XPX Triangle: Part One of a Four-Part Franchising Case Study

Event Information

Date & Time

Thu, Oct 27th, 2022
7:30am (EST)


Virtual hosted by BSG Advisers - Connection details sent upon registration


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7:30 am – 7: 45 am

I. Call to order – President / Officer
II. Welcome Members and Guests
III. Precepts / Five Points
IIIV. Welcome New Members
V. Introduce Guests
VI Introduce Officers & Call for Committee Reports ( < 60 sec each)

  • Membership
  • Sponsorship
  • Finance
  • Programs

VII. Sponsor 90-Second Spotlight

7:45 – Overview of the case study, review of pre work materials
8:00 –  Assign breakout groups and key deliverables
8:15 – Breakout group work
8:45 – Report out from breakout groups

We will be looking at a live, local business considering franchising. In session one, we will go into some detail about the existing operating units, the market, unit profitability, and related items. Participants will be broken out by profession to focus on key areas: legal issues, operations, branding, finance, and marketing. Each group will address issues and recommendations based on the review of a proxy FDD. The goal will be to provide meaningful information to the business owner(s) and the business tries to decide whether to proceed with franchising.

This event is open to the public and is free to Members and Non-members. 

Connection details sent upon registration.

Pre work will be provided at least three days before the meeting.  You can reach Laird at lwhepburn@bsgadvisers.com.