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Noah Wood
Assistance Vice President, Commercial Banking
Sandy Spring Bank

Call Me When... When you want a Commercial Banking partner to provide personalized deposit, loan, and cash management solutions to support the daily operations of your business.

New Member
Jane Sommers-Kelly
JSK Leadership

Call Me When... your Owner or Team Leader needs help improving his Team's Collaboration

New Member
Tom McKee of Edward Jones is a member of XPX Philadelphia
Tom McKee
Financial Advisor
Edward Jones

Call Me When... You have a client with complex financial issues that needs to develop, or improve, their financial plan.

New Member
Leslie Fajfer of Armanino, LLP is a member of XPX Tri-State
Leslie Fajfer
Armanino, LLP

Call Me When... Accounting (CPA) Services

New Member
Shawn Garrett
Founding Attorney
Garrett, PLLC

Call Me When... Someone is starting, buying, scaling, or selling their business and wants legal protection.

New Member
Steven Keck
Span The Chasm

Call Me When... A Seller of a Business needs to enhance the value of their exit through org structure optimization and by clarifying the culture of the business, improving alignment to the purchaser and it's employees.

New Member
Will Spokes of Work Wonder is a member of XPX Triangle
Will Spokes
Work Wonder

Call Me When... You want help to add value to your business by building a people-first culture that produces a healthy, high-performing organization.

New Member
Peter Kelsch of Maus is a member of XPX Tool Providers
Peter Kelsch
Director of Marketing

Call Me When... Items related to Maus Software marketing are needed

New Member
Kurt Kurt Dyck Dyck
Avance Accounting, LLC

Call Me When... You need more accurate, timely or relevant financial records or reporting

New Member
Jennifer Young of VisionSpark is a member of XPX Philadelphia
Jennifer M. Young
Client Strategist

Call Me When... A business owner is in need of an executive leadership team prior to exiting.

New Member
Danielle Friedman
Offit Kurman, P.A.

Call Me When... you need estate planning, business succession planning, federal estate tax and income tax planning

New Member
Nathan Collins
Financial Advisor
Raymond James

Call Me When... you are interested in a referral partner

New Member
Mark Lund of UpLift Profits is a member of XPX New Jersey
Mark E. Lund
UpLift Profits

Call Me When... Trouble with disengaged employees, Turnover, generational issues

New Member
Evan Orman
Orman Williams LLP

Call Me When... you want to chat about M&A or raising capital for startups and SaaS companies

New Member
Jonathon G Rapacki
Managing Director
GWS Consulting

Call Me When... You need an experienced advisor to help support you in selling or buying a business

New Member
Brit Summerill of NOW CFO is a member of XPX Northern California
Brit D Summerill

Call Me When... Your company is growing faster than your accounting department, or you are not getting clean and clear financial information on a timely basis.

New Member
Theresa Kenaga of Transworld Business Advisors is a member of XPX Chicago
Theresa Kenaga
Business Broker
Transworld Business Advisors

Call Me When... You encounter a business owner who would like to understand the value of their business as well as exit strategies

New Member
Tashana N. Thompson
Beyond Business Solutions

Call Me When... Branding, marketing and visibility

New Member
Kathleen Lucente
Red Fan Communications

Call Me When... You're considering an exit and know you need to build up your brand equity and visibility.

New Member
Stacy Deru
Client Development Director
414 Capital

Call Me When... There is a need for a third party valuation of assets. Possible scenarios are : sales, litigation, tax & estate planning or strategy setting.

New Member
Katherine C Lacey
Managing Director

Call Me When... you have a client in need of tax compliance and consulting. We can assist with succession planning, asset transfers, wealth preservation, and charitable giving.

New Member
J Brian Morgan
Founder & Managing Partner
TAELOS Financial Partners

Call Me When... To see where your business and personal financial vision comes together in order gain absolute clarity and achieve your greatest purpose.

