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Our leaders demonstrate their dedication to the XPX mission and our local community by pitching in to ensure we have the best people in the room sharing the best content. They are role models for the kind of collaboration and long-term thinking that our members value. Please reach out to any of our leaders to learn how you too can gain visibility and influence as a volunteer for our chapter.

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Michelle Fritsch of Retirement Wellness Strategies is a member of XPX Charlotte
Michelle Fritsch
Founder, CEO
Retirement Wellness Strategies
Business leadership is nearing the sale of company and needs to plan for long-term health and new purpose in the next phase of life.
Carrie L Dyckman
You are looking for tax planning and consulting, financial statements for lenders, bonding companies, private equity investors; you're 5 - 10 years away from retiring and you'd like to create the best enterprise value possible for the company.
Tom Bixby of LEVEL Management Partners, Inc. is a member of XPX Charlotte
Tom Bixby
LEVEL Management Partners, Inc.
A business owner or investor needs a disciplined value growth strategy and action plan maximizing the enterprise value of a business, together with growth plan execution management.
Andrew Kittelson of UBS Financial Services is a member of XPX Charlotte
Andrew Kittelson
Senior Vice President
UBS Financial Services
You are trying to grow your business and planning for the eventual exit.
Brandy Milazzo of Ascension Law is a member of XPX Charlotte
Brandy B Milazzo
Ascension Law
To prevent legal issues from becoming an obstacle to your professional and business success.
Adam Petricoff of VR Mergers & Acquisitions is a member of XPX Charlotte
Adam Petricoff
Managing Partner
VR Mergers & Acquisitions
A business owner is considering selling their privately held business and seeking professional representation
Michael Stier of FocusCFO - Carolinas is a member of XPX Charlotte
Michael Stier
Area President - Charlotte Metro
FocusCFO - Carolinas
I work with owners who lack the right information to run their business, concerned about cash flow, and/or don’t have a trusted partner to help think through growth, value building and strategic/ exit planning

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