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Joshua Shoshan
Senior Vice President
I help entrepreneurs and corporate executives achieve quality of life and financial freedom
Member for 2 Years
Ken Zinghini of Martin LLP is a member of XPX Fairfield County
Ken Zinghini
Martin LLP
You need legal advice on a corporate or business matter -- such as financing (debt or equity), buying, selling, investing in or operating a business -- or are interested in the federal Opportunity Zones capital gains tax program.
Member for 4 Years
Michelle Orr of Live Oak Bank is a member of XPX Connecticut,Fairfield County,Hartford
Michelle Orr
Vice President
Live Oak Bank
You are seeking financing to buy a business, or to pre-qualify a business for an upcoming sale.
Member for 2 Years
Keith Michaelson
The Lovins Group
Your family business is going through a generational transition or family issues are getting in the way of making business decisions.
Member for 6 Years
Jeffrey Appleman
CFO Consulting Partners LLC
We provide senior level financial management services to Boards of Directors and CEOs.We work with CFOs and Controllers to accomplish complex accounting and financial projects
Member for 3 Years
Bob Pravder of Robert Pravder Consulting, LLC is a member of XPX Fairfield County
Bob Pravder
Sr. Finance and Operations Consultant
Robert Pravder Consulting, LLC
You need an entrepreneurial, growth-oriented finance executive who has served as CFO for high-potential middle-market companies, and can transform or turnaround your business.
Member for 4 Years
Anthony Festa of Marshall & Stevens is a member of XPX Tri-State
Anthony Festa
Marshall & Stevens
You have a question or need with regards to any/all tangible asset (machinery or real estate) issues, including business valuation.
New Member
Anthony J Cook
Principal, Private Wealth Management
You have a HNW client who needs world class planning and wealth management advice.
New Member
Michael McGuire
Vice President
Key Bank
Middle Market Commercial Banking Relationship Manager covering publicly and privately held companies +25 million in revenue.
Member for 2 Years
John Gover of ACBI Insurance is a member of XPX Fairfield County
John Gover
Commercial Insurance Consultant
ACBI Insurance
You or your clients have a need for individualized risk management and employee benefits consulting with a white glove approach.
Member for 4 Years
Marilyn Garcia of Citrin Cooperman is a member of XPX Tri-State
Marilyn Garcia
Citrin Cooperman
When you're involved in a transaction that needs assistance with either buy-side or sell-side due diligence/Quality of Earnings
Member for 3 Years
Roy Johnson of Touchstone Advisors, LLC is a member of XPX Fairfield County
Roy E Johnson
M&A Advisor
Touchstone Advisors, LLC
A business owner is contemplating an exit from his/her business or needs a financial analysis and/or valuation for the business.
Member for 3 Years
Candace Benzel
Senior Vice President
Merrill Lynch
There is a need for bespoke wealth management services for families that have accumulated significant wealth and are looking for a sincere, caring and optimistic advisor that truly cares about her clients.
New Member
Berk Nowak
Partner and Portfolio Manager
Brown Advisory
A family or executive is about to enter a period of transition whether that is starting or selling a business or considering any major life/professional changes
Member for 3 Years
FRANK RUSSO of Forctis Advisory Inc. is a member of XPX Tri-State
Forctis Advisory Inc.
Navigating the uncharted waters of business transition - optimizing for your success.
Member for 3 Years
Kevin F. Murray
Business Seller Center
It's time to see what your business is worth and take it to market
New Member
Elizabeth Cahill
Managing Director
Bank of America Private Bank
An individual, family, or not for profit organization, is looking for a customized solution to a complex situation involving investments, financing of personal assets, or the sale of a business.
Member for 6 Years
Daniel Trudo of Capital One Bank is a member of XPX Fairfield County
Daniel Trudo
Senior Managing Director
Peapack Gladstone Bank
Companies are looking for a banking expert to help strengthen liquidity and secure debt for acquisitions, equipment and Real Estate
New Member
Michael Kazakewich
Coastal Bridge Advisors
You need to answer the question “What Happens Next”? I work with wealthy clients and their families to achieve their vision of financial fulfillment, particularly in times of transition.
Member for 3 Years
JR Romano
Partner, Wealth Advisor
TrinityPoint Wealth
We are an independent, fiduciary investment firm working with individuals and families, business, owners, retirement plans and institutions.
New Member
Roy Johnson
M&A Advisor
Touchstone Advisors
A business is for sale with Sales of $5M + and EBITDA of $1M + and when a business owner needs a valuation
Member for 3 Years
Molly Linell
Business Development Associate
Marshall & Stevens
You need business valuations
New Member
Thomas Heide of Heide & Company, LLC is a member of XPX Fairfield County
Thomas R Heide
Heide & Company, LLC
A multi-generational family business needs to improve its value in preparation for an exit
Member for 2 Years
Harvey M. Katz
Fox Rothschild
When considering business succession issues, retirement and when a business owner wants to take some chips off the table. When deciding when and how to incentive key employees
Member for 6 Years
Steven Reisberg
Signing Director
Your client needs to better understand their financial results and processes.
Member for 4 Years

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