New Member
Brayden Minahan
Director of Client Development
Welch & Forbes Private Wealth Management

Call Me When... Your financial picture has become complex and you need guidance with investment management, trust, tax, and estate planning

New Member
Edward Becker, CPA of Armanino, LLP is a member of XPX Tri-State
Edward Becker, CPA
Armanino, LLP

Call Me When... Top 20 CPA Firm -Specializing in: Strategy and Technology Transformation, Due Diligence, Consulting & Tax Strategies

New Member
Reuben Hannon
Vice President
First Horizon Bank

Call Me When... you would like to discuss cash flow management services, acquisition / growth financing, or are looking to chat with an engaged and knowledgeable banker

New Member
Aashish Makkar
Occams Capital Partners

Call Me When... you need to raise debt capital or engage in m&a

New Member
Alexander Powell of Northern Trust is a member of XPX Greater Boston
Alexander Powell
Wealth Strategist
Northern Trust

Call Me When... A business owner is thinking about a transition and needs help quantifying what the value of the business means to them, as well as the implications and best strategy from a personal, family, and financial perspective.

New Member
Amy Sulka
Sandler by Sales Sellutions360

Call Me When... Business owners are uncertain how to transfer their knowledge to other sales people to increase the value of the business or unsure how to create process to show predictable revenue forecasts based on historical sales performance.

New Member
Joe L. Fernandez
Wealth Management Specialist
Fendz Asset Management, Inc.

Call Me When... A client needs a fiduciary adviser to oversee the sale of his business and wealth management during and after exit.

New Member
Jonathan T Rubens
Moscone Emblidge & Rubens LLP

Call Me When... A business needs to work with an attorney to prepare to be acquired

New Member
Scott Breza of Breza & Associates, LLC is a member of XPX Maryland
Scott Breza
Managing Partner
Breza & Associates, LLC

Call Me When... a small business owner is contemplating a transaction

New Member
Mac Lothrop
Vice President, Business Development
Trivest Partners

Call Me When... I'm available 24/7

New Member
Todd Bailey of EOS Worldwide is a member of XPX Triangle
Todd Bailey
Professional EOS Implementer
EOS Worldwide

Call Me When... A small business owner needs internal business structure in an effort to increase the profitability in the sale of their business.

New Member
Emmy Lou Burchette of Burchette & Associates, Inc. is a member of XPX Charlotte
Emmy Lou Burchette
President & CEO
Burchette & Associates, Inc.

Call Me When... I advise firms and develop market strategy, brand, marketing and communications initiatives to create value and accelerate growth.

New Member
John P Roughen
Director and Partner
Bison Wealth LLC

Call Me When... There is a need for an experienced Wealth Advisor. I have 25 years in experience the financial planning, exit strategy and investment management. I am familiar with both pre-sale and post sale strategies and have access to a robust planning group

New Member
Evan Gottfried
CohnReznick LLP

Call Me When... you are looking for advisory, assurance or tax services related to an acquisition or a planned exit from an investment.

New Member
Denise O'Neill
TAB The Alternative Board

Call Me When... TAB provides executive coaching and peer advisory boards for growing, M&A oriented established small and lower mid market firms. We build strategic plans and provide accountability. We provide 4 levels of Next Generation Leadership development.

New Member
Alison Reiff-Martin
Reiff Martin CPA & Business Advisory Services

Call Me When... in need of a CPA and CEPA

New Member
Stan Eigenbrodt
Frederic Dorwart, Lawyers PLLC

Call Me When... you know someone who needs a seasoned buy-side or sell-side M&A laywer

New Member

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“I should demote myself!” joked the head of sales. “It looks like I am better at selling than at managing a sales team.” We were looking at his team’s individual sales numbers. He was selling more when he was a regular salesperson than his whole team today. We too often promote the wrong person into…

Effective March 12, 2024, New York Labor Law prohibits employers from requiring employees and job applicants to provide information about their personal accounts. If you think this sounds familiar, you are right. This idea has been in place in various states for years; now New York is joining in! Under the new legislation, “personal accounts”…

Unlocking Retirement Savings to Fund a New Business Many people have dreams of starting a business but lack the capital or funding needed to launch their new business ideas. It’s true: It costs money to start a business. The US Small Business Administration (SBA) says that how to fund a business is one of the…

In order for your family business to outlive its founder, careful succession planning is a must. That means finding the most frictionless way to pass both leadership and ownership from one generation to the next. While some family business dynamics lend themselves to smooth and simple succession, others hit bumps in the road. One of…

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We are unique in that we are the only open advisor network in the private company/business value transfer market. This means that we do not advocate a single approach or vendor. Instead, we endeavor to be a place where all advisors, owners and vendors can interact and collaborate.  Each XPX Chapter is a locally-controlled non-profit organized by national and regional leaders in the private company market.