Add an event to your calendar


We’ve been working to enable our members to easily add events to your calendar. It’s now available for all events. In your confirmation email, you’ll see this notice: 


  1. COPY THE VIRTUAL LOGIN INFO FOR THE EVENT: For virtual events, you will need the secure login below. You can add the login to your calendar item or use the link in the reminder emails we send you the day before and day of the virtual meeting.
  2. CLICK THE CALENDAR ICON AT THIS LINK AND PASTE THE LOGIN INFO: Click on calendar icon above the event title on our website and then paste the login info below

Join Zoom Meeting….

Save the calendar item and you’ll be all set until the day of the meeting.  Don’t worry, we’ll still send out login info again 24 hours and 10 minutes before the meeting starts. 

Why is it two steps? The short answer is that we want to keep the meeting and your contact information secure.  This was the best way to meet those goals. 

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

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