Planning with Uncertainty Post-election


Program produced by XPX Greater Boston.

Planning with Uncertainty


Following a polarizing election season and the potential for a “blue wave” there is heightened uncertainty around the outlook for business and personal tax policy as well as corresponding sale and succession planning. Join XPX NE for a panel discussion about the potential impact of the elections and what planning opportunities exist amid the uncertainty.

The panelists will help business owners and advisors assess:

  • What policy changes are likely and which ones will have the biggest impact on business owners?
  • What can owners and business advisors accomplish before year end?
  • What are sensible long term or strategic planning considerations given the future uncertainty of policy changes and the business environment?



Trammel Martin, UBS Private Wealth Management


Melissa Sydney, Tarlow Breed Hart & Rodgers

Travis Blais, Blais Halpert Tax Partners, LLP

Shane Lieberman, UBS US Office of Public Policy

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

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