Call for Speakers!

Call for Speakers!

Moderators & Panelists

Gaby Jenkins

Partner ,Waypoint Growth Advisors

Jack Bradley

Managing Director ,Capstone Partners Financial Advisory Services

Jack is an accomplished, strategic business partner and pragmatic, energetic leader with over 30 years of transaction expertise in a variety of industries. Jack is highly successful at initiating and negotiating complex transactions, including acquisitions and debt restructurings. He has extensive mergers & acquisitions experience, including due diligence, valuation, terms, and deal structure.  He couples superior analytical abilities and a creative mind with diverse industry experience and intuition to provide valuable insights and actionable ideas.

First Annual

EXIT XPO Call for Speakers!

We’re looking for engaging, top-notch speakers and content to create an excellent lineup of EXIT XPO sessions that advances our XPX mission of better serving our business owner clients.

If you’re interested in submitting a Session Proposal, read on to learn more about our EXIT XPO audience and the kind of content we’re looking for.

Or you can go right to the EXIT XPO Session Proposal submission form by clicking on the link below.


Who Will Your Audience be?

Our membership and EXIT XPO audience are professional advisors to business owners. These include the professionals around the deal (attorneys, financial advisors, bankers, CPAs) and the consultants and coaches working with clients throughout the life cycle of their businesses. These include experts in exit planning, marketing, finance, supply chain, human capital, IT, and more.

What Kind of Content Are We Looking For?

We will present three tracks of content throughout the day. Each topic will be presented twice (although we may add additional topics that are presented only once).

The format will be a panel discussion or a single presenter.

Track 1
What’s going on in the World of Exit?

What is happening outside the walls of our client companies, yet impacting their business exit planning, value and more. This may be the state of the economy, the state of M&A activity at the time, company value issues, legislative, latest M&A trends.

Track 2
Value Building and Successful Exits

These sessions will address specific areas of the company and how they can be improved to positively impact the day-to-day as well as to prepare for exit and value growth. This is a wide-open list of everything a company should be addressing: marketing, financial management, human capital, technology, insurance, etc.

Track 3
Best Practices for the Professional Advisor

This track covers subject areas that are critical to the success of advisory and professional service firms in their growth and for the success of their clients. Again, a broad category that may include marketing and business development, practice development, building collaborative advisory teams, speaking, etc.

What Kind of Content Are We Looking For?

If you’re interested in submitting an EXIT XPO Session Proposal, please fill out the form below, or pass it along to someone you feel would be a good fit for EXIT XPO 2024.

We expect more session proposals than open slots. We will thoroughly review all session proposals and may reach out for further information. There is also a field in the form to indicate your interest in speaking at a subsequent XPX event, should a conference slot not be available this year. In any case, we will let you know of our decision.


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