Covid Business Pivots


Progrram produced by XPX Chicago

We all learn from each other.

In this program, you will hear the first-hand stories of how some businesses — in a variety of industries — are pivoting, adapting, and changing at all levels: Changing customer services and products, altering methods and manner of operations, taking care of their people, assuring safety, and managing the supply chain.

Please join us for a moderated discussion by a panel of business owners who have volunteered to share their experiences, and their observations of how peers and customers are making needed business pivots.

So that we can learn, and help our clients.

Our panel comprises: 
Eric Chaitin, CEO – River & Odi Hospitality Group 
Mike Halverson, President – Ramrod Distributors 
Phil Ramos, President – Office Furniture Solutions

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

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