A group of 5 guys


– Friends since high school or before
– Teammates
– Golf buddies
– Successful businessmen
– In mid 60’s thinking about retirement
– Planning golf resort retirement together

One got really proactive with his health as a client of Retirement Wellness Strategies during the course of preparing to sell his business

Offered the same to friends

They didn’t see the need, maybe later

2 years later all are retired or selling businesses or very close

2 died in the past two weeks

They never once had a post-retirement resort golf experience

Are you or your clients skipping the self-care and doctor visits and those healthy changes until you have more time?

Will you truly have more time?

Active planning the health (alongside the wealth) is beyond worth it!

Most leaders do skip that self-care, especially during the stresses of the process to sell a business.  Prolonged stress, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, interrupted sleep, rocky relationships, more time at the desk and in meetings, rushed meals, and more increase risks during this critical time.  Most of these health conditions and risks have no symptoms so go unnoticed without monitoring. Do you want your transitions to complete rapidly and with the seller intact? Then include the health planning component – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social.

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

About the author
Michelle Fritsch of Retirement Wellness Strategies is a member of XPX Charlotte

exiting leaders need solid guidance for personal health during the transition, after the transition, and new purpose in the next phase.