to risk and investment in order to generate liquidity and sustainable income streams.

Member for 6 Years
Joseph VonEhr of CFO Consulting Partners is a member of XPX Tri-State
Joseph T VonEhr
CFO Consulting Partners

Call Me When... Seeking strategic or tactical CFO support (part-time, interim or consulting) or M&A and exit planning transaction advisory

Member for 5 Years
Arthur Grutt of Cambridge Insurance Advisors is a member of XPX Tri-State
Arthur Grutt
Managing Partner
Cambridge Insurance Advisors

Call Me When... Insurance Due Diligence. Human Capital Consulting. Group Purchasing Consortiums. Avoid Margin Erosion from insurance costs before going to market or post closing.

Member for 6 Years
Joshua Shoshan
Senior Vice President

Call Me When... I help entrepreneurs and corporate executives achieve quality of life and financial freedom

Member for 3 Years
Ted Rosen
Akerman LLP

Call Me When... A preeminent corporate lawyer with experience in sell/buy-side mergers and acquisitions, venture capital and securities law; consummate deal maker with ability to lead and close deals of all sizes.

Member for 3 Years
Mellany Bagtas of Morgan Stanley is a member of XPX Tri-State
Mellany Bagtas CFP®, CRPC®, CDFA®, CEPA®
Financial Advisor/ Certified Exit Planning Advisor
Morgan Stanley

Call Me When... client/ business owner needs help in understanding their wealth gap, help in providing them a clear path for life after selling their business and alignment of their personal and financial goals as they prepare for their exit.

New Member

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