Manage Your Membership Auto-Renewal

Mikal Schalk of Wood Stone & Ivy is a member of XPX Tri-State
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Over the past year, we’ve complete our rollout of an automated renewal option for our Members. Over 90% of you have chosen to take advantage of this option offered through our payment provider, Stripe, a U.S. based company with the highest level of security certification

If you’ve taken advantage of this option, you don’t need to do anything to continue to enjoy the benefits and recognition of a long-time XPX Member!

We respect the fact that some Members would rather not take advantage of this option. If that is the case, you can change this in the membership tab or upcoming financial transactions link in your User Profile.

Please know that all your payment information is processed by Stripe. XPX does not process or retain any of your credit card information at any time.

Updated: August 13th, 2019