XPX Charlotte: Tackling the 75% Problem – Sellers are Human (MEMBERS ONLY)

Event Information

Please join us for an informative session facilitated by fellow a XPX CLT member who is our resident expert in retirement wellness.

EPI studies have shown that upward of 75% of owners who sold their business were PROFOUNDLY UNHAPPY 12 months later! And this statistic doesn’t even include those who walked away from a closing, inexplicably, at the 11th hour. It is important to explore what is behind this alarming statistic and how we all can help owners over this hurdle.

Business processes and accurate financials are key drivers of value, and a successful outcome. But so are the health, mental clarity, and future vision of the seller. We will talk about the 3 most common pitfalls that lead to seller’s remorse (prior to or after the transaction) and the common problem of rapid functional decline following an exit. What aspects should be included in the exit planning process to identify and mitigate these risks to a successful outcome? Both for the owner and the family. Come find out!


Michelle Fritsch, PharmD, BCGP
Founder and CEO
Retirement Wellness Strategies

And, as usual, we will continue the community building via our social hour immediately following the event.

Educational Event Pricing:

No fee for XPX Charlotte members and first-time guests. However, Registration is required for headcount purposes.

(Member referral is required- members must email angie@exitplanningexchange to sign up their guest).