Optimize Your Profile!


XPX gives you visibility in a number of directories around our website. Because we have such a strong on-line presence, your profile in this directory can give you a lot of visibility and even shows up on Google for some of our Members. 

Is yours doing a good job for you? Here are some steps to making sure it is:

  1. Check it out – You first created your XPX Profile when you applied for Membership. Have you been back to see how it looks on the website?   Two ways to see it are to go to your the Advisor Directories for your Chapter or for XPX – US
  2. Log in to enhance it – Log into your profile and do a quick check of some of the key items:

    • Do you have a good statement for the “Call me when” box that displays in all our directories?
    • Are your Profession, Functional Expertise and Client Industries complete?
    • Do you have the right info in “How to Contact” box? (this, like all fields can be marked private if you would rather not include it)

Make it easy for people to get to know you and reach you. Your Membership in XPX tells people that you are a strong professional. Reinforce that with a great profile!

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

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