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Private company clients need access to a trusted team of advisors to marshal them to through the various stages of the business lifecycle. The XPX member directory is where you can find a diverse group of experts – and they can find you. 

It’s easy to find an expert by using the search box or these handy directories to choose from 12 professions, 75+ areas of functional expertise and 20 client industry categories. Feel free to reach out to the advisors with the expertise you seek. Contact us for further assistance.

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Research & Development Tax Credits, Cost Segregation Studies, and Accounting Method projects. Taxster is a value add firm that provides services that compliment existing CPA relationships

Vice President
Goldman Sachs

If you need to invest vast quantities of personal assets.

Vice President
Boyne Capital

A small/mid size business needs a partner to grow to the next level

River Run Consulting Group

You're frustrated with the speed with which your company is growing, or concerned that you are growing too quickly to maintain control.

Vice President Commercial Banking
First Citizens Bank

Every business owner needs a professional Commercial Banker who is insanely focused on their client's business as if it were their own.

President & CEO
Skyline Analytics, LLC

When you want to get profit-driving insights out of your company's data

Managing Director
Fiduciary Trust Company International

Considering an exit or sale from a business to understand options available and planning techniques to consider for preserving wealth and ongoing growth

Ward Damon

You are in need of legal advice to resolve conflicts or to avoid future conflicts.

Senior Managing Director
CSuite Impact DealMakers

When you're looking to sell your business, make an acquisition or raise growth capital

Murphy M & A

You are ready to start to prepare your business for sale for a confidential consultation!

First Vice President
IDB Bank

You need a trusted advisor who can help with your financial goals and transactions

Sr. VP
UBS Private Wealth Management

You are trying to understand how the proceeds from the sale of your business will support the life you want to live after the sale

Director of Business Development
Trivest Partners

A Founder owned business is looking for an investor or exploring a sale of their business.

Shareholder (Attorney)
Greenberg Traurig, P.A.

You need counsel regarding financing (venture capital, private equity, etc.), or exit/combination events for your company.

Osage Advisors, LLC

Strategic Operating and Business Development leader with a track record of increasing revenue, profits and market share growth for technology and financial services providers.

Regional Sales Director- South Florida

Already spoke to Erik & Rana.

Financial Planner
Coastal Wealth

You need help evaluating a business owners personal financial plan. Income after the sale of a business is crucial, and most business owners have no idea what their income will look like after the sale of their business. I can help them.

Avila Rodriguez Hernandez Mena & Garro, LLP

Feel free to call me should you or your business need of legal counsel to assist you with a transaction, dispute or day-to-day activities. My team and I can help you grow your business by providing high-level, practical legal advice.

Managing Director

I can be of help!

jay feldman inc

Coaching consulting raising capital

Revolutionary Growth

You want to improve culture or communication. You want to uplevel your sales or marketing. You want to improve your presentation skills

Susan Commander Samakow Coaching, LLC
Vice President
Trivest Partners

A client is looking for a majority or minority equity investment in their business or a complete buyout.

Managing Director
Vaupen Financial Advisors, LLC

Your company requires structuring and obtaining customized financing and/or capital solutions to meet its objectives, or is interested in securing optimized terms and conditions for its sale through a highly managed process.

Perkins Law

IP legal matters

SVP, Relationship Manager
Bank of America

A business client desires financing or cash management, or other banking products and services, to help it grow, mitigate risk, operate more efficiently, or transition the business.

Managing Director
Oberon Securities, LLC

Shareholders of a closely-held business are considering a sale.

Growth Capital Advisors

A business is in need of financing, doing an acquisition or considering the sale of part or the entire company.

Executive Director
Expense Reduction Analysts

A CXO or Owner want to increase cash flow to meet unfunded business needs, capital expenses, or want to increase EBITDA to increase business sale value.

Cherry Bekaert LLP

Your client wishes to increase both the value and transferability of their business for an eventual exit.


Before a client is looking to sell

Managing Director
C-Suite Impact Deal Makers

Looking to work with motivated business sellers to maximize proceeds at closing.

Self Employed
Knapp Solutions

Start-ups and small business is my space. Over 20 years running a $25M business, and understands family owned business dynamics. Hands-on, roll up the sleeve player

Financial Advisor
Evershore Financial Group

Your clients want to build or retain wealth following the sale of their business. I can help them strategically invest to provide income and generational wealth.

Vice President
Brown & Brown Insurance

You need help with customizing your company's insurance programs to best protect your assets. I proactively assist my clients navigate through coverage while limiting their expenses.

Tax Partner

You have a business need with a tax angle, but you don't want the tax tail to wag the dog.

Sunbelt Business Brokers of South Florida

As part of the exit planning process, call me when a small or mid-sized business owner wants to understand the confidential transaction process, valuation drivers, and pitfalls to avoid while selling their business to a third party.

Top Line Solutions, LLC

When you need someone to resolve revenue issues increasing EBITDA. I build sales infrastructure, install strategy, and find the right sales leadership so the owner can focus on running or selling the company.

Sales Director

You are looking for a consultative conversation around scaling a business, analyzing employee related costs, or preparing a company for exit. We offer a tech and HR solution for SMBs for benefits, risk & compliance. And looking for new eco partners

Financial Advisor
Merrill Lynch

Financial planning, goals-based wealth management (retirement, reducing taxable income, children's education, charitable giving, estate planning, etc.) Lending needs (home, business, other)

Vice President
Merrill Lynch

You are or know a successful person looking for guidance on how to make smarter financial decisions.

Marcum LLP

You need a professional who recognizes that each transaction is unique and the suite of services required varies with each transaction.

Vice President
Cassel Salpeter & Co., LLC

Cassel Salpeter & Co. LLC is an independent investment banking firm that provides advice to middle market and emerging growth companies in the U.S. and worldwide.

Private Client Advisor
Bank Of America Private Bank

A client is preparing to sell their business and needs help understanding how different offers will affect their personal and familial balance sheets and how to re-structure to account for a sale.

Weiss Serota Helfman Cole + Bierman

You need an attorney for your Florida legal transactions, including real and personal property, secured financing, mergers and corporate transactions. Strategy, negotiation, due diligence and execution are my strengths.

Family Wealth Advisor
Morgan Stanley have a business owner contemplating a liquidity event. Our team consists of a non-practicing CPA and T&E attorney as well as CFPs to not only do pre-sale planning but also to foster a lifelong wealth management relationship.


Advisory. Audit. Tax.

Advanced Corporate Solutions

Corporate Insurance & Risk Management Executive & Employee Benefits Succession and Contingency Plans Personal Insurance Packages PEO Consultation

Nperspective CFO & Strategic Services

You need help to increase cash flow from operations or external sources, improve profitability, create and implement a sustainable business plan or lay the groundwork for a an exit or transition

Daszkal Bolton

Your Looking to purchase or sell a company or need a valuation done.

Wealth Management Advisor
Merrill Lynch

You don't like leaving money on the table and want a team to develop a customized wealth management strategy that protects and grows your wealth before, during, and after you sell your business.

Managing Attorney
Guerra Tax and Wealth Planning, PA

I can assist in minimizing state and federal income taxes on sales of businesses, minimizing estate taxes and preparing associated trusts and other estate planning documents necessary to achieve tax and non-tax objectives.

Senior Vice President - Wealth Management, Wealth Advisor, Portfolio Manager
UBS Financial Services Inc.

You want to explore getting the most benefit from your business, as well as how to preserve, protect ‎and maximize the value it represents in your and your family's financial future.‎

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