Create a Sales Organization to Increase Your Business Value


Produced by XPX Tri-State CT in December 2016

The owners of HiTech, our case study company, want to grow the business to make it salable in a few years. The sales organization will be a key area of focus. The company needs a sales organization that can accelerate growth prior to sale and continue to succeed after the owners exit the business. How can the owners create an effective organization that is not dependent on them?

Peter Helmerand and Dave Wallace will discuss building a sales organization that potential buyers will consider an asset, not a liability. To make the company salable, the owners will need to shed their day-to-day sales responsibilities. They must recruit a sales leader, develop a sales team, and create the necessary tools and systems to support the sales effort. This is usually a multi-year process. The speakers will identify opportunities and pitfalls in achieving this goal.

Updated: May 29, 2021

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