Communicating Through Business Transitions

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Produced By XPX New England in January 2017

Effective communication is an essential part of successful business transitions. While not a “magic bullet” for achieving a warm reception and successful post-merger integration, effective communications throughout the deal process helps set stakeholder expectations from the onset, without which many deals fail. From the first conversation between buyer and seller to the eventual post-transaction integration, poor communication at any stage can derail even the best-intentioned deals, and hamper long-term success.

Join us for Communicating Through Change with moderator Linda Varrell of Broadreach Public Relations, Sean Sinclair of Baker Newman Noyes, Jennifer Harnish of Baker Newman Noyes and Janey Bishoff of Bishoff Communications.

Sean and Jennifer represent a firm re-created as the result of a transaction. They will provide an “insider’s view” of the role communications played.

Updated: May 29th, 2021

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